Aika Online Pran Quest Guide

Aika Online Pran Guide by stelian

AIKA Online Pran-your daughter

The evolution tree of your daughter.

Upon reaching the Lv7 milestone, you’re entitled to keep a nymph (no, not that kind of a nymph…) which will “evolve” as you level up. The nymph is called a “Pran“ has it’s own set of skills and experience bar, but you’ll get both Pran EXP and your own EXP whenever you successfully kill a monster.

A Pran would have 3 stages of evolution as of now. Prans starts off as a Fairy, and as you continue playing the game, it’ll gradually level up and turn into a Child (your own personal loli, and no, you can’t do that with her), and finally at the third stage, into somewhat like a daughter. Of course, each additional levels would bring about more skills that she can use to improve your overall character stats (man… that sounded wrong).

Some of the many ways a Pran can be part of your gaming in AIKA!

Of course, people would probably say that this is just some kind of a pet system that exists since Ragnarok Online when they introduced their own Cute-Pet system. This is partially true in a sense, since the Pran exists to help and aid you in your coming battles, however the claim is only half true.

The Pran system has a intimacy level which determines how well related you are with your Pran. The better you’re related with your Pran would mean that she would be more open to you, have conversations with you more often, aid you more often in your coming battles.

Prans will often engage in conversations with the player, and in the course of the conversation, there would be some options available for the player to choose. The options will either increase/decrease/nothing the relation level with your Pran. So, in a sense, it can be considered as a mini-visual novel at that too. However, knowing the fact that I can’t read korean… I’ve gotten lowered intimacy level due to wrong answering.

Some of the many conversations which you will spend with your Pran.

The Pran system also allows you to customize how your Pran looks like. Prans have their own inventory, which allows you to equip some adorable costumes or dolls on your Pran. Your Pran’s hairstyle can also be customized to some of the pre-sets that are available!

The Pran does some cute emotes too, such as dancing while you’re talking to it, and cheering on while you’re attacking the monsters. The Pran is indeed a very cute addition into the whole game.

First Pran Guide by rbardy

Hi, this is a small guide on how to get your first Pran.

At lvl 7 a quest in the city will be available with the Pran lady (near the bank NPC).
The quest require you to collect 3 items:

Boar meat
You can get this from boars.

Pungent Cheese
You can get this from moguns.

Lilac oil
You can get this from kubaris.

Those items don’t have 100% drop rate, so you need to farm a little.

After you collect them, turn in the quest and the 2nd quest will be available.

In the 2nd quest you’ll have 3 options, each option is for a type of pran:
Fire: Focussed in HP and atk
Water: Focused in MP and def
Wind: Focused in HP/MP and evade/heal

After you chose 1 of them you’ll need to collect essences based on what type of pran you chose.
That is the list of required essences:
Fire: 5 Fire, 2 Water and 2 Wind essence
Water: 5 Water, 2 Fire and 2 Wind essence
Wind: 5 Wind, 2 Fire and 2 Water essence

You get those items from any monster or even breaking equipments in the anvil in the city, after you collect the required items go back to the Pran lady to finish the quest and done, you got your first Pran, now you just need to name your pran and keep your journey with your faithful follower.

OH remember that you can only have 2 prans per ACCOUNT on every server, so chose your prans wisely.

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