Wizard101 One Million Damage Guide

Wizard101 One Million Damage Guide by MisterGamerDude

So, you’re looking to achieve one million damage? I can tell you EXACTLY what I had to get my badge, and you come close or match it.

Section 1: The Clothes

So, for my clothes, I had 67% Death damage boost.

23% from my robe, the Hangman’s Cape. You can get this from Sylster Glowstorm in the end of the Waterworks.
18% from my hat, the Hangman’s Hood. You can get this from Luska at the fourth room (second lever) in the Waterworks.
15% from my boots, the Eclipse Clogs. You can find these fairly easily in the Bazaar.
5% Global boost (included in the 67%) from my ring, the Crystal Cavern Rose. This is a drop from many bosses in Avalon. (http://www.wizard101central.com/wiki…stal_Cave_Rose) You can easily get the Bear’s Claw of Death and the Black Spinel of Battle for 14% Death boost, putting you at a total of 76% Death Boost.
6% Global boost from Pain-Giver, on my pet Sea Dragon.

Section 2: Trained Cards

I used the following cards in pursuit of the One in a Million badge.

1) Berserk. You can train this at the Star School trainer in Zamunda. (+30%)
2) Curse. You get this at level 18, as a reward from “Speedy Delivery.” (+20%)
3) Dark Pact. You get this for fighting Vognir Runethief at level 35. (+30%)
4) Death Prism. You get this at level 12 for completing “Sweet Revenge.” I used this because I fought Lord Nightshade for his 20% Life Boost.
5) Death Trap. You get this for completing “Enrollment.” (+30%)
6) Deathblade. You get this at level 7 for completing “The Buried Truth.” (+40%)
7) Feint. You receive this spell at level 26 from Dworgyn. (+70)
8) Spirit Blades. You can get this spell at level 25 from Niles, The Balance Tree on the Kroksphinx. (+35%)
9) Spirit Traps. Same as above. (+25%)
10) Dr. Von’s Monster. This is what you will be attacking with. You obtain this spell from “Back from the Dead,” Death’s level 68 spell quest. (820 damage)
11) [OPTIONAL] Colossal. You get this from the Drum Jungle Sun School Trainer. I used the treasure card, and you can use Gargantuan if you need to. (Enchants Von’s Monster to 1003 or 1020 damage)

Section 3: Item Card(s)

I only used Feint, from Jewel of the Feint. You can use Hex, Curse, Balanceblade, and Feint from pet talents. If you use the Jewel of the Feint and the Feint from pet talents, unless they are different percentages, I’m fairly sure they won’t work together.

Section 4: Treasure Cards

Oh, boy. Treasure cards.

1) Curse 25%
2) Curse 35%
3) Deathblade 45%
4) Hex 25%
5) Hex 35%
6) Death Trap 35%
7) Spirit Blade 40%
8) Spirit Trap 30%
9) Feint 70/20 (Might have been 70/30, I don’t remember)
10) Colossal (Not required, see #11 on trained cards)
11) Balanceblade 30%
12) Bladestorm 25%

Section 5: Breakdown

Base Damage: 820
W/ Colossal Treasure Card: 1020
+67% from clothes: 1703
+30% from Berserk: 2214
+20% from Curse: 2657
+30% from Dark Pact: 3454
+30% from Death Trap: 4490
+40% from Deathblade: 6286
+70% from Feint: 10686
+35% from Spirit Blades: 14426
+25% from Spirit Traps: 18033
+75% from Item Card Feint (Jewel of the Feint): 31558
+25% from Curse TC: 39448
+35% from different Curse TC: 53255
+45% from Deathblade TC: 77220
+25% from Hex TC: 96525
+35% from different Hex TC: 130309
+35% from Death Trap TC: 175917
+40% from Spirit Blades TC: 246284
+30% from Spirit Traps TC: 320169
+70% from Feint TC: 545052
+30% from Balanceblade TC: 708567
+25% from Bladestorm TC: 885709
+20% Life Boost from Lord Nightshade: 1062851
IF YOU ARE THE ONLY DEATH AND DO NOT GET A PRISM THE FIRST HAND, RESTART THE INSTANCE! WALK OUT AND COME BACK IN. (Same thing with Dark Pact, but that’s pretty obvious.) Don’t want to use blades for Dark Pact, that should be your first blade.

I had my friend transform into a mander and use the trained Balanceblade spell (25%) but that is not required!

This is my first guide! If you have suggestions or comments please post them.

If you read all the way down here you get a cookie.

Btw here’s a video of me getting it.


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