Asda 2 One-Hand Sword Warrior Complete Guide

Asda 2 One-Hand Sword Warrior Complete Guide by NoobHunter48

why i made this?
I made this to help the ohs class players and at least help ohs players realize the full scary possible potential ohs class has in pvp and somewhat in pve. This is my complete and final guide for ohs with all the data related to ohs i have collected to this point. I am doing this because i am formally quitting because I no longer believe asda is worth committing to. I loved the game but it most certainly did not love me back despite the awesome people I have met in the game during my 3 years (or was it 2) of playing asda. After so many failed stats wasted money into this game, I am making all this ohs data public in hopes some fresh noob with a lot more luck with asda and resources who dream of being the best and who constantly pushes the limits of whats possible like how I use to be, to show the asda world just how scary this class can be.

what to expect?
This guide will be long. Really long, so I suggest you bookmark this web page or something. will highlight the important points in some kind of color and yes expect spelling mistakes, doing this without spellcheck because i was too lazy to download Word on this machine when in fact it should have been on it automatically, but thats microsoft for you.
-info I withheld from the last guide
-how aggro works
-what ohs was designed for
-its strengths and weaknesses
-possible endgame stats and theroies
-gear,stats and sowels
-the “modes”
-pvp and pve aspects
-in depth meanings of ohs skills
-more on ohs depression
-Q and A

Yes this is all my data and to me, it is true as far as i know and tested. With asda you never know when something secretly changed in the last maintenance so i suggest to always keep testing things out and keeping screen shots as well as dqa’ing problems. remember this is for the ohs class so if you never played the class or had exp fighting/partying with one and got something to say, your credibility will be questioned. if you disagree with anything said here and must mention it, please go in detail so others can understand as well. No flamming as well because i would like to keep this thread open for questions and answers as well as open discussion.
so lets begin…

what ohs was designed for
First off forget what you was taught how tanking works. you need to understand that ohs ment to tank but not hold aggro forever. You WILL LOSE AGGRO and always fighting a battle to get it back. Since its a losing battle you should go for STALLING mobs and mob control more than trying to get everything to always attack just you. in short, ohs is meant to stall/riot control, not tank. i say this because of how aggro works in this game (since the last time i tested). the person with the lowest hp but higher damage will gain more aggro than you. what this means is ohs is the exact opposite of what qualities a tank in asda should have to gain aggro. ohs has the highest hp/lowest damage potential than all other classes. This applies to war as well, ohs is not designed to be mvp but to stall,hold, or even push back the entire enemy faction as well as jam the enemy faction’s functionality. ohs is intended to play support role in both pve/pvp and have many skills to do that role well. Its all about how much can you endure instead of how many and how fast can you kill.

ohs strengths
-easiest class to get overpowering defensive stats against physical and magical attacks
-we have “modes” to fit the situation therefore making ohs the most trickiest class to deal with
-not worth killing in war therefore allowing a no fear/nothing to lose mentality
-can survive without a buffer
-dangerous status afflicting skills and many stuns to spam
-strong endgame potentail
-voke/widevoke (its evil)

ohs weaknesses
-low attack/have to do so much more than other classes to get high high enough attack
-have to do more to level- More Effort/low returns
-higher requried cc budget/ need a decent +10 or higher hero weapon for pve
-harder to to stack mdef which means mages can destory you
-ths/archer (bow and xbow)/dd mage class are the bane of your existence
-spear’s debuffs, avoid foolishly fighting while the debuffs are on you


i have already covered skills but i will go more in depth and mention the info i withheld from last time.

1st job:

charge-max it, you will spam this awesome skill the most in everything you do and it allows the set up for the “behind enemy lines” combo where you use both charges to get deep into the enemy faction to spam widevoke or aoe stuns.

fatal blow- no points in this, its useless because of the cooldown, in 4th job you can spam 10+ bashes by the time this skill is ready to go again
*optional notes

increase dex- I did 6 points in this because of its endgame potential. gives you some defense boost the more you level as well as increase your dodge rates

jump slash- i did 1 point but its so not a bad idea to max it due to the stun chance got an upgrade since obt. so this can easily be another stun you can spam in war and in pve.

