Wizard101 Schools Guide

Wizard101 Schools Guide by Jc0702

Here I’m going to talk about the good and bad of each school. ( I would like to say calling something like strong or weak is part fact but also part of my opinion, so you may have different thoughts on this.)

Fire= Fire is a one of the strongest schools, but with not that good of accuracy. But if you you like to go solo fire can be a good school for you.

Ice= Ice is a weak school, but makes up for that with life and defence. Ice is good if you like to work in groups with other ice wizards.

Storm= Storm is the strongest school, but also has the worst accuracy. Storm is good if you are willing to sacrifice accuracy for strength, also if you like to go solo.

Myth= Myth is a pretty strong school just weaker than fire, that has ok accuracy. Myth is good for wizards that like to go solo but have backup from minions.

Life= Life is a not so weak school, with the best accuracy. Life is for wizards who like to heal others and work in a group.

Death= Death is just weaker than myth, with good accuracy but when you attack you get health back. Death is for wizards who like to go solo.

Balance= Balance is strong, with good accuracy that takes some skill from each school. Balance wizards can go with groups or solo.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ftrst of all i would never value strength over accuracy, which actually rules out some of the favorites all ready such as FIRE and STORM.

    Defense over attack sounds like you want to see how long it take for someone to kill you, which is ICE.

    As for my favorite DEATH the second most accurate, only advanced school, and with proper prep very strong attacks.

    PS – Any school that represents somethiing you can tough is my lleast favorite.

    For Ex. – DEATH can’t be touched, BALANCE ( not something balancing ), A MYTH can’t be touched, A STORM, LIFE ( not someone living or a living thing can’t be touched ), ice and fire can be touched.

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