Age of Wulin Tips and Tricks

Age of Wulin Tips and Tricks by Wampaboodle

I’ve been playing Age of Wushu (which is the same base game as Wulin) for a couple of months now and in that time I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Some of them have been fairly disasterous for my leveling and some have just been annoying. There are some really good guides on these forums for Wulin that probably would have helped, but there are just so many different things that I randomly found out about in the game that don’t all fit in a clear topic. Thought I’d start a thread about them here so people can contribute their knowledge.

Note that as I was a newbie, they may sound silly to some people, but I’m putting them down anyway in the hope that they help somebody else.

  • Autopath is awesome and if you’re on a quest, click “L” and then check to see if you can autopath to the npc for it if it’s not in the shortcut quest tab. Also, if you “lose” a quest, make sure to check back in the log to see if it’s still there. Also, chapters open up with patches so you may not be able to complete something until a future patch is applied.
  • If you don’t know what to do, click “N” and just look into the tabs. There’s a lot of stuff in there.
  • Images from hitting the windows printscreen key to screenshot are saved in the following directory for me: “C:Program Files (x86)gPotatoAge of Wulinbinimage”
  • Fix your preferences. In Preferences->Fight->Advanced, unclick “Finishing Move Video Effect” and DO click “Can Parry in non-combat status”. Also, look at the other options and choose what you’d prefer. You actually have to have the movies off if you do one of the Peacock Village regular bosses (you have to see a buff and click it off or he blows you up) and it’s helpful to be ready to parry somebody that is about to attack you.
  • Don’t keep your parry on the right mouse button as it will interfere with your camera features. Put it on a key (Key Settings -> Parry) like the “E” key as it will make your life much easier
  • Save your rez point to be your school by talking to the herbalist near the school teleport point. This will save you a lot of time in doing spying
  • You can buy down pk infamy. Random pk tends to have some very heavy penalties (jail time and potentially beheading), but for little amounts of infamy you can buy down your points if you pay a beggar when they beg you (when they use the begging skill that everybody can get). Also, you can just find a nice place to hide and your points (if under a certain number) will go down naturally.
  • Understand how XP -> Cult -> Skills/Inner level work. Spying and escorting/raiding carts are very good for XP. Team practice daily for max Cult -> Skills/Inner level. Better yet, team practice at a place where your skill or inner will have fast cultivation (Sacred Sites). The best place for you to cultivate may not be your own school. Also note that staying online with the Patrol symbol up in your school’s sacred space or patrolling your guild base allows for a faster XP -> cult rate as does Jackdaw and related herbs made by Herbalists. Also, divinators can give some nice buffs for conversion.
  • If you want to earn cash by kidnapping, don’t be in a “good” school (Wudang, Emei, Beggar, or Shaolin)
  • If you want a lot of random encounters, be of high “good” alignment (through rescuing kidnapped victims, running instances with good people, killing kidnappers, escorting carts, etc.). Don’t ask me why, but “good” characters seem to get a lot more RE’s.
  • You can get that meridian stuck at 9 higher – get the inner for that school (I think this is when 2nd inner is available on the server and you can have 4 meridians active – I don’t really remember when I figured that one out).
  • Unlock your teleport points early and then save all the big ones: Chengdu, Suzhou, Luoyang, Yanjing, Jinling (or another you go to often). Save a nice map of the world that you can look at for when you get confused about where stuff is (go to the official stagecoach and say you want to go to other cities)
  • You have to use correct capitalization when you search the village marketplace for items (Twine will work, but not twine)
  • School Certificates are very important: do your 5 spy quests a day and the weekly quest from your school leader. It is suggested that you only do 1 piece of information (not 10 – it takes forever to do 10) per quest to save on time as that’s all it takes for the max number of certificates. You can break meridians to get back to your home school from spying and you will be able to complete the quest. A lot of inners require certificates to level after your first inner. Also, school wars are a good source of certificates – you can do more than 1 war a day to max your certs if you win that war before going to the next one.

That’s all I have on mind for now. Feel free to give more as I’m sure there are a lot that I’m missing here.

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