Conquer Online Beginner and Bonus Pack Guide

Conquer Online Beginner and Bonus Pack Guide by Silent Bob

Since the other guy that made the last one stopped posting the rest of the packs i’ll make a new one.

Beginner Pack
Level 1: 500 silver, 3 Agrypnotic, 3 Stancher
Level 5: 1500 silver, 5 Agrpynotics, 5 Stancher
Level 10: 5000 silver, 3 Ancient Pills
Level 15: 3 TC scrolls, 5 Ancient Pills
Level 20: 5 Defence Pots (30 mins)
Level 25: 5 Attack Pots (30 mins)
Level 30: Small prayer stone
Level 35: Exp Potion
Level 40:Exp Ball, Dance Book
Level 45:Elite Ornament(Necky Or Ring)
Level 50:Elite Headwear,Elite Armor
Level 55: Exp Potion, Black Tulip
Level 60:Exp Ball,Lily
Level 65:Two Exp Potion
Level 70:Two Exp Balls
Level 75:PrayingStone(S)
Level 80: Two Exp Balls
Level 90: Super Headwear, Two Exp Balls
Level 95:Meteor Box,Two Exp Potion
Level 100:Super Armor
Level 105:PrayingStone(S), Two Exp Potions
Level 110:Super Ornament, Power Exp Ball
Level 115:Power Exp Ball, Exp Potion
Level 120:Super Weapon(Your Choice) No socket

Bonus Pack
Level 70: Small Praying Stone, Exp Potion
Level 75: Exp Ball, Exp Potions
Level 80: Two Exp Potions
Level 85: Two Exp Potions
Level 90:Three Exp Potions
Level 95: Super +1 Headwear, 3 Exp Potions
Level 100:3 Exp Potions, Power Exp Ball
Level 105: Super +1 Armor, Power Exp Ball
Level 110: Super +3 Ornament, Power Exp Ball
Level 115: Two Refined Gems (Random), Meteor Box (Five mets)
Level 120: Three Power Exp Balls, Bonus Ticket (Exchange for super +3 one socket weapon)

Bonus Packs are only for people who made their chars before the patch came out.
You are stuck with beginner packs if you made the char after the patch.

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