Dragon Oath Misty Peak Guide

Dragon Oath Misty Peak Guide by darkknightX

Here is the guide u all wanted

Requirement –

70k+ HP and 80+ poison res(i recommend 100+ for 0 damage) and 15k+ phy/spi. Poison res 50+ can be bought from JJs shop at LY business not sure the name of the shop but its a material shop(free publicity) or LO and Shao can make 30+/50+ poison res from class skill

For team – 2 minst 2 LO(if 1 LO has 45 relic thats enuf and can take any1 else) 2 tank/phy atkers

Note if u take 1 LO then u can take last slot for pro voodoo if u have low poison res or take royalty as they have all elements and both phy/spi atks, this is important cuz most of the bosses will have buffs either immune to spi or immune to phy or immune to one element for short time.

Lets start with Warhammer man


This is the 1st boss and it has to be killed within 5mins time or every1 dies.
like always i have posted vids for extra help
This boss hits hard and so take extra caution and not to die in 3-4 hits. It has 4 colours, lite blue orange green and i think purple. You can full atk the boss when its white glow and remember to STAY AWAY when its green glow. Range atkers can atk from far when its green glow but phy atkers have to stay away till the green glow goes.
Green means boss hits x2 crit = 1hit dead
lite blue/orange = boss receives x2 so u all can go full skills
This is where u need the minst most and their x2 skill if its ur 1st time then make sure u have atleast 1 PRO minst or 2 minst for safety

Next up Uncle malefic


This is a ez boss and need poison res. For this boss u have to keep moving up, because he will disappear and reappear with small zombies(they dont damage much but if u let them gather they will kill u) When zombie atks just go invi/hide dont let zombies get on u. Check out the vid for where to move
and this boss has many buff – immune to spi/elements/phy so every1 in party has to atk and if ur phy use spi pet and spi then use phy pet.

Next 3rd boss Assasin Wu


For this boss you need 80+ poison res. If u have 100+ you dont have to worry at all. just keep hitting the boss till it dies and no stun or negetive effect will work on it. When he says watch out for my falchion it means hes gonna AOE but poison res should help

Next 4th boss, Here there are 3 bosses, 2 come together


Talk to the NPC on right(Assasin shi) to start. Once u start u will get a random buff like HP decrease per sec or HP+ per sec or MP+ or MP- its all random, u will get one increase buff and other decrease buff, HP MP and speed from these 3 ul get any inc and dec buff but surely ul get one good and other bad never both decrease or inc.(If u get HP dec and LO has no 45 relic then use mass heal non-stop) Then go to center where both bosses appear. Here ul see one phy and one range boss, 1st kill range ignore phy and let it atk any pet or tankers. After u kill range kill phy. Both will be very weak and u can do crit non-stop on em. After u done with both range and phy, 3rd boss appears, Weak Yum. This is even weaker boss and u can use stun lock etc, every skill u got.

Last boss Margaret Lee


This is a crazy boss and keeps blinding non-stop and drops small ice AOE on ground. Talk to the NPC on right(Assasin Wu) But b4 you start make sure everyone in team looks at the portals and remembers all. They are immune to phy/spi/elements.
White = Immune to phy
Purple = Immune to spi
Blue = Immune to ice
Green = Immune to poison
Red = Immune to fire
Yellow = Immune to thunder
These portals are very important when boss uses AOE. There is no escape other then running into one of the portals. The boss will AOE only twice and when her HP bar is gone. The 1st AOE is when her 1st bar of HP is done. 2nd wen 2nd bar is gone. When u r close to AOE make sure every1 looks at the chat, this is wen Lee will say what AOE shes gonna do, whatever it is run to that portal(look at the pic for help) Also if LO cant make it to the portal then they can use full rage immune

Once u know abt the AOE u can kill it ez, and also make sure u dont stand in the small ice AOE on the ground. Stay away from it. After both AOE are done and keep avoiding small ice on ground u shud be fine

Note if LO dies or many die with AOE then the person alive can get on mount and go around to lure boss till every1 gets back and full HP and remember u cant go invi to stop boss from atkin… even if u use invi it wont work and bosses still atk

Hope this helps.
Have Fun and GL

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