Dragon Nest Leveling 1 to 93 Guide

Dragon Nest Leveling 1 to 93 Guide by xanplease

Hi everyone, I thought I’d update the leveling guide since I’m waiting to hear from ED about my account troubles and it’s getting pretty outdated. You can get a lot of different EXP boosts to make leveling faster. You get 50% just for joining a guild that lasts from level 1-60, 50% per character (no longer applies to NA) that is already max level too. You can also purchase an EXP boost for cash shop currency. The cash shop EXP boost does stack with character bonus (at least on NA) so go crazy. It can’t transfer to another character though so I recommend keeping that in mind when choosing the duration of boost.

Please give me feedback on the guide and I’ll do my best to make it accurate and clear.

Where to level:

(1-10) Storyline quests until you have can leave your starting town

(10-16) Sigh Canyon (SEA): Valley of Morning (NA)

(16-24) DTMI Dark Tower Magic Institute (SEA): ACL Astral Coven Laboratory (NA)

(24-32) Flooded Downstream (SEA): Submerged Ruins (NA). Forsaken Islet Core (SEA): Black Sovereign Domain

(32-40) Gates to Death City (SEA): Dying City Gates (NA). Note – Desolation Point (NA) is another place.

(40-50) Closed Ice Valley (SEA): Land of Frost (NA) but some prefer Riverwort Village Ruins (SEA): Ruined Village (NA)

(50-60) Meteor Crash Site Boundaries (SEA): Crash Site Perimeter (NA)

(60-70) Wonderful Theme Park (SEA): Daredevil Fair (NA) (60-69) can be done 7 times for these levels – it can be accessed in Saint’s Haven. After that: Golden Meadow (SEA): Golden Grasslands (NA).

(70-75) Abyss of Heat (SEA): Blazing Caldera (NA)

(75-80) Wailing Wall (SEA): Wall of Laments (NA)

(80-90) Blue Wind Plains (SEA) Zephyra Plains (NA)

(90-93) Red Waste, Black Lake is good too.


Gear is practically irrelevant until level ~70 because it’s replaced too fast. The OP costume I hear isn’t as OP so you’ll need to collect Epic gear and upgrade to about +6. Switch to a new piece when you get something better. Prioritize enhancing weapons over armor pieces and keep relative Dragon Gems (Jades) equipped.


The Wonderful Theme Park/Daredevil Fair is able to be completed 7 times a week (for levels 10-32, 32-50, and 60-69) and resets on Saturdays. Also, when grinding GM/GG pick up and keep the telesia’s elixir/telezia juices. They will be useful in level 70+ dungeons. Also at level 70+ is when I’d start making sure you have everything equipped with dragon gems for the extra survivability and damage.

Hope this helps and good luck leveling!

There is not a 200% channel bonus on the NA version (like there is in the SEA version) and I don’t believe NA has a channel bonus anymore as well.

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