Dungeon Striker Mage and Wizard Skills List

Dungeon Striker Mage and Wizard Skills List by Twerk


 : Cure: You heal yourself, gaining up to 35% of your health. (Cooldown 12 Sec)

 : Frozen Field: Summons a wave of ice at all enemies, 400% of damage is taken by enemies and 30% slow. (Cooldown 6 seconds)

 : Chain Lightning: Your basic attack, jumps from enemy to enemy. Attacks 2 enemies at the same time. Can deal as much as 83% of your magic damage, After every jump, damage is reduced by 7%. (No Cooldown)

 : Teleport: You dash in the direction you are facing. (No cooldown)

 : Lightning Cloud: Enemy within cloud takes 20% damage every 0.5 second, cloud stays for 4 seconds. 5% chance to inflict electrocute status.)

 : Chain Lightning EX1: Adds another hit per enemy. So now it hits 3 Enemies per Chain Lightning.

 : Frosty Hit: Frozen Field deal 1.2 times damage to small sized targets. Recover 30 SP per target hit. 20% chance for greater knock back effect.

 : Ice Spears: Throws ice Spears at the enemy, 20% chance of frozen status, Will recover 350 MP when hitting  a boss, (Yet again, not sure if from you or boss). When using an Ice Skill, press the skill again to use this.

 : Lightning Magic Boost: Has a 5% chance of causing an explosion when using Lightning Attacks that will deal 100% of Magic Damage.

 : Fireball: Throws a burning ball of fire at the enemy, deals 250% of magic damage and has a 5% chance of igniting the enemy.

 : Chain Lightning EX2: Boost the Size and Strength of Chain Lightning. Boosts damage by 10% per hit on medium sized targets.

 : Burning Land: With Fireball or Grenade, there is a 5% chance of causing a pool of fire on the ground for 4 seconds. Every 0.5 seconds it deals damage, has 5% chance of ignition. Deals 50% fire damage.

 : Take The Opportunity: Chain Lightning Deal 50% more damage if target is within Lightning Cloud. Ice Spear deal 2.5x damage to big sized targets.

 : Lightning: Shoots a lightning spark down from the sky, has a chance to deal up to 1600% damage to up to 5 enemies. You are invulnerable while using this skill.

 : Chain Lightning EX3: Recover 10 SP when hitting big sized target.

 : Discharge: Provides a 2 second boost to Lightning Cloud.

 : Order Conjuction: Provides Transition to Shadow Mystic Skills after using Chain Lightning.

 : Lightning Call: Chain Lightning hit 5 additional targets for 2 seconds after casting Lightning Cloud.

 : Blessing of God: Provides a 10% decrease of damage when hit with Electrical Attacks.

 : HP Shield: When attacked from 6 meters away by an enemy, you have a 20% chance of activating a shield that provides a 20% decrease in damage for 4 Seconds.

 : Enlightenment: Provides a 250 SP boost.

 : Patron Shield: When hit with status effect (Sleep, Paralysis, or Stun), HP Shield is activated which provides 20% damage decrease from enemies for 4 seconds.

 :Wise Wizard: Lightning Cloud recover 6 SP per hit when attacking small or medium sized target. Recover 50 SP when attacking big sized target.

 : Big Bang:  Strengthen Lightning. You can now charge Lightning for 1 second to deal 2000% damage up to 5 targets. Deal 1600% to all surrounding targets if you instant cast Lightning.


 Arcane Circle: Casts a 6 meters diameter Arcane Circle. Shoots Magic Missiles twice as fast while staying in the circle, increases attack speed by 10%. Arcane Circle last for 6 seconds.

 Arcane Burst: Shoots concentrated Magic Missiles rapidly. Deal 90% magic damage per hit. Gain 400% extra magic attack when you are fully charged. 0.2 second per missile when not charged, 0.15 second per missile when fully charged.

 Magic Missiles: Shoots 3 Magic Missiles in front of you, deal 132% magic damage and recover 30 SP per hit.

 Burst Teleport: Instantly teleport to 8 meters in front of you, cast 6 Magic Missiles to attack your enemy. Each missile deal 132% magic damage.

 Magic Missiles EX1: 10% chance to shoot 3 volleys of magic missiles. Each missile deal 65% magic damage. Magic Missiles from Burst Teleport will recover 30 SP for every enemy you hit. Arcane Burst deal 1.2x damage to big sized enemy and bosses.

 Battlefield Wizard: Shoot 3 Magic Missiles while you use normal teleport. Each missile deal 80% magic damage. 0.5 second cooldown.

 Vitality Uplift: Magic Missile from Burst Teleport heal 10% of your Max HP per hit.

 Elemental Storm: 5% chance to inflict Fire Explosion while casting fire spells. Fire Explosion deal 100% magic damage.

 Magic Missiles EX2: 10% chance to shoot 5 Magic Missiles, each missile deal 132% magic damage. Magic Missiles from Battlefield Wizard passive recover 30 SP per hit.

 Gravity Missile: Convert Magic Missiles into Gravity Missile for 1 second after casting Arcane Circle. Gravity Missile attracts enemies up to 12 meters away.

 Arcane Missile: Arcane Burst recover 5 additional SP when hitting big sized enemy or bosses.

 Arcane Successor: Arcane Circle last for 12 seconds. Reduce 50% spell casting time if you are within Arcane Circle. Enemy within Arcane Circle will have 30% reduced movement speed (except bosses). Party members benefit from this as well when they stay inside the circle.

 Magic Missiles EX3: Recover additional 13 SP when hitting big sized enemies or bosses.

 Space Dominator: Cast 4 additional Magic Missiles when you use Burst Teleport. You can now teleport for a second time when you cast Burst Teleport. Second teleport will not shoot Magic Missiles.

 Flame Resist: 10% chance to negate burnt status.

 Supreme Realm: Increases attack speed by 10% for 3 second when you got attacked.

 Flame Avatar: Covers yourself with fire and stay invulnerable for 6 seconds. Enemies near you will take 100% fire damage every 0.5 seconds. Cannot cast other skills while Flame Avatar is in effect.

 Arcane Explosion: Arcane Burst deal 1.1x extra damage to bosses.

 Hidden Strength: Reduces skill charging time by 10%.

 Friend of Elements: Reduces target’s elemental defense by 10% when Element Enchant in effect.

 Element Resist: Increases elemental defense by 10% for 5 seconds when you are attacked by fire / lightning / ice attack.

 Element Enchant: Convert your Arcane Burst to elemental damage. Deal 10% additional damage and last for 30 seconds. Charge 1: Fire, Charge 2: Ice, Charge 3: Lightning.

 Ruler of Flame: Remove all debuff on yourself when you cast Flame Avatar. Deal 1200% fire damage to your surrounding when Flame Avatar time’s up. 100% chance to inflict burnt status to your enemy.

 Ultimate Wizard: Arcane Burst deal 1.2x extra damage to big sized target or bosses. All Magic Missiles attacks deal 1.1x extra damage. Increases all Acrobat & Cannon Blazer’s skill damage by 1.1x.

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