Marvel Heroes Secrets and Easter Eggs

Marvel Heroes Secrets and Easter Eggs by StrifeCloud

Below is a list of secrets and Easter Eggs found searching through the forum / replaying the game
Please let me know if you find anymore that are not listed!

May contain Spoilers!!!

**Bob, Agent of Hydra**
-The sidekick of Deadpool, can be find in Hell’s Kitchen in the Bajillion Entertainment Office

-A random spawn that drops a lot of XP, credits and a few items when you kill him but he vanishes fast if you aren’t quick to kill him. Think of him as a treasure goblin in Diablo 3.
Additional Info (Credit to zthen and Bilbor) Hes currently removed from the game, Devs have stated that he would eventually make a comeback, eventually.

**Wonder-Man Mentions Joss Whedon**
-Speak to Wonder-Man at Avengers Tower during the Prologue, before leaving for Trouble at the Raft, and he will take about how “Whedon better put him in the sequel” – a reference to Joss Whedon, director of the Avengers movies.

**Agent Lee**
-Stan Lee makes a not so surprising guest appearance as Agent Lee on the Heli-Carrier

**Confidential Bovine Sector**
-One of the random rewards from the Fortune Cards is an item which upon giving it to the crafter enables you to craft a portal to the Confidential Bovine Sector. It requires 10000 coin and medallions from The Hood, Sabertooth, Wizard, Rhino and Taskmaster. The Bovine Sector is a nod to the infamous Diablo 2 Cow World level. Just as in the Diablo 2 version, this is where you can earn some serious XP and gain some awesomely powerful end game items

**Supergroup Token (Credit to elek)**
– the Buy Price (10001 is NYC zip code which is very near Marvel HQ), and the sell/donate price of 1961 is when the Marvel brand was formed

**Shocker Daily “Throne” Terminal** (Credit to Sedesia)
– At the end of the shocker daily look for a terminal that has “thorne” writtin on it. the bottom right monitor is Mr.Belvedere, the top right is Married with children and the center monitor is eli manning after winning the Superbowl (and ruining the patriots perfect season) in 2008. I don’t think that the left two monitors are anything.

**Hawkeye’s line to Ms. Marvel** (Credit to JugheadSpock)
– ‘Carol… You look mahhhvelous’ is a line from an old SNL skit with Billy Crystal.

**President of Gazillion** (Credit to TITANIUIVI and JugheadSpock)
– In the Dinosaur Jungle. The village elder is called “Elder Bray-Vik” referencing the President of Gazillion

**Deadpool Easter Eggs**
1. Deadpool Shrine (Credit to Swashbuckler)
– In the Mutate Marsh, one of the Treasure Rooms (or Treasure Caves to be more percise) has a shrine built to Deadpool
2. Final Fantasy Battle Music (Credit to JrShoe)
– When defeating enemies he will begin an assault of the Final Fantasy ending battle music.
3. Zelda Master Swords (Credit to KelpPlankton)
– In addition to those Keyblades that Deadpool has, he also gets Master Swords, a blatant Zelda reference.

**Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles**
-In “Morlock Underground” (chap 5) You can find four turtles around a green slime splash.This is most likely a reference to the four TMNT.

**Kingdom Hearts**
Also, the quote “a heart a heart a kingdom for a heart” is a double Easter egg reference to Shakespeare’s Richard the Third, the actual quote is “a horse a horse my kingdom for a horse”. (Credit to ssphoenix)

**Starcraft** (Credit to Gakutosamas)
– Deadpool says “Not enough Vespene Gas” when you try to use a skill with insufficient spirit

**Star Wars** (Credit to Lunarshade)
– In the sewers cinematic its said “What an interesting smell you have discovered” It’s the same line Han said to Leia in the trash compactor scene in Star Wars.

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