Age of Wulin Random Encounter Guides

Age of Wulin Random Encounter Guides by Protosx

Hi everyone… This page is were i will be putting all the links to my Random Encounter Guides… I hope that this will help everyone enjoying this part of the game ^_~



Random as what it seems, but for me its just another software logic triggered by an action or situation done in the game… although you need to do such complex actions or be in a very specific situation to be able to get this RE’s , still they are not as Random as what they seem to be…

Now lets start with the BASICS

1: The NPC’s: There are different kinds of NPC(Non-player character), Merchant NPC’s, Common NPC’s, Quest NPC’s etc…they do different things, give different stuff, act differently, walks or run on different paths, different jobs, but they all do a part when it comes to Random Encounters… So dont ever think that ONLY NPC with that relationship bar are the only ones giving or related to RE’s!

2: The Relationship Bar or Counter or Meter…whatever! : If you played the game for at least 5min i guess you have already noticed that rainbow bar with a head in the middle on top of most NPC ingame… thats what u call the relationship bar etc… If the head bends to the right side ofc with a smiley then u have a good relationship with the NPC, opposite then bad relationship, HOWEVER you dont really need to have a GOOD relationship with an NPC to be able to get an RE from them…coz some prefers for you to be Bad, and some even mean that you killing them makes them more convinced to give you their RE (Tea Forest Faction main boss check the “Wicked Witch RE”)

3: Methods on how to increase Good/Bad relationship with the Target NPC:
You can do all or a combination of this methods with the NPC…

3.1 Meditate in front of the NPC (topless or semi nude coz you cant really get nude ingame!)
3.2 Craft or process in front of the NPC
3.3 Give Gifts (i suiggest to talk or gain INTEL with the NPC 1st before doing this)
3.4 Drink Wine (topless or semi-nude) please be careful though…some NPC Loves to receive wine as a gift, but Hates it when someone drinks in front of them! and there are this NPC that does not react when u drink wine in front of them but they do love it when you get DRUNK in front of them while some loves seeing u drink but hates u when u get drunk -_-”

This are some specific Relationship TRIGGERS

3.5 Trading with another player while in front of the NPC (Try Bank storage NPC in tang!)

3.6 Craft lifeskill stuff in front of related NPC (get INTEL 1st…some are so obvious like the NPC is a blacksmith or a hunter etc)

3.7 Giving Gifts on a related NPC (Father and Daughter NPC..Young brother and older sister NPC etc etc check Qiandeng Wine seller and you will get his daughter RE giving u Jackdew herbs 100pcs and some wine) How to give a gift to an NPC? click the NPC, hover on the mid upper corner of ur game screen, right click the NPC portrait then click Give Gift…drag whatever u want to give on the box.

3.8 DOING QUEST with the NPC! do i need to explain this? but be careful though, consider opposing group or faction

3.9 Defeating or being defeated by the NPC in Faction Runs, yes defeating the Boss on a faction run will increase the Bad relationship meter, However check basics #2. also being defeated will increase the GOOD relationship with a Faction NPC, like the daughter of the Tea Forest faction…she loves it when she wins, and hates you when she lose…got no idea what RE she gives though wahaha

3.10 Blocking NPC Line of sight or walk/run path… ofc this will give you bad relationship points, however try messing with that wuxia girl in Qiandeng… u might get her RE quest that u have to defeat her in a battle and she will give u a book.incomplete RE btw…she said i need to get the book from her master where he is standing on the morning blossom tree…ofc the Sakura or cherry blossom tree…got no time to scout each map looking for a cherry blossom tree with an NPC on it, however i did searched Emei map…found lots of NPC under a cherry blossom tree >,< dont know which one! but if the book will teach me the knockdown moves of that npc…then that would be great! ahaha

3.11 Bumping or Riding a horse! Bad relationship most of the time, however some NPC in front of Chengdu seems to like it when u ride a horse.

3.12 I bet most of you noticed how the Royal Guards NPC loves it when they see u spying on their Sect! hehe emei npc hates it btw…

3:13 Chivalry Wickedness Points…an emei NPC related to the green bracelet RE is rummored or maybe proven to react with players having 2k+ Chivalry points…btw working on it at the time…will update this and the RE guide when i have proven it myself!

