Dragon Oath Beginner’s FAQ

Dragon Oath Beginner’s Frequently Asked Questions by n3ss

What is the best class?
There is no overall best class…there are classes that are the best in a certain category however. In the end, there are 9 classes, so just find one that suits your playing style the best and work with it to have the most fun in the game. Or try out several classes to figure out which you enjoy most.

How do I get to Pet Island?
First go to Luo Yang. Next either click tab and look for the pet shop on the map and click there. OR click autopath and look for Cherry Yun. Talk to Cherry Yun to get there.

What are Loquats?
Loquats are herbs that can be picked around Werewolf Plains. However that requires the life skill herbalism. An easier option to get these for the quests is buying them from the Material Dealer next to Su Zhou bank.

Why can’t I level? My exp bar is full…
After level ten the game requires you to manually level because your skills and life skills require exp to level up as well. Therefore, this system allows you to choose if you want to use the experience for leveling your level or your skills. To level up, click c to get to your character screen. On the bottom right corner of this window there will be a lions head with an arrow coming out of it. Click the arrow to level up.

How do I get a mount?
The first mount is L20 Walking Eagle that gives 10% speed boost. You can buy both it and the riding skill at luo yang. The next mount after this is the L40 and L60 class mounts. They cost 38g and 300g respectively and give a 40% and 60% speed boost. Also, if you have the novice gift bag you get a Ostrich mount at L25 that gives a 80% speed boost. EDIT: Although its very slim chance, you can also get class mounts by killing regular mounts as well.

What does 3x,4x,5x etc. mean?
If you see this in yell chat, people are refering to that particular level group. Like 3x= 30s, 4x=40s and so on. This is usually done for party groups.

Growth Rate of pets, Pet foods, and Types of pets (young, wild, rare)
Please refer to the pet guides that are stickied on the forums/ listed in the guide list for the answer to these questions. Members here put a lot of effort in building these guides for you and they are very helpful ^^

How do I get to the Guild City?
First you must have a guild and that guild must have a city. Then, go to Luo Yang and talk to Just Fan and he can transport you there.

How do I type links to items in my chat screen?
This is easy to do, just open your inventory and hold left control then left click on item. BUT make sure the typing line is in the chat box otherwise it won’t do anything. Also for pets, open your pet window up (press x) then hold control and left click your pets name.

What does pet growth do/mean?
Growth Rate is really important for breeding pets. The important “job” of growth rate is if you know the growth rate of the parents, you will know exactly the growth rate of the children(after bred)

Normal+Good= Good
Good+Preeminence= Preeminence
Preeminence+Excellent= Excellent
Excellent+Perfect= Perfect

Growth rate doesn’t help for lvling the pet faster, but it helps for the stats of the pet. If the pet at the same lvl has higher growth, it means that pet is stronger, more points will be added to its stats when it’s lvling up.

Why do I have no more 2x Experience time? How do I get more?
You get 5 hours of 2x experience time each week. It regenerates those 5 hours after the week is over. Some quest rewards and such may give you an item to give you 1 extra hour of 2x experience.

This sucks, people are spamming my chat with “BUY GOLD AT BLAHBLAH” and “powerleveling for cheap!”… how do I stop this?
Goldbotters are currently a problem and are being dealt with vigoruously by our awesome GM team. To help fight back, right click their name in chat and click report. You can only report once every 3 minutes, so if another one pops up before 3 minutes, just right click their name and click ignore.

The corners of my screen are pulsating and my name is green! Why?!
You just got attacked by a player. Look for a player with a red name, he is the one who attacked you. Remember to keep all your gold in the bank so you don’t drop it upon death from a player or monster!

Some people’s pets have titles, like Heaven Beast or Precious Beast. How do I get my pet a title?
Go to the Pet Titler next to Si Si White in Su Zhuo. If you pet has high enough rarity/growth levels, your pet will get a title.

How do I get a title above my name?
One way to put whatever you want there is to press F until your friends list shows up. Click the modify mood button, a tiny arrow above blacklist. Type in what you want, then click the button above the little modify mood arrow, this will display your mood as your title.

What time is the server in?

People keep saying self invite in shout. What does this mean?
It means that you can apply to join that person’s party by right clicking their name in chat and click Join Team.

