Dungeon Striker Wizard Skill Build

Dungeon Striker Wizard Skill Build by v2seraph

since someone asked for my skill build, here it is!



A Wizard with proper skill build can solo bosses faster than any other classes, yes even faster than demn OP zerks with equal gear! Our main damaging skill is Arcane Burst so naturally, our skill build should revolve around it. Wizards shine only after you reached Master level and acquired certain passives. (You need to be like… at least level 50, assuming you didn’t invest too much SP into Mage)

Wizard Skills

Learn every single Wizard skills available, there are no ‘useless’ skill at all IMHO. The only skill that may seem useless would be Flame Resist, which I assume will be useful for the upcoming Tower of Fire Dragon!

 Arcane Burst! – Wizard
Shoots volley of concentrated Magic Missiles at single enemy every 0.2 second (0.15 second when charged), each missile deals 90% damage and consume 50 MP.

 Elemental Enchant! – Wizard
Convert your Arcane Burst to elemental damage, dealing 10% extra damage when the buff is active. We’ll choose fire attack as it works very well with following passive.

 Elemental Storm! – Wizard
5% chance to inflict Fire Explosion while casting fire spells. Fire Explosion deal 100% magic damage. 5% chance is good enough as we can deal 10 hits with Arcane Burst in just 1.5 second!

Once you acquired 3 skills above, you are ready for next step! Arcane Burst uses too much MP in a short amount of time so we’ll need a way to sustain longer by learning certain skills.

Sustained MP Recovery!

46946802.png Arcane Missile! – Wizard
Arcane Burst recover 5 additional MP when you hit bosses. Basically each missile only consume 45 MP now.

23894499.png 83861148.png 66941115.png Burst Teleport + Magic Missiles EX1 + Vitality Uplift! – Wizard
Not a reliable way to recover SP while facing bosses. There need to be a lot of minions to recover more MP per hit. No harm learning though as these are Wizard’s skills. Good thing is that bosses tend to summon minions once in a while, use that opportunity to Burst Teleport and recover huge amount of HP / MP.

1439_zps990d7b4d.png 50417222.png Dash + Battlefield Wizard! – Wizard
Recover 30 SP for every target you hit whenever you Dash. More MP while dodging attacks, why not?

 Art of Deception – Ranger
Attacks recover 5 additional MP when you hit bosses. Each missile consume 40 MP if you learned Arcane Missile. Cons is that this skill requires you to spend a lot of SP into Ranger tree.

54_zps049fa8c3.png 59_zps17a0da6b.png 68_zps9f8e69f8.png Frozen Field + Ice Spear + Seize the Opportunity
6 seconds CD. Ice Spear recovers 350 SP when you hit bosses. Ice Spear deal considerable damage if you have the passive too. Pretty nice combo there~

   Gatling Turret + Magazine Reload + Annihilation
Summon 3 Gatling Turrets with Annihilation passive (Optional), each hit recovers 5 MP with Magazine Reload passive. Stationary skill so it does better in boss battles, even better if you have fire weapon as it will trigger Elemental Storm often! Good thing is that your target does not need to be bosses to recover MP.

1368895640590.png 1368895697712.png Spinning Assault + Wrath of Berserker – Berserker
5 seconds CD. Spinning Assault recover 300 MP whenever you hit a target. 10% chance to have a pair of BloodWings appear behind you! Who doesn’t like wings? :P Use this for clearing tons of mobs in dungeons / tower runs. BloodWings passive is totally optional though as it doesn’t trigger as much during boss battles.

Now that we have enough MP to spam Arcane Burst like a madman, whats next? Spend your MP like no tomorrow by charging up ASAP!

Charging Up & Attacking Quickly!

90999724.png 44219049.png Arcane Circle + Arcane Successor! – Wizard
Last 12 seconds with passive. Increases attack speed by 10% & reduces charging time by 50%! Epicness~

29200515.png Hidden Strength! – Wizard
Reduce charging time by 10%.

54159783.png Supreme Realm! – Wizard
Increase attack speed by 10% whenever you get hit. Attack speed DOES affect Arcane Burst. (Thanks to Nyxi for pointing that out :P)

79342017.png Concentration of Power – Berserker
Reduce charging time by 10%.

