Dragon Nest SEA Upgrade +1 to +13 Without Destroying Your Items

Dragon Nest SEA Upgrade +1 to +13 Without Destroying Your Items by shinlord

I need to share something special to my dragon nest mates

Do you guys want to upgrade without breaking your items?

Do you guys want to upgrade without using expensive Jellies?

Do you guys want to upgrade safe till +13? well please dont wish if my guide can help you till+14 cause i prove it to my self.

The safetiest upgrade for me is +1~+13

Okay lets start my guide

You can do this to your Cerberus set/Elfs Set & Explorer Set

Note: Please follow my instructions, Otherwise you will fail.

Example your target to upgrade is Cerberus Helmet

1 step, you need to have 80-120sets of Ordinary Rubies and 40 ~ 60 set of Ordinary Diamond

2 step, you need to go to Mana Ridge

3 step, go to black Smith at Mana Ridge

4 step, you need to upgrade your Cerberus Helmet untill +6

5 step, you need to Craft/Ability your Cerberus Helmetlike Bear, Tent, Intellect. Note : If you’ll not craft/ability your item this perfect guide for you will be fail. So please follow correctly

6 step, after Craft/Ability go back to Mana Ridge.

7 step, Buy or enhance +6 green items (Any level) Note: Buy or Enhance tons of +6greens if you would like to upgrade till+13

8 step, you need to destroyed the 2 psc +6 green items

9 step, Enhance now your Cerberus Helmet to +7 and do it again at step 8, Then enhance it to +8 till [+10 Only]

10 step, if you now reached +10 Cerberus Helmet, Please go to Calderock and go to Blacksmith.

11 step, for now you should destroyed 5psc of green to attempt +11~+12 do it alternately.

12 step, if you reached +12 Cerberus Helmet , Please go to Saint Haven and go to black smith.

Final step Please follow correctly to avoid fail okay? Please Destroyed 9 PSC of +6green items. then Enchance your +12 Cerberus Helmet to +13 Cerberus Helmet. If it will fail on enhancement. It wont degrade it will just destroyed your crafting Materials and do it again destroyed 9psc +6 green items and enhance it again till you get it to +13.

Good Luck guys and you can do it believe me.

Source from Dragon Nest JP applied to Dragon Nest Sea

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138 Responses

  1. pow says:

    Before reading this,i have succesful enchant +10 rare secondary weapon lvl 80 without jelly,the trick is simple.just spam craft and cancel,do it many times.
    btw i just luck haha

  2. Saknidaz says:

    Well its a kind of true. Ill make my Rare grizzy sword to +12 earlier level 70 rare weapon at Saint haven without jellys ch 1. But i didt use the method when my sword comes to 12. Before enhancing my sword is +10 try to +11 its failed 5x without break and degrade. Both blacksmith merlin and berlin. Nothing happen, but i didt lose my hope ill back at berlin at sainthaven upgrade it again degrade -1 so +9. I didt close the NPC (esc) , ill continue my upgrading it comes 10 again continue clicking +11 continue till +12. I hope this will works to you guys. But now itried to +13 it. It degrade to +11 continue clicking = vanished in vain. Fck.. Ive learned a lesson. *Sometimes being a greedy is bad.* sob :’c

  3. Jerico says:

    What’s the meaning destroy? Upgrade it until it break?

  4. Eagle331 says:

    found a way, no foolproof but i’ve upgrade 3 items to +10. Going for all the rest. it’s Dangerous Desire outfit BTW

  5. Anonymous says:

    Steps to reproduce:
    1- Craft DD body armor at SH
    2- Enhance the DD piece to +6 in Mana Ridge
    3- Craft suffix to DD piece into Brutal at SH
    4- Buy 2 Greens from market and enhance to +6 each in Mana Ridge
    5- Exit convo with Blacksmith
    6- Enhance the 2 Greens at Mana Ridge until broken.
    7- Enahance the +6 DD piece with Suffix Brutal

    Result: The DD piece was destroyed.

    Thanks for this piece of crap guide.

  6. Anonymous says:

    not working…my ancient totem quiver fail at +7…fuck liar

  7. Jesus says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    thx,it really work!!! But i still using jelly for the risk~XP

  9. Katarina says:

    how about in a twisted full set what u recommend ??

  10. Katarina says:

    the version has change those it still works

  11. ANONYMS says:

    Switch Char then Enhance +7
    Switch Char again Enhance to +8
    Switch Char until Enhancement Reach +10
    Worked for Me.
    Always. Specially Morning.
    I Found Out that its much better in Crowded Server to Enhance with this method.
    Success Rate is 90% to +10.

