Age of Wulin Newbie Guide

Age of Wulin Newbie Guide by v2seraph

This guide will help you pick up the game much quicker, you can also avoid certain unnecessary trouble. Works for Chinese version as well as future English versions!

Click on the green letters to auto-walk to your target. Follow the in-game guidance at the beginning of the game. Keep doing main quest and you will get to join a school eventually.

Getting Started

Follow the quest and visit your very first master.. sensei or whatever you refer him as.

Buy 2 items as shown below before going into the training ground. 自断经脉 is used to suicide while 健步功 enables you to jump slightly further. Suicide is useful in various occasion, we’ll talk about that later. The rest are simple and weak skills, buy them for fun if you have extra silver to spare!

Complete your combat tutorial in training ground. Soon, you will need to run an errand for your master. Worst luck ever! You have dropped into a dried well! Won’t spoil you any further. What’s more important is to REMEMBER to location of the well once you have climbed out of it, we’ll come back here later!

If you have bad memory, you may place a mark of the well at your location using the in-game map.

Continue with your main quest. While you are auto-walking, press ‘T’ to open up teleport interface. Click on ‘扩充’ to unlock first slot using bound silver, the other 3 slots require unbound silver to unlock. You may now add a new teleport point by pressing ‘+’ while you are in the map you wish to add!

Joining A School

Kill some dogs and you can join a school at last! Talk to the coachman. First option introduce you to all 8 schools. Second option will let you choose a school to join, you will be teleported to the school of your choice instantly, make your decision carefully!

*If you want to join Beggar, talk to 丐帮接引人 beside the coachman. He will lead you to a beggar NPC, learn begging skill from him to join.

*If you want to join Scholars, talk to 君子堂接引人 beside the coachman. Choose a literature skill of your choice and he will lead you to respective master. Learn the literature skill of your choice to join. Check Introduction to Life Skill before deciding.

Talk to 门派指引人 once you have reached the school of your choice. Choose first option to join! Choose second option if you regret at the last moment.

In The School

Continue with your quest line and you will join a school shortly after. Train the Rank 1 School Nei Gong given to you instead of ‘坐忘功’. You will want to train your school Nei Gong to at least level 21 before starting to train skills, doing so will allow you to start doing your very first forbidden ground – 暮色之村 Village in Dusk.

Before you go to learn your very first skill set, set your revive point in your school. To do this, look for an icon as shown below. Walk there, talk to the old man ‘百草堂医师’ and choose first option.

This way, your can go back to your school quickly whenever you are dead. You can also use 自断经脉 that you learned earlier to suicide and go back to school immediately.

Proceed with main quest and learn your first skill set. Once you are done, you will need to teleport back to your starter town.

*On a side note, you can now start Training Meridian and Kung Fu Practice.

Back to Town

Go through a set of main quests and you will come across your very first Mini Instance 踢馆. A NPC will come to your aid this time so don’t be afraid of going in alone.

Follow the guidance and form a party (Default hotkey ‘O’), then talk to 传令 to start challenging. Follow the NPC closely, he / she will kill everything for you. Don’t stray too far from him / her or you will fail the quest! Once you are at the boss, remain a distance from them and watch them fight each other.

If you are lucky, you will get ‘Air Dash 穿云纵’ or ‘Triple Jump 扶摇步法’ Qing Gong as reward!

That’s all. Back to school again to continue with the main quest after this. You must have done school’s main quest in order to learn second skill set, level 10 Rank 1 Nei Gong to learn third one!

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