  49_zps6a54c118.png Cannon Boost + Quick Loading + High Concentration – Cannon Blazer
Recover 100 MP per use and reduces charging time by 30% for 5 seconds. Could serve as filler skill when your Arcane Circle in CD, too bad it will waste an active skill slot. Your choice~

So yeah, we are now a stationary magical turret. Is there anything else to do?

Dealing Even More Damage Per Hit!

83861148.png 90827358.png 88438627.png Magical Missile EX1 + Arcane Explosion + Ultimate Wizard! – Wizard
With all these passive learned, your Arcane Missile now deals 144% damage per hit!

 Friend of Elements! – Wizard
Reduces target’s elemental defense by 10% when Elemental Enchant is in effect. You get the drill~

62678859.png Hunter’s Dedication – Ranger
Attacks deal 1.1x damage when your HP is full. Get this ONLY if you can keep your HP full for most of the time during boss battles. Ignore if you take damage often.

223eo.png Sharp Concentration – Ranger
Attacks deal 1.1x damage when you attack 6 meters away from your target. Good for soloing bosses, bad if there’s always tons of mobs soaking up damage.

227le.png  Power Accumulation / Hiding Killing Intention(lol) – Cleric / Cannon Blazer
Learn either 1 is enough, DO NOT learn both. Allows you to charge your Arcane Burst past 1 bar. Releases a powerful attack dealing 400% damage when you stop Arcane Bursting past 1 bar.  (Thanks to Nyxi or I probably wouldn’t know such skill exist :P)

Oh my, I kill fast but I die fast too! Solution!?


18202658.png 78879610.png Flame Avatar + Lord of Flame! – Wizard
6 seconds of invulnerability and removes all debuff on yourself? Hell yes! Cast this whenever you find yourself in deep sh… trouble. Please don’t use this to deal damage! >.>

12201557.png Element Resist! – Wizard
10% increased elemental defense! No doubt this skill is very useful in Elemental Dungeons.

56_zpsb7b99c66.png 53_zps87eb4ad2.png Magical Shield + Magical Guard – Mage
Reduces damage taken from small / medium sized monsters by 20%. Useful in tower!

1368895729636.png 1368895865687.png War Cry + Cry of Rage – Berserker
Heal 30% for every enemy you hit, recover some MP too! Also increases your damage by 10% and reduces enemies’ damage by 10% for 30 seconds. All rounded skill eh?

   Vault + Surprise Attack + Vault EX – Ranger
Useful for getting out of sticky situation, specifically in dungeons where you cannot revive. Recover 300 MP too. Don’t get these skills in normal dungeons as you can revive indefinitely anyway. :P

My Inherited Skill Choices
Actives: Frozen Field, Spinning Assault, War Cry
Passives: Art of Deception, Ice Spear, Seize the Opportunity, Hunter’s Dedication, Sharp Concentration, Power Accumulation (I switch remaining 2 all the time, Hunter’s Dedication for solo runs and Shields for tower runs)

Equipment Choices
●Craft level 45 Rare (Blue) Shirt & Pants set.

●Craft 5 pieces set if you want more HP OR get level 45 Rare Gloves, Boots and Hat with high INT + gem slot from bosses if you want more damage.

●Get INT bracers & VIT belt.
●INT + VIT + Crit + Gem slot level 50 rare mantle. (If you can afford it, last check is around 60k golds)

●Slot △ Purple Triangular Gem into your Gloves, Boots and Mantle for more INT!
●Slot 口 Yellow Squared Gem into your Hat, Shirt and Pants for more HP!

Lastly, switch to Unique (Purple) gears whenever you get them.

Craft level 45 Rare Fire Staff, slot O Red Circular Gem into it.
If you don’t have the materials to craft, go for weapon dropped by bosses of Elemental Dungeons first.

At least +5 your weapon, +7 when you have enough gold. Your equipment will only degrade for now, they won’t break while you enhance.

●INT + Critical Earrings
●Fire attack Rings
●Vit Necklace

Title: +30 Fire Attack (Master Mage) & +30 INT (Master Wizard)
*I’m actually using +100 penetration title although I’m not sure what it does, yet. :P

Lastly, master whatever Mage class that comes in the future as they provide permanent bonus INT for each tier.

And so, congratulation! You are now a Heavy Arcane Artillery!
– Just some random name I thought of, pretty lame I’d say. Enjoy!

Feel free to throw in your opinions & questions!
I will update this when Warlock arrives. Sexy scythes!

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