2nd job:

art of strength- 1 point is the max you should put in this for when you have no buffers. any more is a waste of very few points

Bloody Trap- MAX. THIS. SKILL. i know it seems weak around 50 levels but its a skill that gets really strong by late game and leads to many sets ups and combos for your dd’s in war. not to mention it helps with aggro/luring mobs into bigger mobs from far away places. also does more damage than your strike down. (for example my BT is around 600-700 per tick now, close to 900 fully buffed with hero lv8 tiga)

Threat- ignore this skill, either its bugged or does so little to matter but its useless and a waste of points, in fact i held aggro better after i got rid of this skill. (and i party with mob everything manics with +20 heroes)

endurance-max it, buffer’s endurance is only better for you if they max it, and you may not always have a good buffer around.

shield training-useless, it only works for blocked damage. thats all

3rd job:

furious charge- get it, its a charge that does around 250% of your damage. nuff’ said

starlight slash- its fine if you dont put any points in it, its long animation and the fact the damage won’t count until you finish the full animation makes this skill dangerous to use. also its not good until 6/7

skin of steel- last i checked its bugged and only gives you 17% def buff when its suppose to be 20%, spam dqa’s so they care and change it

unbreakable shield- useless till end game, and i mean like level 95 and then it starts to become a bit more useful.

increase critical rate- MAX IT! this is where ohs pve true power comes from. your attack skills % are high which allows ohs to achieve insane hits with crits. basically your entire damage potential comes crits but i will explain more on this later.

master of survival- get this skill but BEWARE, you cannot convert critical damage, dot related skills (like explosive trap and time bomb) nor magical damage. so don’t use this in war and think you can’t die.

4th job:

parry- no need to max but a must have skill, not only does it reduce the damage you take but for a party member as well. not to mention it almost takes any debuff they receive and goes you. very useful for war.

update: I heard they changed this to nerf it a bit but its still very useful

King’s Rage- max of course, its suppose to cause blackout status in war but it doesn’t and I’m not 100% sure if this was intended due to its abuse in a1 due to warriors who had it teleporting to players and spamming it to cause annoying deaths and pissed off gm’s in events. also note in pve is does around 200% aoe damage to mobs. it does go higher with each level so spam it.

special note
widevoke/voke in war- this is a skill you should always spam, it forces the players you voke to not able to do anything to anybody else but YOU AND ONLY YOU. you can guess what this means

update: apparently I did not make myself clear on this, SPAM THIS SKILL EVERY DAMN SECOND YOU CAN! every time I hear something about asda, it better be about how very annoying ohs are because of all the non-stop voke fest going on. I better see every single mage crying on forums about nerfing voke because its constantly under their hp bar.

The “modes”
ohs is designed to change modes to adapt to what is required of you, i will call these modes and its possible with pets/avatar gear and the switching of sowels when really needed.

“power” mode
for? – mostly for pve or in war when the enemy faction is few in numbers so you can tank by overpowering them
whats needed:
-highest lv hero cc tiga
-avatar set that has str and luck runes to boost that crit rate
-sm to a high attack having spear and spam combine souls skill *optional but it really helps)
– 6 str sowels
-some gear with skill damage stat
-str buff,luck,focus, cool breath buffs on
-attack ring set

“Emo” mode 
for? when your def wont matter i.e facing a lot of bows, you need to stack def/hp so much that anybody trying to face you will go emo when they look at that hp bar and give up
whats needed:
-full hp avatar set
-6 hp sowels
-highest lv hero cc evolved tiga (hero tiga works too but that def % boost can really help as well as the luck boost for lowering the oppentents crit chance)
-helmet,sheild,boots have all hp stats possible if you can, on pants hp on 3rd stat if you can afford to. best if the mentioned is lv80+ heroes
-both hp buffs as well as steel skin must be on before you step out of base
-hp cc pots, instant heal cc pots, and wings would really make your hp insane
-sm song too
-attack ring set, or some kind of hp set (magic def= mdef set works here too)
(ideally with you get lucky and get all that i mentioned with maxed incrase stamina in your bulid, you can hit 40k hp or more at lv80+, for mid war, its possible to hit 10k hp there too)

