Asda 2 Crafting Guide

Asda 2 Crafting Guide by oxmemexo

Before you start reading The NPC’s are confused over their identity, from afar the Alpen crafting NPC is called Oz, but once you click on her she says her name is Dos, and vice versa for the Silaris crafting NPC, so this is a heads up, I’m calling them by the one you see without clicking on them, since there are people who don’t even read what the NPC’s are saying and I don’t know if that’s the correct name so… sorry if it isn’t!
For those who hate reading passages with a lot of words, because this does have a lot of words (in fact, my word count says its 1,300 words); go to the end of this huge wall of text. There will be a nicer much simpler version awaiting you there.

What is crafting?

Crafting is a unique way of getting different in game items— from necklaces to armor or revival scrolls to mp pots and of course many more.

Getting Started

Say you’re tired of common rings and you’ve been dying for a ring that can provide more magic defense against those cruel mages who have killed you multiple times in war. It’s possible, oh yes indeed. First of all, a recipe is required depending on your level (both crafting and actual level; you don’t want a level 36 ring when you’re level 24, that’s just silly) and there are two ways to start crafting that ring which you’ve been craving. The easy way of getting it is by purchasing it from a crafting shop in one of the towns (Alpen; Oz, Silaris; Dos) or going to the Exchange Market and clicking on “General Items” followed by going to the “Crafting” tab. Then there’s the less appealing way, hard work and sweat while questing/hunting/farming. Since buying it from an NCP is the easiest, let’s make a trip to NPC Oz in the south west part of Alpen. You should see something like this:


Now it’s time to click on [Craft Shop] Oz and buy that ring! Can you believe that Oz is a female wolf? She sure didn’t look like a female from afar! No offense. Once inside the shop click on the recipe you want to craft and purchase it. In this case, I’ll be getting the level 24 magic defense ring recipe for 1,000 gold.


Now that you’ve bought the recipe it’s time to learn it. To learn a recipe you have to go to your inventory and double-click on the recipe you purchased. The game will ask “Would you like to master this recipe?” and you’ll have two options to choose from, “OK” and “Cancel”. Of course, we’re going to press OK. Why else waste, I mean, use 1,000-15,000 gold on a recipe?


After we have mastered the recipe and thus become crafting masters (Get my train of thought? Pokemon masters… crafting masters? No? It’s okay, it was a fail attempt at humor anyway), the recipe will disappear and on the left side of the screen, above the chat box, you should see “You have mastered the recipe”. If you cannot learn the recipe then you’re crafting level is not high enough and you have to keep on crafting to get to the next level. To check what your crafting level is, you can either go to your “Character Info” (hotkey c) and click on the “Ability Info” or you can go to the blacksmiths (Alpen; Alford, Silairs; Tid) and see specifically how much more you need to get to the next crafting level (I’ll show you this later).
Anyway onto the next part! In order to be able to craft the item, you need the materials. If you buy it from one of the town crafting NPCs you’ll be able to see what materials and how much of them you need (see the picture in which we’re purchasing the recipe) or you can see how much of each material you need from the blacksmiths in town.

Gather the Materials

There are a few ways to be able to get the materials you need for crafting. Both Oz and Dos tell you two of the ways you can gather materials “I am Craft Shop Oz/Dos. Krrrrr. But I don’t sell raw materials, so get those via hunting or digging. Krrrrr.” (Sure wish I knew what krrrrr is supposed to sound like) Other than hunting and digging you can get materials by buying them at the exchange market under the crafting tab or by disassembling either a weapon or armor. You can disassemble by either pressing the hotkey “V” or by going to your inventory and clicking on the orange box.


After you double-click on the orange box you should get a box should pop up in which all the weapons and gears in the “Gear/Premium” section of your inventory should appear. After clicking on the equipment you wish to disassemble click “Start disassembling”, a black rectangle appears in the middle of the screen asking “Are you sure to disassemble?” (Improper grammar but oh well, it won’t kill anyone except grammar nazis) Again, you have the same choices you had before with mastering the recipe, “OK” and “Cancel” after pressing “OK”, Asda makes some kind of sound effect you’d expect from the lottery and at the end of last box you have the item you received from disassembling!

(Notice I took the first screen shot in Alpen then moved onto Silaris because I got distracted. Pretty sunflower!)
Say you’ve forgotten what materials you need and the quantity of it. Have no fear! Go to one of your fellow blacksmiths and click “Item crafting”. Although beware of [Blacksmith] Tid’s mood swings! She can be quite sassy. A box saying “Item Crafting” at the top should show up and and depending on how many recipes you have you’ll have to shuffle through the pages until you find the recipe you desire. Here’s a general idea of what you should see once you’ve clicked on the recipe:


As I said before there are two way to check your crafting level, this is the more specific version in which you are able to see how much you need until you reach the next crafting level, you can also see if you have all the materials you need to be able to craft your magic defense ring (or whatever it is you’re crafting)! After you have all the materials you need, the exciting part comes (or semi-exciting)—crafting.

The Grand Finale: Crafting

I’ve made sure that all the necessary players are present (materials) and now we may begin crafting. But before we start crating I’m going to explain a few things. First of all, yes, your crafting may fail. Second, when you start crafting you can get 1 of 3 versions of the ring you are trying to craft. You may get a common version, uncommon version, and if you’re lucky, a rare version. Third, if Asda seems to like you, it will give you a little extra, a special gift from Asda to you. For example, while crafting mp potions, you may get 12 mp potions instead of 10. Yay free mp pots! Fourth… There is no fourth that I can think of; I just wanted to say I had four points. Now, onto crafting! Repeat the steps to get to the crafting menu, this time the color of the font should be white instead of gray as it was in the previous picture. If it is white then click on “Crafting process”, if it isn’t, then you’re still missing some materials. This is what should pop up (without the white boxes and letters that is):


The boxed section which says “MAX:” is obviously how much of the item you can craft, in our case we can craft two magic defense rings. You can change the amount you want to craft by either pressing on the up or down button on by clicking on the number and typing the amount you wish to craft. After you’ve decided how much you wish to craft hit the button which says “Crafting” and let the magic begin.


After I pressed “Crafting” I received an uncommon ‘Ring of Tez’, the pictures above are a step by step demonstration of what occurred on my measly computer screen. Also, something you should know about crafting is that you won’t receive the common version of the ring AND the uncommon version just because you succeeded in crafting both, Asda isn’t that generous. You’ll get the best version in which you were able to craft. Now that you’ve crafted you’re magic defense ring, equip the ring and go annoy those mages with your improved defense!

Here’s the simplified version~
1. Buy or hunt/farm for the recipe
2. Master the recipe
3. Gather the materials
4. Talk to a blacksmith
5. Out of the three options the blacksmith gives you click “Item Crafting”
6. Find the item you want to craft
7. Press “Crafting Progress”
8. Select the amount you wish to craft
9. Click on “Crafting” and sit back and enjoy the show.

I found this amusing while I was making and taking screenshots for this guide:
[Blacksmith] Tid’s mood swings


Maybe she dislikes me because I seemed to get the “Do not disturb me” conversation a lot more than the others LOL. I bet it’s because I’m a girl!

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