3:14 Doing Daily Quest/Events like Script Steal, Guild Escort (hunters npc along the road), Being a bandit (evil gang along the road), Kidnapping (evil gang on qiandeng), Spying (RG npc’s) etc

3:15 Doing life skills like harvesting herbs, poisons, skinning, wood cutting, fishing etc (Tang sect gathering herbs triggers the “Lotus Dart” RE…although this RE seems to be useless as it only gives 1 stack of 1k darts)

3:16 Battling Life skill masters! my main is a herbalist, got a pm that i ignored coz iam battling with herbalist life skill master…when i opened it…it says “You got an RE!” asked and yes got the RE while doing life skill battle… unforetunately… i was not able to talk with the npc wahaha

Common RE Triggers

3:17 Sect TP! in tang sect falls i always see at least 1-2 RE’s everytime i TP there… most of the time its CaoCao or the other lightness skill vendors, however the RE “The Duck and Wife” i was building relationship with this NPC and she did approached me when i was doing TP at Tang falls.

3:18 PVP while inside Town… Please take note that most of the NPC specially the CAPTORS hates it when they see u fighting inside town… however i met CaoCao for the 1st time while trying to kill a kidnapper…unforetunately its the 1st day of OBT and got no 350L l0lz

NPC Item RE Triggers

3:19 Walking inside town or map while a Quest Prop is in ur backpack… Try buying that expensive Wine from the wine NPC…you might get the Wine merchant daughter giving u more rewards l0lz and ofc asking u to visit her fathers wine shop again!

Specific Situation RE Triggers

3:20 Server Time…in a specific server time an NPC will react differently than normal when u talk to them, or might even give a QUEST that you can only complete in a certain time… try talking to the kid looking for his sister and to complete it in the everning… or try talking with the NPC that is looking for her relatives in the woods…she might give u the quest to look for them.

3:21 Burning a Guild Base when no one else is around! Check the Debt Collector RE…and try to burn the guild that was posted there wahaha Just Kidding!…am i? =P



Ingame Gossips are Intels or Information from a NPC that may serve as a Window for a RE.
Most of the time this gossip are the ones who will point you on the NPC’s who have a available RE onces you were able to build a good/bad relationship with.

How to get Gossips?

Just talk to the NPC (by clicking it) click the Gossip (if there is) and it will automatically be added on your gossip list if you click “I see”, but not if u click “I dont believe it”

You can see the Gossip collection in the eight trigram tab

Different Types of Gossip
(With Example and explanation)

Gossip pointing to a NPC
Most gossip that talks about a NPC will provide both the map and coordinates (point the cursor to the green text) and also a auto path (click the green text)

In this example the gossip also talks about the NPC attitude or the group where it belongs(Evil group)

RE Prequel Gossip
This type of gossip serves as the 1st quest on a RE, this will also reward good relationship to the NPC who gave you the gossip and to the NPC which it talks about. However not all gossip that belongs to this type talks about another NPC..some speaks about items, location, event, or time.

This example also provides info on what the NPC likes, “eating and drinking” this will help you determine on what to do or to gift to be able to build a good relationship with the NPC.

Life Skill Gossip
This type of gossip doesnt provide much info, but they are specifically important.

This example leads you to a Divination NPC, which if you were able to get the RE might provide Super Rare divination skill… some Chess Player gossip provides rare end chess player tactics. Also the example provides insight on what group the NPC belongs(Good Group)

Treasure Gossip
This type of gossip are the most interesting ones..ofc because they talk about treasures!

Marked in Yellow border, this example also talks about the SPECIFIC time that you need to talk to the NPC to be able to get the RE Quest…FYI you might need to build good relationship with the said NPC to be able to activate the RE quest.
(Check Guide 3:20 Server Time of Specific Server time)

Good/Evil Group Gossip
This type of gossip serves as main quest to get both rewards and good/evil points.

Marked in Red border the example also talks about the Group where the NPC belongs (evil group) and what the NPC likes “Drinking Tea and Chatting”. FYI this doesnt mean that u need to drink TEA or PILLS, what u have to do is drink WINE with them BUT DONT GET DRUNK! coz tea wont make drunk (check Guide 3.4 Drink Wine of the How to build relationship)

Mystery Gossip
This gossip adds more on the adventure experience as it provides a mystery place, item or event that may lead to RE treasures etc

Marked in Green Border this example is popular and also the starting steps in the RE Guide: Drunken Masters Provides the NPC, Item and the NPC where u can get the item.


RE The Debt Collector

RE Love Story of the Green Bracelet (Gathering Chivalry Points at the time)

RE The Drunken Masters
UPDATE:Website is UP!…but you can check the detailed print screens on my facebook page… princemarkx01

NEW Random Encounter Guides

RE The Duck and Wife

RE Retired Evil Gang

RE The Wicked Witch!

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