“Dungeon Dragon” mode
for? when you shall not be moved, no sword,arrow or fire cannot hope to stop your rampage. the enemy faction has to treat you like a raid boss and must take you out in a planned team just to stall you for 30 seconds until you respawn to rampage again
-highest ranked/lv hero duck for hp/def(dex)/mdef
-mdef ring and neck set
-6 hp sowels, 4 energey sowels (to raise moar mdef)
-6 energy runes with 6 hp or all 12 energy runes avatar (more mdef)
-at least all def/hp buffs on (luck included), if buffer around beg for shield buff too
-always parry on, non-stop
-all types of instant heal cc pots on hotkey, you mean business
-cc def/mdef/hp pots on
-chest and pants have at least 1 mdef stat
-fish, your going to lose a lot of mp fast lol
– do not fear dying, you will just respawn and thats the key to ohs power in war, nobody can stop you, you just keep coming back like a zombie boss
(with all of this its possible to have 3k mdef rendering most magic attacks on you laughably low, watch out for cursed recovery and debuffs but even then you will be hard to stop and just spam stuns/vokes to all that dare cross you and yes, factions will have to back away from you if you spam the right skills)

Idea gear/stats and what to do for your crappy low attack
For a ohs,its better to go defensive oriented than for pure power.ohs is not meant to be a dd but to stall. so for starters on your sword, ALWAYS go for ohs sub effect % on the second stat. its beastly for ohs and enhances so many of your skills like making splinter effect work more or make cross cut inflict fear more to people in war. For more attack power, make sure you get min/max attack for the first stat on your sword, always 4th stat it for an attack power related stat as well as upgrading it the highest + you can afford. honestly unfortunately you need a +20 hero if you want near 3k attack range. 4th stat gloves as well and at least +10 them. boots need to be all hp so don’t try for attack on them. you also need a hero cc tiga, thats a must for pve. ohs sword training needs to be maxed as well as increase strength. In pve go “power mode” espcially if you are soloing.
also focus on raising your crits when you can as well. every 1 point in your attack can be x2,3, or even 4 with crits

Pvp aspect
yeah ohs can kill, but thats hard for this class. what you should do is go support and make it easier for team’s dd’s to kill and to do that is to be one tricky jerk thats all over the enemy team screwing them over.this free’s you from the burden of trying to kill people and gives you the ability to ruin everybody on the enemy’s teams war enjoyment. somebody about to attack a strong bow on your team? charge them for a 6 second stun, while you at it, tab and voke the person next to them. hit their support them with one strong attack to scare them from doing their job while you run into a mob and wide voke. the things you can do to put serious pressure on the enemy team and all you need is imagination and practice. ohs are combo masters and the more combos you spam to random problem targets, the better.

Pve aspect 
combo spam is all you need, string skill after skill to do insane damage or mob control
to help ohs get an idea on what to do for mob control here are some combos:
-wide voke + Master of survival= gurantees 9 seconds for your dd’s to go crazy with aoe spam
-strike down + bloody trap(hc before strike if you do not have spin slash yet)= 3 sec stun while your dot gains you some aggro
-hc+ spin slash= potential 600% skill damage right there with a 6 sec stun, nuff said.
-voke+king’s rage= voke 1 mob to stun the entire mob close buy for a nice 5 seconds
chain all these combos together in a large mob and you can stall the mob for at least 20 seconds for your dd’s to aoe spam the mob to death. teamwork at its finest.

ohs depression
what it really comes down to is not if you like the class, but do you have a strong reason to play it and in what ways can you make it fun. for me its simply because my clan needed a ohs and i enjoyed pushing the limits of what i could get away with on ohs. I have finally hit that limit which was money and luck on stats which i lack. i would love to see devs give ohs another aoe but it seems they never will which kills the need for me to keep leveling my ohs now without my clan. yes leveling and playing ohs is tough, but when you see yourself withstanding 10+ people in war for 30 seconds+ with +20 heroes makes it worth it sometimes, or when you finally pulled a 50k crit aoe when you never thought you would see past 20k months ago.

For any questions, ask them here and i will try to answer them. other than that i am moving on from asda onto ro2 and other console games and will log on from time to time. I just can’t stand seeing my hopes for this game go so low after disappointment after disappointment anymore.

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