  12. TakaFlock says:

    I Tried it with Green Dragon Great Sword. If you follow exactly it works. But once you hit +6 on it stop enhancing it for a few days then start it up again. Green Dragon is tricky so do it wisely. Don’t rush it.. The sword cost a lot in US vers so I dong know about SEA vers yet. 5k-9k for a norm not enhanced GD sword. Plus the enhancement items is around 1k in gold. Then buff that set up with bear III and a spark with 10.9% strength and 500D you can get 2k-2.5k damage a sword and 6k strength. Plus if you add enchantment stats to it. Like after math DPS +3000 damage. That’s 5k Damage off of a +12 sword. All for 20k in gold. :)

  13. blah2 says:

    fck this is true i got plus 13 sword

  14. Anonymous says:

    If only we could threaten Berlin with: “If u break my weapon imma shove that broken shit up yur arse!”
    Then u’ll definitely succeed haha

  15. Anonymous says:

    haha this is f*ckin suggestion

  16. JAYDEE says:

    There is no secret ingredients!

  17. DNModSteve says:

    This but a theory or yours.

    In DN the enhance system is randomly choosen.

    It could be that after you break something the enancement of another pice may be higher but it does not have to be.

    For example if you break 6 items the 7th item could still break or fail.

    There is no 100% guide and there will never be one.

    Sincerly DNMod

  18. Wadafak says:


  19. Anonymous says:

    Fuck this sht

  20. Anonymous says:

    Killing berlin would do.

  21. Anonymous says:

    nice i got +13 head weapon and my gaunt

  22. Anonymous says:

    This is a worthless tip because if you buy many pcs of green items and jewerlies it is a gold wasting method
    is your a true player of Dragon Nest Sea you will think of getting a RESERVED item (Apo,Manti etc) in-case of getting (Breaking,De-grade and KABOOM!!!) I think This Comment Works!!!

  23. bangbang says:

    well this trick will just increase your odds, don’t hope it will work 100%

  24. Kufufufufufufufufu says:

    Lol, I’ve tried the same steps in lotus marsh and i easily upgraded to +9 for several equipments. Out of 5 which i tested it out on (2 epic, 3 unique), only my epic ancient totem beret broke when i tried to upgrade it from +8 to +9, and my unique hero threaded loop degraded from +8 to +6.

    I have to say that this method isn’t foolproof, but it definitely allows you a measure of safety since it may help you to bypass the “risks” (equipment failure, degrade or break).

    If you guys need further info, just refer to the following website for a technical explaination about DN’s PRNG system, which essentially explains why no method for enhancement can be a guaranteed 100% successful in DN.


    I hope my input was helpful ^^

  25. ben says:

    step 2 and step 3 i guess is wrong :D

  26. Spreadlife says:

    is this work lvl 50 cap?coz im confuse does it woirk properly?so many questions y
    ou need to answer. advance ty if you answer me

  27. Zenki says:


  28. IAN macoy says:

    Thanks Man i succesfully upgrade my victors axe to +10 no jelly :)

  29. HOLLY says:

    OMG!! ITS TRUE YOU JUST Need PATIENCE and all my items are +13 thx

  30. Anonymous says:

    U guys realize this is only for these certain sets and as shown in one of the comments not foolproof. There is another guide to +12 but should work for all sets and requires less moving. Don't remember where but it was something in an enhancement guide.

  31. Anonymous says:

    this is really help me. who the equip is destroyed, you dont follow the instruction carrefully. my equip, is +13 now, but i always up and down, with passion i done it, Thanks blackrabbit, U r the best !!~~

  32. I want to try it but many people destroyed!

  33. Anonymous says:

    lol don't follow this guide always take note that all mmo games have random rates for success so if you +12 or +15 your item without using any support items like jelly its just luck.

    but there is a way to +12 or +13 your items without breaking or using jelly….

    get spiral or vortex codes lol that'll +12/+13 your items without destroying it.

  34. Anonymous says:

    i want to try this guide but my apoc set is already +14 what should i do?

  35. Anonymous says:

    There NEVER was a trick on upgrading on any mmorpgs.. and i tell you there will NEVER be.. THERE WILL NEVER BE. its final when i said it.

  36. Anonymous says:

    for those QQers who broke their "precious" manti/apoc items… i feel bad for you.. a good player must always have "reserved" item in case that they are upgrading w/o jelly.. or better try it first with items that are not so pricey or not much needed.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Making a video , your word is not easy understand ..
    make a real video that we all can trust your guide then :3

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