How do I set up my own shop stall like other people?
Stalls can only be set up in certain places. Once you are in that place, go into your inventory and click the Peddle button. It does cost around 10S to open a shop, and a small percentage of your profits are gone when you sell via stall because of tax.

I am not sure which class to pick. Can I get some more info on them?
Check out the wiki @ http://wiki.us.changyou.com/index.php/Classes

People are yelling in non-english. So, can I talk in my own language in Yell chat too?
Absolutely not. Those people get reported, ignored by players, and muted by GMs. English only in yell chat, PERIOD!

I see some people making really big, cool looking jumps. How do I do this?
You can do a big jump, AKA leap, by ctrl clicking any piece of land near you. Some roofs and building tops can even be leaped on to. Go ahead, try it!

How do I get new skills / level up my skills?
Go to your class area and find your class’ skill master. You can spend exp and money to level up your skills. There are a couple new skills you can get, one at lvl 35 from a relic (very expensive, 100-200+Gold), and one at lvl 65 from a book (Around 8-15Gold).

What are the consequences of dieing?
You lose 10% of your money. You can also drop bank notes.

What happens if you abandon a quest?
Depending on the quest, you may have to wait before you can do that type of quest again, or nothing at all may happen and you can reaccept that quest immediately.

Is there a shortcut for accessing a different row of F key skills?
Not currently, but you can press ALT+Number to access the hidden row of skills above the F Skill bar.

What are Masters/ should you get one?
You get 10% more EXP when you have a master, and 20% more when you are in a party with him or her. They get a mass amount of EXP when you turn lvl 30 and 45, depending on your friendship.

What are Tokens? Why would you want them?
They are just the cash shop currency. Soon, you will be able to buy them with real money. Then you can spend them ingame on nice items in the cash shop.

What is the difference between a “baby” pet and a normal pet?
A baby pet is just a young pet.

How do I switch between different chat channels easily?
While you are not chatting, press , AKA the [Comma] button on your keyboard to switch between different chat channels.

How do I become a Master?
To become a Master you first have to get L30 and 300 moral points. To get moral points you must party with someone 10 levels lower then you (or more). To check your moral points click C to get to the character screen and then on the bottom tab click others. The points are listed there. Once you get 300 points go to Da Li and talk to Elder Nieh to become a master.

How do I get 2x experience?
Go to any of the 3 cities, press tab and on the map look for Efficiency and go there. The Commander of that area can give you Double Exp.

Why is are brave tigers better then the others?
Brave tigers are better then clever tigers, etc. because they have a skill called smash. In the description of the skill it states that smash is cast most often by brave pets, therefore making brave tigers better then the others. This also holds true for all other pets, like a pet with the skill Ice Charm (timid pets cast it most) would be best if the pet was also timid. So just check your pets skills to see which mood works best for its species.

How do I get to Dun Huang (or any other)?
The best way to figure out where to go next is by pressing M and looking at the world map. For Dun Huang for instance, press M and look at the different cities/dots on the map. If you see next to Luo Yang theres 3 pathes leading off of it. One of these is Dun Huang. For all locations on the map you can find using this method. As you get higher up you’ll have to look past cities. For example Werewolf Hill is only reachable after going through Werewolf Plains.

What party quests can you do at what level?
There are several party required quests that are given through the game story line (sorry I don’t know the exact level for these). However, the more useful party quests/events are the ones that go on every hour, called thieves and rebels. Also chess is another event that needs a party and is great for experience. (Also note: you can only do chess once a day while other events are limitless)

What happens if you fail the bot test?
The first time you fail you will get sent to the bot jail where you will have to ‘fight for freedom’ and basically prove you are not a bot. However, if you fail the bot test several times you will have to stay in the jail for several hours.

What are some commonly used shortcut keys?
Several important ones that I would recommend learning/knowing are:
Tab- Brings up Current map (click on it to go to that location)
M- World map, use this to find out where to go next for quests etc.
`/~ button- Use this to bring up the autopath for the map your in
X- brings up pet window
C- Brings up character window
F- Brings up friends window
O- Brings up guild window
A- Brings up Inventory
T- Brings up Team window

What do you use Energy for?
Energy is used for life skills such as mining, planting and so on. (more to be added)


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