Dragon Oath Lotus Order Guide

Dragon Oath Lotus Order Guide by swithme

Hello all my friends, since most of you are new to this game, I decide to make a guide about Lotus Order. This guide will include how to build, pet, lvling, ….. :] I hope this guide will help. Btw, srry for my bad english :]

I. Introduction:

The Lotus Order apprentices usually study the personal virtues of the Buddha to pair with their Kung Fu. Their studies have given them abilities and skills to not only absorb damage, but also to heal as well.
Location: Mt. Emei

Mount: Phoenix (Remember that you cannot attack while riding a mount)
Phoenix lvl 40 – increase moving speed 40%

Phoenix lvl 60 – increase moving speed 70% ( and expensive too)

Weapons: One handed sword/ dual swords.
In Dragon Oath, Lotus Order are normally buffers, but also very strong at pvp as well.
Lotus Order are In. and range attack.
(Taoist, Voodoo, Royalty, Minstrel are also In. and range attack)

– don’t skip this ^^

– Defense: Lotus Order is one of the class have the highest In. Defense (Magical Defense). Can heal themselves and their partner.
– Offense: Come after Taoist, Lotus Order are nukers with very strong nukes, can finish their enemies easily.
– Aiding: Lotus Orders are the party’s heart, w/out L.O it’s very hard to train and do other stuff like killing bosses and events.

– Very few attack skills.
– Because L.O’s buffing advantage, enemies will seek for them to kill 1st.
– No AOE -> hard to do Solo-Train/ Quests.
– No effects like Rolyalty, assassins …

Starting from lvl 30, you’ll have stat point to add.

– Full VIT: Most gamers choose to build their L.O this way. Because of a skill that buffs HP by % of your HP, full VIT can help that skill buff more HP. Also, increase Ex. Defense(Physical defense). This way, you can be confident of being a Tanker and Buffer at the same time in guild wars and other wars involve a lot of people.

Full INT: This way your L.O will have a lot of MP for buffs( while 1 vs 1 on combat stage, you’ll probably run out of MP -> thats mean you cannot buff -> die). Also, increase In. Attack(Magical attack) and In. Defense(Magical Defense).

Full DEX: This way will increase your L.O accuracy. Having less chance of “MISS” ( like Beggars Allience have the highest dodging rate).
So these 3 build are most common for L.O. If you think these are not good, you can build your own way.

For the skills, lvling, pets I will continue update when i have those information. If you have any questions, just ask. I’m happy to help.

Here’s a video, shows that L.O are not just buffers!

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