Conquer Online Newbie Guide

Conquer Online Newbie Guide by ilsu333

If you got to much time to spend,and you don’t wanna buy dbs.I wrote a decent guide for you

Note:This might take a while and it won’t be to easy,but its totally worth it.

In the end you will end up like this:


Super 2 sock fan;
Elite 2 sock tower;
Super 1 sock ring;
Super 1 sock club;
Super 2 sock club;
Level 20 club profency;
And the rest full super (assuming you don’t waste your 2ed rb promo dbs to get elite 1 sock gears)
I won’t say anything about the +es because that’s up to you.

First step,make a warrior,buy a club and learn rage (wand won’t help to much this time unless you take 1 damage from monsters).Then do the monster exterminator quest (dunno if this is the name but still,its the quest you can take from every city) three times a day,you will get mets or +1 bound stones.

Note:The monster exterminator quest is easier at lower levels so you should start with that.

Then do the zone quests and after you hit 50 do the daily quest (the statue one),once you are done with those you will be like level 90-100.

Note:After you hit 70 and you got 5 mets,equip a shield and a club (the super club you will get at level 70 promo might come in handy this time and make sure you learned the rage skill) and assuming you got the super armor from the zone quests,and 5 mets you should go to the treasure labirinth.
Once you get to the labirnith,use a defense potion,a attack potion and make sure you got bless and a bunch of hp potions with you.Now start killing monsters.

Note:In case you still take damage,you should use the Defensive Stance skill (you won’t be able to jump but there are a lot of big spawns and it won’t be to hard to hard to recharge superman even if you just walk around with Defensive Stance).Another important note,assuming you got a horse and 600k and you are strong enough to use a wand,you should learn the riding skill and the Charging Vortex skill,but keep in mind that you can’t use the Defensive Stance unless you got a shield equipped,so this comes in handy only if you don’t take to much damage from monsters (indicated after rebirth).

Once you finish leveling in lab,you will be level 110.Go promote yourself (at level 100 promo you will get a super 1 sock club).Then go to the moonbox quest,after you get the moonbox promote yourself again.At the promotion you can chose a super 1 sock weapon,a super 1 sock equipment or 430 bound cps,here make sure you chose equipment and then get the super 1 sock ring.

Note:If you do everything rite this won’t take more than a day.

After 110,the first thing you should do is the fan/tower quest,but because those quests are pretty hard,you should do the equipment bonus quests,and gear up (do all the bonus quests,even if you already got a super 1 sock level 110 ring after you promoted).

Quest order:
Hero’s Wings (you will get a super level 97 headgear,make sure you don’t chose earings because they don’t provide to much defense)
Family Feud (you will get a super level 97 necklace)
Desert Treasure (you will level 100 boots).Important tip:Make sure you got 100k because when you buy the painting from that guy in mystic castle you should give him 99.999 gold or else you might not get the painting and he will still take your money.Another tip,when you kill the bat boss,ask a ninja to help you out and fog the boss.
The last quest you should do is Desert Expedition,but you can do this after you get your fan/tower because,as i said before you already got a super 1 sock ring from promo.So…
Do the tower quest and after that the fan quest.

Note:If you gained some +1 stones from the Monster Exterminator quests,make sure you get a decent + in your tower (for more defense).

Once you are done with that,you should move to the next step:

Grotto 1 (yeah i know grotto 3 is the best place for warriors to level,hear me out with this one,its going to be really hard for a non reborn char to level there because the monsters might do high damage unless you got decent defense).
In grotto 1 you should be able to level until you hit level 130.

Note:This might take from few days to a week judging that you don’t waste to much time leveling.But it won’t take more than a week if you do the daily quests regularly and you level in grotto from time to time.

Once you hit 130 its time to reborn,make sure you don’t chose blessed rebirth,get normal rebirth then chose super dragon gem and then put that super dragon gem in to your ring.

Note:Reborn to warrior (if you wanna end up like i said at the top of the post).

Now comes the easy part.Because you already got a fan and a tower,you can go to Treasure Labirinth again (because you wont take to much damage),it won’t take more than few hours to level from 15 to 110.At 110 do the moonbox quest again,promote (you need to set your points the way that your trainer sais in order to promote.)
At level 70 you will get a super club,at level 100 you will get a super 1 sock club (those are not to important and you should use them to get sockets in your fan/tower).At level 110 promotion you can chose a super 2 sock weapon,get the club (because once you end up as a trojan one of the 1 sock clubs and the 2 sock club,will become really useful)

Note:After 1st rebirth at 110 you can unlock your chi,try to get P-Attack Chi,P-Critical Chi,and -Defense (and the rest chi is up to you,but i suggest you should try to get HP or +PAttack,try not to confuse +PAttack with P-Attack,because P-Attack is affected by the super dragon gem from your ring,and the +Pattack is just an extra like the one you get from your fan)

Repeat the bonus equipment quests.Use the extra super items you got to get the first socket in your fan or tower.

After you are done,you can level up in grotto 2 or grotto 3 (assuming you got enough defense) until level 130.

Start the second rebirth quest (this might take a while).

Tips:Get 117 Dreamgrass,117 Soul Aroma and 117 Moss first because the quest might get confusing if you do it normally.After that kill the first boss 81 times and get 81 fangs,after that its pretty obvious (you exchange those fangs for teeth,you kill the second boss then the third and so on until you get to the last boss and you get 3 pure vigors,after that you are done with the first stage)

Note:You get easier from lords, and their minions.

At the second stage try to kill the lords and their minions in order to finish this step quicker.

At the third stage you have to kill the bosses in this order: Andrew > Peter > Philip > Timothy > Daphne > Victoria > Wayne > and Theodore

Repeat this 9 times and you are done.Then find a lord,kill it get the Squama Bead,ask a ninja friend to help you out by fogging the last boss (Satan) 3 times and you are done.

After you finis the quest get second reborned as a warrior again (why?because you need superman to hit 130,why not water?Well because you need to reincarnate a bunch of times and use the weapons you get from your promotions to get 2 sockets in your fan/tower).But this is up to you.

Note:After second rebirth you will get a db at level 70 promotion,and another one at level 110.Be wise,use those dbs to buy elite 1 sock necklace,elite 1 sock boots,elite 1 sock armor (for the class you want to end up,in this case trojan),and elite 1 sock headgear (for the class you want to end up,in this case trojan)…Assuming the prices are similar to the server i play (bluebird) because elite 1 sock gears are like 100 cps.

Once you got 2 sock in fan and tower you might just reincarnate in to water then warrior,then trojan,it won’t be to hard because after you hit 110 you will jump back to the level you were before reincarnation,and getting to level 110 after second rebirth won’t take more than few hours if you are to lazy (i usually get 110 after rincarnation in 30 minutes in frozen grotto 3).

If you followed all the steps you will end up with:
Super 2 sock fan;
Elite 2 sock tower;
Super 1 sock ring;
Super 1 sock club;
Super 2 sock club;
Eilte 1 sock armor;
Elite 1 sock headgear;
Eilte 1 sock boots;
Elite 1 sock necky;
(that’s full 1 sock for you,witch is a really decent char for a non-paypaller)
Level 20 club profency (because if you keep rincarnating you will eventually get your club profency maxed up);

This might take a month or so.But its worth it.

Good luck

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