Aika Online Warrior Skills Guide

Aika Online Warrior Skills Guide by dipsbar


Alright, since there aren’t any guides for the warrior class I decided to make one. I’ve compiled the information from this forum. I’ve also played my warrior and I’ve tried all the skills, bar Dragon Rage.

Oh, I should probably mention what the role of the warrior is.

You are the tank/DPS hybrid character of Aika. Due to your natural beefiness you can hold your ground against multiple enemies, and with your deadly arsenal of AOE skills, you can decimate said foes. But you can’t tank as long as the paladin and your spell combo isn’t as devastating as the warlock’s. You also have some nice party buff skills which benefit the whole party.

Speaking of skills, here they are.

-Tier 1-

Image Slash
Recommended levels: 1
Comments: You slash for damage. The one point forced into it is all you will ever need. The scaling is pretty lame and so it’s a waste of points to put into. Stick with normal hits.

Image Charge
Recommended levels: 1, max
Comments: When used (and if the target is in range) you will ram into the enemy and stun them. Personally, I think 1 point is all you need. However, maxed charge is extremely deadly in pvp and you can charge stuff from very far distances in-game. The damage scaling is not really worth mentioning though. Experiment for yourself, but for me, one point is enough.

Image Armor Break
Recommended levels: 0, 1, max
Comments: A purple-ish sword thrust that does damage and lowers the targets defense for a short period of time. Early game it has some uses because it’s a nuke that softens things up, good for those mini-bosses that you have to kill for quests. However, as with anything defense related, it’s effectiveness is somewhat limited. Zero for me, but if you like it, go for it.

Image Taunt
Recommended levels: 0
Comments: No no no and no, this skill is terrible. Yes you are a warrior and you are the semi-tank, but you should be tanking and luring/aggroing with your raw DPS. The skill sucks and it’s not as good as the pally’s taunt. Even if you’re a hardcore pve’er you should always have a pally on your team tanking anyway.

Image Berserk
Recommended levels: 1, or the same as Lionheart
Comments: Two second channeling self-buff that raises your p.atk and movespeed, but lowers evasion. If you are getting lionheart (and you should be) you have to get it anyway. The first level gives a nice boost but the scaling is poor. Movespeed is somewhat unnecessary because you should be partying with a cleric (haste) later on, unless you play alone. Early on however it is a good buff and speeds up your levelling by letting you hit harder and get to places faster.

Image Blade Storm
Recommended levels: 1, max
Comments: Your first AOE skill is unfortunately not the best. It’s the weakest (with the exception of HOD) and the aoe of the circle around you is small. You target something and slash it, and everything in a circle around you. Good for grinding on mobs but in pvp it’s not that useful as an AOE skill because you probably won’t catch more than 1 person (the initial target) in it.

-Tier 2-

Image Howl Of Glory
Recommended levels: max
Comments: One of your awesome party buffs, and the reason why warriors are even considered for parties, it casts instantly and increases you and your party’s total HP/MP and HP/MP recovery rate. Definitely max this. It helps a lot when grinding and increases everyone’s survivability. Also, this will make your resting recovery (when you stop moving/or when sitting) heal really fast, saving you a lot of potions.

Image Smash
Recommended levels: 0, 1
Comments: You whack them and they fall down. When they’re down they can’t attack or move, but they can get right back up. Based on the skill level, subsequent hits may also make them fall down. This is sort of known as the warriors gimmicky skill. Even maxed, it’s not even viable for stun-locking, as it’s a multi-hit (reliant on accuracy) and not an instant stun. It can be useful as an interrupter (use it on a WL casting shadow fall), but it’s a melee attack, so have fun trying to get close and eating a meteor to the face.

Image Focused Might
Recommended levels: 0
Comments: Passive that increases your p.atk and accuracy by pathetic amounts. Please don’t waste any points into this skill. The first level barely gives anything, and neither do the next few levels. The accuracy COULD be useful, but the scaling is just too poor to invest any points into this skill.

Image Dragon Spirit
Recommended levels: 0
Comments: Another not-so-great passive. It increases your total HP (barely noticeable) and it lets you recover HP while fighting, but by only a percentage of the normal amount. Again, scaling is just too poor to waste any points in this skill.

Image Howl Of Valor
Recommended levels: max
Comments: Finally, a decent skill. This is your other great instant-cast party buff, and the reason why you’re wanted in parties (besides the fact that you have awesome AOE damage). It increases you and your party’s STR, AGI, and INT. That means more damage, more accuracy, more evasion, and more cleric healing power! Fun for the whole family!

Image Earthquake
Recommended levels: max
Comments: A great AOE skill. You stick your sword into the ground and a bunch of cracks and fissures appear. This also slows enemies. The slow isn’t useful for pve but in pvp it’s a nice bonus. Scaling is good, and more AOE is always good.

-Tier 3-

Image Howl of Wrath
Recommended levels: 1, max
Comments: Another AOE skill, but this one stuns! The damage is pretty generous (for an AOE stun) and the stun duration increases as you level it. The long cooldown balances it off though. I would max this, but since the scaling is just average you might find 1 point enough.

Image Lionheart
Recommended levels: 1, max
Comments: The partner of Berserk, it’s a 2 second channeling self-buff that increases your skill’s damage and your crit rate. One thing to note is that to cast lionheart, berserk has to be the same (or higher) level as lionheart to use it, and you have to cast berserk first. You should have atleast 1 level for the immediate boost.

Image Gash
Recommended levels: 0, 1, max
Comments: Situationally useful, you stab your enemy and they take damage per second for the duration of the effect (bleeding). It also reduces the effects of healing on the target. Clerics and their patients will hate you for it. Personally I hardly find time in between casting my spell combo to use this, but hey, this could be the skill that decides the kill.The first level is enough as the scaling is below average. If you max out lionheart however, it ends up scaling quite nicely.

Image Howl Of Fortitude
Recommended levels: 0, 1
Comments: Your last party buff is not the greatest. I am extremely against putting any points into this skill, because first of all it gives a pathetic amount of defenses, which wouldn’t be so bad if the defense formula wasn’t so…messed up. The resistance won’t do jack, and above all the scaling just sucks. Zero for me, but since it’s a party buff I guess you could put a point in there…

Image Dragon Strike
Recommended levels: 1, max
Comments: Very powerful nuke with a nice 6 seconds of silence. Looks kind of like Slash, but fancier. One or max is up to you, some people find 1 good enough because the silence does not scale and the damage scaling is average. If you want to be an absolute powerhouse then you can max it. Nothing else to say.

Image Shockwave
Recommended levels: MAX IT!
Comments: Select the target area, jump up, and slam your sword on the ground to create devastating shockwaves. Laugh at those foolish enough to be caught in this skill. Laugh harder when it crits. But seriously, you might want to stun your enemies before casting this as they might be running from the targeted area.

-Tier 4-

Image Howl Of Dread
Recommended levels: 1
Comments: One point is all you need. This is an AOE stun that does ZERO damage. Five seconds is more than enough to slaughter those caught in its AOE.

Image Battle Inspiration
Recommended levels: 0
Comments: Passive that reduces the cooldown of your skills. You get this skill at 55. One level gives 2%. So does the next level.

Image Dragon Rage
Recommended levels: max (which is 1)
Comments: The only skill I have yet to obtain. For all I know, it probably splits the planet in half and sends us flying to the sun, killing all forms of life.

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