Marvel Heroes Hero Stats Comparison

Marvel Heroes Hero Stats Comparison by Chostick

Want to try and plan the ultimate character with your costume cores? Got some ideas, but don’t want to risk wasting resources on a character who will gain ranks in those stats simply by leveling? Here’s a chart that will help you plan well in advance for a character you may not even own yet. Each column below indicates the rank that a character can reach in each category, simply by leveling up. Some characters can reach their full potential by level 50, others may not reach it until they reach 60.

Just like the game, this document is a constant work in progress. If there’s information you feel would be helpful, or something valuable that you’d really like to see listed, chime in! All helpful feedback is welcome, and there is no such thing as a stupid question.

Emma Frost is here, and the chart has been updated with her information. Enjoy!

Marvel Heroes Stat Comparison

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