Kings and Legends Augustus Strategy

Kings and Legends Augustus Strategy by AjaX

These are MOSTLY theory crafted but I’ve seen versions of this pretty often in mid-high level pvp. So this is my version(All of these cards are epic or higher, just FYI). And I am a warrior so substitute your own class spells.

Emperor Augustus x1 (Core)
Ophelia West-Wind x1 (Core)
Crusader Lucanus x1 (Core)
Chief Lionroar x1 (Core)
Paladin x3
Squire x3
Lance Knight x3
Whirlwind Strike x3
Slash x3
Mifzuna the Wind x1 Or Ryli the White Witch x1(the only person i know who has one of these is Tingo so mehhh) (Using this card as a useful personal preference placeholder)

The thought process behind this strategy is using Crusader/Ophelia/Chief to buff Augustus’ spawns which begins to
overwhelm your opponent considerably more than you’d think. At max with all 4 of these cards on the field Augustus’ spawns have 7-5. Along with Paladin heals and fast summon cards you’re relatively safe from most of the rush meta and from your major cards dying easily. With all the buff’s you’ll be stacking on your forces just from passives you should be able to crush your opponent fairly easily.
There’s only 20 cards in this deck, and can be done with less but I find this way safer with the addition of some nukes and vigilance summons. The reason for having only 20 cards is simple, you’ll find your core cards quicker! and even if it takes a few turns you should be able to roll over your opponent easily.

This IS a very expensive deck, however it’s also very strong. So best of luck to those trying to build it, and once you get it your pvp experience should get a lot better

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