Dungeon Striker High Priest Guide

Dungeon Striker High Priest Guide by samoox

I decided to make my own guide for any High Priests out there.

(A lot of the skills I reference I don’t really explain, go take a look at Seraph’s guide for an explanation)

The following skills are High Priest skills that you should NOT get:

 Awaken Now: This skill has never been of any use to me ever.

 Subordination: This skill has only ever hurt me rather than helping me. The problem with it is that once you turn the enemies into allies, when they die they don’t drop items or give exp. You don’t know how many times this has screwed me over when I was trying to farm gear. Peace is enough, this is just unnecessary.

 Blessed Saint: Just a useless passive. I’ve never once felt that this passive saved me from anything.

 Complete Blessings: Due to ping issues from being on a Korean server, it’s incredibly difficult to heal your teammates, let alone notice when they’re stunned and run over to them and heal them. This passive will probably be of some use every now and then but I honestly do not believe it’s even worth getting.

Before I go on to explain what skills you should carry over I should explain the general play style of the High Priest.

SOLO: The way it works is that you basically activate your Protect Aura whenever possible; while Protect Aura is active, every enemy that hits you has a chance to apply the stigma effect to themselves. When you attack an enemy that has the stigma it explodes and deals damage to them (400% damage to bosses). So basically what you want to do is tank all of the boss damage that will not 1-hit K.O. you or bring you down to almost no health, in doing so you can keep detonating the stigma and deal tons of damage to the boss. This combined with your basic attacks will be the key to winning all boss fights. The nice thing about the High Priest is that our Basic Attack EX 4 gives us life steal against Bosses and Large Monsters, so we can tank a lot of damage and heal it all back in a short period of time, so long as we aren’t getting hit by 1-hit K.O.’s.

PARTY: In a party it’s pretty simple, instead of using your basic attack you want to use your Holy Ray to buff the allies in the party. If you get specific passives that give you SP, reduce charge time, and increase the number of charges, you can effectively increase your party’s damage output by 2x for a considerable amount of time.

Warning: High Priest is very basic attack heavy and doesn’t involve a lot of moving so if this bores you you probably shouldn’t play him. Also, while it’s very easy to win boss fights as Priests, we don’t have the raw power that Berserkers and Wizards have so we can’t kill the bosses quite as fast as them. We’re more of a sustained DPS kind of role, because we can just stand there and basic attack without having to dodge often. However, if you pick up the right passives and build properly, you can kill some of the elemental dungeon bosses in 2 minutes max at or around 1600 damage (According to diginyu).

The following are skills that you should/could transfer from other classes to High Priest. This is how I build for solo play intentions.

 (Mage) Frozen Field: A short CD high damage AoE skill. Good for any class but is good specifically for Priests because we don’t have a lot of AoE, which is very useful in the Dark Tower.

 (Wizard) Arcane Circle: One of the downsides to High Priest is that our basic attacks are only capable of hitting 1 person at a time; however, Arcane Circle makes it so that our basic attacks can hit 3 people at a time. Trust me this proves to be very useful in the Dark Tower. Also the 10% boost to attack speed is pretty nice too.

  (Wizard/Mage) Elemental Storm/Lightning Magic Boost: Unlock both. Get a Fire/Lightning weapon, and based on what you get slot it with the other element’s circle gem (Red circle is fire, purple circle is lightning). Will proc a lot with our basic attacks and can also proc with Holy Ray which is very nice.

 (Wizard) Arcane Successor: Increased duration will prove to be incredibly useful in the Dark Tower and boss fights. Also, it decreases charge time by 50% which will be incredibly useful in our Holy Ray build.

 (Wizard) Supreme Realm: Considering tanking damage already increases our damage output, this is just another bonus. Well worth it given how much damage we intend to take.

 (Ranger) Hunter’s Dedication: Considering how our basic attacks life steal and that our heal is very strong, we are often at full health so this damage boost will come into play very often.

 (Ranger) Sharp Concentration: A majority of the time during boss fights we will be at least 6 meters away from our targets, one of the only exceptions I can think of is the level 45 Lightning Dungeon Boss. This boost will come into play often so I would get it.

(Cleric) Power of Living Water: 10% increase to our healing. Very useful, I can currently heal for about 3K.

The following are skills to pick up for when you’re in parties and you want to enhance your Holy Ray.

 (Cleric) Power Accumulation: Adds an extra charge to any skills that have charges, in the High Priest’s case that would be Holy Ray. The third charge increases damage output of allies by 2x, so it would effectively be like having 8.5 people in a party (Assuming all allies are in the ray and that your ray is hitting an enemy)

 (Wizard) Hidden Strength: Decreases charge time by 10%, however it is very far down the skill tree so it’s your choice.

 (Berserker) Concentration of Power: Decrease charge time by 10%. Again, very far down the skill tree so decide wisely.

Now that we have our recharge we are going to need some SP to back this up. I recommend using the rest of your passive slots on SP regen related skills. Take a look at Seraph’s guide for that, he has most of them.

If you want to gain more survivability just take a look at Seraph’s guide, a lot of the skills there can be carried over to generally any class.

As for stats, we want to prioritize SPR (Spirit) and go for VIT (Vitality) as a secondary stat. The other important ones to look out for are Crit Rate and Crit damage.

In order to proc Elemental Storm and Lightning Magic Boost I recommend using a Fire/Lightning weapon that you pick up from the mini bosses in the Fire/Lightning dungeons.

As for gems get the blue triangles, orange squares, and red circle if you get lightning weapon or purple circle if you get fire weapon. This way you can proc both Elemental Storm and Lightning Magic Boost.

Post any questions you may have here.

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