Aika Online Sealing Traces Guide

Aika Online Sealing Traces Guide by DarnocNhoj

First you have to become at least level 60 then startfarming items for the sealing traces set, the items needed are the following:

Enriched Facion 141pieces = creatable via Anvil
Agiotita Ingot 46 pieces = 2k each
Agiotita 67 pieces =1k each
Hard Scale Skin
46pieces = 1k each
The essence of forest 48 pieces = 50k-90k each
Emerald 32 pieces = 600k – 650k each
Facion Core 4 pieces = Available at the NPC shop near MirzaAir Garden
Timo Roll 25 pieces = 2k each
Severe Cold Core 45 pieces = price may vary from time totime
Timo cloth 12 pieces = 1k each

And you have to craft the following:

Superior Marktun Helmet
Superior Marktun Armor
Superior Marktun Gauntlet
Superior Marktun boots

Take note that sealing trace recipes are hard to find andmost of your countrymen will hold on to them, it may take you more or less 4 months if youwish to obtain all the said items by yourself. Once you have the sealing tracesset that would most likely amount to over 150 million, then it is time to golook for the sealing scrolls that would unlock the set’s hidden potential (thistime you can just buy the scroll from those who has it already for 2 million per recipe yet price may vary depending on the recipe part).

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