Asda 2 Two-Hand Sword Warrior Guide

Asda 2 Two-Hand Sword Warrior Guide by Lyrs

Decided to help everyone out by making a guide myself since I came here to see if there were any useful ones for players just starting. And I see none that qualify, no offense of course.

Already been playing for a few months and after experimenting/resetting my own skills 5-6 times (yeah, a lot) as well as reaching the lvl cap, I feel capable enough to pass on my own knowledge. Even though I’ve never played A1.

TL;DR, for the lazy people.

PFS 7/7
RD 7/7
Splint. 0/7
Rap. 0/5
SW 5/5
Prov. 1/1
Inc Str. 7/7
Inc Dex. 4/7
Inc Int. 0/7

CS 6/7
THS Train. 5/5
Gren. 6/7
Art of Str. 5/5 or 0/5
HC 1/1
Camo. 0/3
DA 0/5 or 5/5
BS 0/5
PS 0/2
SE 0/5 or 5/5
LR 0/5
Inc Stam. 7/7
Inc Spr. 0/7
Inc Luck. 0/7

ROV 5/5
Blow 7/7
BS 0/5
Sprint 0/1
PP 0/1
FG 7/7
LS 1/1
SM 0/5 or 5/5
POF 0/5 or 1/5
Inc Eva. 0/5 or 5/5
Inc Crit. 5/5

1st job

Powerful Fighting Spirit

– This is literally the 1st AoE atk skill that you get. Considering that this class revolves around skills like this, having it maxed is mandatory. Although at 188%, this will come to being the weakest AoE’s you have at higher lvl’s. Better for PvE than PvP when you notice how long it takes for the character to execute the move. As a result, I tend to save this skill last in a duel.

Rising Dragon

– While the increments may seem useless and small, it’s highly recommended to max this. 112% for both hits may not look large, but this is useful from a PvP perspective. PvE, not so much since it’s a one-target move.


– Some people may disagree with me, but there needs to be no points in this buff whatsoever. This is only useful for a tank because:

1. Their normal atks are the quickest out of any warrior class.

2. They’re the only warrior (well, the only class in the whole game as well) whose SG is not an AoE.

3. Their only atk AoE is Strike Down.

I’ve seen many THS’s who activate Splinter only to follow up with skill atks when Splinter is a normal atk buff. This isn’t even useful from a PvE perspective considering that a THS’s atk AoE’s are miles better, and obviously there’s no use for this in a duel. Only lasts for roughly 5 minutes if you do choose to max it, though.


– I find this skill amusing since it says it allows the player to “atk twice” when it really doesn’t. Whenever you activate this skill, the top number you see is actually less than your average dmg and the bottom number is even lower. So, technically, it allows you to atk 1.5 times in one hit. Overall, a useless skill considering it only applies to normal atks. The best combo I’m aware of is mixing this with Blood Sucking in the 3rd job, but even then, it’s only good for PvE and the activation time for both skills differs by a lot. Only 60 seconds (correct me if I’m wrong) when this is maxed.

Sharp Weapon

– The best normal atk buff a THS will ever get. Lasts for 20 minutes no matter what lvl it is. This needs to be maxed. Dealing 27% of your atk for 20 seconds is useful when you find yourself facing a tank with too much HP and too much DEF to break though (since DoT’s ignore defense). While the % chance may seem low (25%), that’s still 1/4 hits. Not to mention that the % chance can be increased with Sword Master (3rd job passive skill). What sucks is that this has a 5 minute CD, but it’s worth it, in my opinion.

[This buff will also transfer to bows/xbows if you switch for luring.]


– This needs to be maxed by every warrior. Well, at least the ones who care to save a squishy party member who’s at risk of dying.

Increase Strength

– Considering that the THS is one of the two main DD’s in the warrior section, this absolutely needs to be maxed. 70% increase.

Increase Dexterity

– If you follow my guide to a T, you’ll notice that you have 4 skill points left over. This is what I put it in. Nothing wrong with slightly higher DEF/dodge chance. 25% increase at lvl 4.

Increase Intellect

– This is for mages.

2nd job

Concentrated Slash

– The 2nd AoE atk skill that you ever get, but this shouldn’t be maxed since there are other, more important skills that will save your life in the long run. However, this still has the capacity to deal major dmg, so it’s best to leave it at 6. 214% at that lvl and has the capability of breaking through hide (if you ever face a DD mage/spear) since it’s Area Dmg & not Splash. Equally useful for PvP/PvE.

Two-Hand Sword Training

– Increases your overall atk by 10% when this is maxed. Mandatory.


– The 3rd AoE atk skill that you’ll obtain. Just like CS, it’s recommended to leave this at 6 instead of maxing it. It’s required to be lvl 59 to max it and by that time, you’ll already have Fragmentation Grenade at lvl 55 (which is better). 205% at lvl 6. 216% at lvl 7. Frag grenade roughly does around 210% at just lvl 1.

Art of Strength

– Another buff that will last for 20 minutes at any lvl. Either max this or don’t get it at all, but I would say it should be maxed for the extra dmg. 60% increase to your base STR stat when maxed.

Heavy Crasher

– Mandatory for every single warrior. Combined with SG, this skill basically allows you to hit dmg that would otherwise be impossible. THS’s can attain a triple stun effect with this if SG, grenade/frag grenade & SG are done immediately after in that order.


– In my opinion, threat ratio has to be one of the worst perks in this game, by far. I didn’t even bother attaining this skill once I read what it did. Don’t bother with it unless you really want to go through a lot of trouble to not steal aggro from anyone.

