Wizard101 Perfect 6 Guide

Wizard101 Perfect 6 Guide by Jason

So many people have been tripped up by this obstacle course, and if you see the +6 points, of course you’d want to try. I’ve done this multiple times figuring out the easiest way to do this and showing the simple tips and tricks you can do to have an easier and faster time training.

General play:

Tip 1: With the mallets, you’ll see a red pole,(similar to a tori) stop right before it so you don’t get hit. The mallets aren’t lined up directly one after the other, so you have some space and time to wait for it to swing. Also, if it is swinging, don’t charge into it and rub up on it because this will cause it to hit you into the water, which will make you lose a second.

Tip 2: When you get to the big circle things that spin, go directly for the center, then run to go out. If you try to run on the outside edge, you wont move fast enough and you will get swiped into the water.

Tip 3:If you see the things built into the ground shaking, they are about to come up, don’t step on them. If they aren’t shaking yet, you are free to step on them. (one of them on the katana level is a troll and doesn’t come up at all, only shakes)

Tip 4: Catapults can be helpful, but warning they can also be hurtful too. If you don’t line it up or time it correctly and you fall into the water, it will cost you precious time. If you are going to use a catapult, you have to commit to the catapult and not go back on it, or else it will ruin your time. (For the katana level, the first one is optional, but if you line it up and time it correctly, you get 5 bonus seconds. If you jump into the water you lose a second, and if you hit the floating block in the air you will bounce back behind a long sliding block If you don’t want to use the first one, just navigate through the blocks as you normally would.
For the second one, just make sure it is lined up somewhat straight, and make the jump. If you get/don’t get the star, it wont make or break your time.)

Tip 5: If you have a mouse, hold down the right click, so it is easier to navigate across the really skinny bridge areas.

Tip 6: The rice screens can be super annoying so you have 3 ways to tackle them.

1:You can try to go through all the doors.

2:You can skirt around the sides while they slide

3:You can do a combination of going around and going through.

Tip 7: If you want to get the 6 exp you MUST get 40 seconds leftover or more. 28 seconds ~39 seconds= 4 exp. (Would someone double check to clarify that please?) If you go into negative time, you will not be awarded any experience.

Specific Katana level play. At the start, run straight forward, you will not hit any of the mallets. Stop before the last one. Move past the block and keep running against the pop up thing on the right. Once you can cross, go to the next section, center then center right. This should get you through perfectly with the least amount of waiting time. (Will figure out fastest tricks and post, step by step)

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