Dragon Nest CN Spirit Dancer Max FD Build

Dragon Nest CN Spirit Dancer Max FD Build by Leciel

Got a few requests for my dancer build.. so here goes..



Spirit Dancer:

You’ll notice first off that there are a couple of choices I made that are different from typical dancer builds..

1) No Stalker Ex, No Dusk Hunter Ex – Why? I had them previously but I realized I don’t use these 2 skills much and the aoe boost isnt much either. Stalker Ex works best in terms of DPS when you cast it right in front of the mob (so that it hits instantly), so the aoe doesnt matter then.

Dropping Stalker Ex saves the 3 SP in the Spirit Dancer tree, and allow additional 2 more skill points to be used on the Dancer tree. Dusk Hunter Ex is well, an unfortunate by-product that won’t be missed.

2) Max Refreshing Screw – the DPS on this skill is unreal.. 1181% + 21566 along with 12 secs CD. It offers you mobility as well, and chains well with Breeze Call followed by Elegance Storm => i.e. u dash-screw into mobs, suck those still alive with Breeze Call, and finish them off with Elegance Storm. This combo is really fun :D.

3) Max Elegance Storm – Again, unreal DPS – 2554% + 51405. This is like an ultimate already.

So why did I not max all my Spirit Dancer skills that would synergize well with Illusion Dance?

a) There is an interim period of 5 secs in which your Illusion Dance will still be on CD, but you are no longer enjoying its buff, i.e. the skill’s 50% final damage boost is not there. This interim period is also the period you will be using the EX skills, because you would have used your high dmg skills then (Sufi, General Dawn Blade, Praetor).

b) Maxing the 3 Ex Skills, together with the EX dmg boost, actually offers a much lower DPS than maxed Refreshing Screw and Elegance Storm. You can look at the listed skill atk and easily compare this.

c) Only maxing the 3 EX skills also leaves your character with less DPS skills, and half of them will not enjoy the boost from Illusion Dance most of the time. The worst thing is as the battle prolongs, you will find yourself wasting Illusion Dance on the 3 EX skills rather than your high dmg skills if you want your character to continue spamming skills.

d) Refreshing Screw is too good a skill to drop even at level 1, but learning it requires a lot of prerequisite skill points, thus the best way to make use of this is to max it and make it one of your staple DPS skills that do not have any dependencies on Illusion Dance.

Other points:

But of course, if you have not tried the EX skills before, I would encourage you to try them out, and sacrifice some other skill points to get it, e.g. drop Mist Step to lvl 1 & Wide Stinger to lvl 4, and then decide if you would want to drop the first 2 EX skills.

My Mist Step is lvl 6 because I want the mobility from it (each level reduces 1 sec cd), likewise, puppet soul is maxed to achieve highest CD.

Dances – Max P1 and P2, 1 for healing, the other for DPS. Pretty straightforward. I use the Kalahan’s ice shield skill plate to get SA while casting dance for P2, to be safe since the CD of the skill is so long.

For P2, the dmg boost cap is sadly only 70%, unlike Glad’s that has no cap, but it’s still a pretty decent dmg boost.


As it’s late now, I will provide screenshots of the gear when I get the chance, but I’m basically using 7 pcs of +10 GA, Dangerous Accessory Set, 450FD from costume gears, ~600+ FD from heraldry. That then brings me to ~2.15k FD..

I’m trying to get a pair of 50L weapons(or 60S) and drop the FD to 1.85k since 1.85k is already the cap. That portion is still WIP..

Note: to those who are not going for FD, get skill accessories for Illusion Dance, General Dawn Blade, and Elegance Storm. These will help boost your dmg too.

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