Destroy Armor

– I personally don’t have this because the low %’s really turned me off, but I can see this as potentially being useful since it does work the same way a Spear’s Amplified Damage does. Plus it stacks. Works in PvP & PvE. The problem, other than the low %’s, is that it only applies for only normal atks, not skills even though the description says both. Also, a THS’s SG already has a Break Armor effect (non-stackable) and it’s 100% unless the SG fails to attack. Either max this or don’t get it at all. I’d advise leaving it alone.

Backup Support

– Exactly like Camouflage, except it’s a passive skill and not an activation one. Don’t waste your time.

Poison Splinter

– Doesn’t work unless you have Splinter, and if you follow this guide, Splinter shouldn’t be in your build anyway. Worthless skill, really.

Scorching Effect

– An intriguing passive skill that I didn’t bother to get, but the lvl 1 %’s already appear to be decent for a grenade DoT. Considered maxing this skill when I reset after the 4th job, so as of right now, I can’t speak further on this skill. However, this should either be maxed or not gotten in the first place.

Life’s Rest

– The numbers are far too low to be of any real use in battle. This skill is one of the worst out of any possible 2nd job skill. No points.

Increase Stamina

– Warriors are designed to have high amounts of HP to last long. This needs to be maxed. Mandatory. 70% increase.

Increase Spirit

– With only 30 points to spend in the 2nd job, increasing this for more MP & slight MDEF isn’t highest on the list of priorities. No points.

Increase Luck

– Increasing the chance of hitting a critical is good, but like previously stated, with so little points to spare, this has to be skipped. Not to mention that a warrior’s base luck stat is incredibly low, so 70% (the percentage when maxed) of that wouldn’t be of much use.

3rd job

Roar of Vitality

– A 20 minute skill buff that increases your core HP. As a warrior, I don’t see why this shouldn’t be maxed. Adds an extra 1k HP for my own personal character. Lasting longer in battle is always key to victory. 60% when maxed.


– While this isn’t an AoE, this atk skill has the potential to deal some serious dmg on opponents. Very useful in PvP. Maxing this is mandatory, in my opinion. 258% of your overall dmg is a lot.

Blood Sucking

– This would be a really great skill buff for sapping HP if it lasted a lot longer and applied to skill atks as well as normal. But it doesn’t, so I really don’t recommend putting any points in this at all unless you wish to try the Rapid + BS combination that I mentioned earlier. Duration is 1 minute at lvl 1, so I can’t imagine it being significantly longer when maxed.


– Increases movement speed by 60% for 10 seconds, yet it has a 5 minute CD. Only useful once vehicles are disabled in duels/wars (which is imminent), but even then, the Movement Speed passive in the 4th job will help you out more in the long run. I wouldn’t recommend getting this.

Porcupine Posture

– At first, I was tempted to get this since 50% of your atk in reflected dmg for 30 seconds is devastating to any opponent. What turned me off was the % chance. A mere 10%. Even if Sword Master is maxed, I can’t see myself ever getting this skill with such a low chance of reflecting dmg. Not worth it, especially since it only applies to normal atks.

Fragmentation Grenade

– Now this is the grenade that should be maxed, not the other one. The only real downside to this skill is that the 3 second stun only seems to apply in PvP, not PvE. Regardless, this atk skill is still useful. Since the % increments seem to go the same way as Blow, it should be 258% when maxed.

Last Survivor

– A mandatory skill, in my opinion. Saved my life countless times and allows me to get through certain areas in high lvl dungeons that are filled with overpowered long-ranged mobs. Immunity to physical atks for 8 seconds with a 30% HP recovery (although it used to be 50%, if I remember correctly).

Sword Master

– A passive skill that increases the chance of activating a sub effect. Either max this or don’t get it at all. Although, if you follow this guide and end up with the same build I have, the only sub effect in your arsenal should be Sharp Weapon. I personally plan on waiting ’til the 4th job to get this, but as of right now, it’s not needed. Seeing as how it gives 3% on lvl 1, the % should range from 10-15% when maxed but at the moment, I do not know.

Prayer of Fortune

– 20 minute skill buff that increases your luck. Since a THS’s base luck stat is naturally intended to be low, either put this at 1 to charge SG or don’t get it at all. 60% if you choose to max it.

Increase Evasion

– Most useful for bow archers who solo and OHS’s. Still can be useful for a THS if you find yourself tanking 90% of the time. 7% increase at lvl 5.

Increase Critical Rate

– Either max or don’t get at all. If you’re more a tanking THS than a support DD, evasion would be more useful but this is all-around useful for obvious reason. 7% increase at lvl 5.

4th job

[Coming Soon]


Sowels & Gear

To be honest, I didn’t really pay attention so much to this until I hit lvl 50 but I would advise sticking to rare/hero armor sets throughout the whole game. You can use uncommon armor sets like the Valley Set but unless it’s +10, surviving in it especially while solo’ing becomes very difficult. I’d stick with just one skill dmg armor part instead of 2 for durability purposes, but that decision is based on preference. As for sowels:

Lvl 1-39


Lvl 40-79


Although having 6 stamina sowels induces a bit of a penalty, the extra HP is indeed worth it. About a 500 HP difference between 4 & 6. As opposed to having 6 STR sowels where the difference is less than 20 min/max dmg. Not worth it. Luck can be replaced with spirit if you want to cure the issue of running out of MP too quickly, but then you won’t critical as much. But again, it’s all a matter of preference.

[Sowel Penalty Explanation Coming Soon]

I hope this helps everyone.

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