Dawngate New Player’s Guide

Dawngate New Player’s Guide by kyamazuki

Hi guys I’m Kyamazuki, or Kazuye(my League of Legends IGN) and I’m just creating this short start up guide. I’m sure there are other amazing guides out there but hopefully this will help anyone whose sort of familiar with the MOBA genre get a quick understanding of the game. I’m purposely trying to keep this guide simple, so I don’t overload anyone with information.

-Just a note, I consider myself an Intermediate MOBA player. I’m in no way an expert. I’m not a great theory crafter, I play based on feeling the game out. I made this guide in hopes if there’s anyone out there like me, could find this very useful.

There are 2 lanes, each lane has 3 towers total. In game they are called bindings.
Given enough time, these bindings will be able to respawn if they’re destroyed.

There are 4 spirit wells on the map, each team gets 2 starting. If you capture an enemy spirit well, it’ll be locked from getting recaptured for awhile.
Each spirit well has a worker mining VIM(VIM is the game currency) for you. You can kill enemy workers to decrease their VIM output. There’s a number at the top of the game showing how many workers you have.

The game uses Q,W,E,R key by default for ability use, and 1/2/3 are spells. During gameplay when you reach a specific level those spells will be unlocked and you can can an additional universal ability.
-For League of Legend players out there imagine it as a summoner spell. Instead of choosing during the champion select screen, you have to level up to unlock the slot, then you can pick your spell. If you choose a spell you don’t like you can pay a fee to unlearn it, and pick a new one up.

Buttons 4, and 5 are item use. The item build in this game is all passive, so all consumables will be on 4, 5 key.

Everyone shaper has 1 ward on them, that they can use to be played for vision. The default button is F. After the cooldown is over you can place a new one. As far as I know, you can’t carry more than 1 per shaper. So place them carefully!

Key bindings can be changed before entering a game by going to settings. I suggest everyone goes through the key bindings before playing the game.

During shaper select there are 4 roles you can choose; Gladiator, Tactician, Hunter, and finally Predator.
From my understanding, Gladiator gets bonus for csing well. Tactician is great to have as a partner with Gladiator as they get VIM being around minion kills. Hunter are for those who like to jungle around and have an easier time doing so. Predator benefits those who get lots of kill, as they get bonus VIM for kills.
-For me role selection generally goes as, carries pick gladiator, supports pick tactician, junglers pick hunter, and people who feel they can get a lot of kills pick predator. Predator to me comes as a wild card. I like to pick it if I play a very mobile shaper and roam around to assist other lanes hoping to get a kill.

You win the game by destroying the opposing team’s Guardian. As far as I know one lane has to have all of it’s binding destroyed before being able to attack it. The Guardian deal damage back, as bindings do.

There are jungle critters spread around the map, and in the middle is a tough one that gives a buff after being killed, it’s name is Parasite. When fighting it, it’ll do special aoe moves, so don’t step on it!

The character you play is called a Shaper.

When the game starts you spawn in the shop area. That’s the only location you can buy items. To return back, just hit B.

Hopefully this quick guide will help new players.

Thanks for reading!

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