Kings and Legends Rushing Guide

Kings and Legends Rushing Guide by EdgedCarbine

Why Rush?

Rush decks are usually fairly cheap. The most expensive cards are wind walkers, and while they are pretty much necessary, rush decks can function without them.

The best part about rushing is that you pretty much know the outcome of the game on turn 4/turn 5, so if you can’t win, you can surrender fairly early in the game and go on to the next one. This helps a lot when you are grinding PVP ranking.


Warriors and Rangers are better for rushing. Read the skill cards section below for more info.

Deck Composition

First of all, you do NOT want to go over 15 cards. You want to maximize the chance of drawing the cards you want. Putting too many cards will make your deck inconsistent and slower.

You do not need nukes (slash/fireball/double stab etc). The nature of playing rush is suicidal. Your goal is not prolonging the game; your goal is to win in as few rounds as possible.

You want to put in units with high DPR (damage per round), which means low CD (to play them as early as possible), high attack (duh) and high movement speed (to start dealing damage to your opponent as soon as possible).

Here are the units used in rush decks (the stats are legendary):

-1 CD-

Horseman (1CD 2/12, Calvary)
Well, he’s very unlikely to die in 1 hit. In fact, he can probably tank 2 hits before going down. He’s good for occupying enemy spawning spots because of his health.

Lancer (1CD 4/5, Calvary)
Having high attack makes him a scary card on turn 1.

Pegasus Scout (1CD 3/6, Pegasus)
Fast and efficient. The best part about Pegasus is their ability to penetrate through a line without flying units or walls that block flying.

Lucius Swift (1CD 5/1, Calvary/Short Bow/Hit & Run)
He’s the 1CD version of Centaur Marksman, but you can only have one copy of him on the field. He’s good on turn 1 and turn 11.

Maia the Shadowblade (1CD 2/3, Wind Walk/Ambush/Heroic 1)
The best part about her is the low CD. She pretty much dies to everything that has vigilance, but she can win you the race if she’s played on turn 1. She’s hard to get in the current version.

-2 CD-

Knight (2CD 1/10, Calvary/Heroic 2)
He has low initial attack, but he grows very quickly. He’s also a removal bait.

Lance Knight (2CD 3/10, Calvary/Charge 1)
Very high burst damage.

Pegasus Rider (2CD 4/7, Pegasus)
The slower and stronger version of Pegasus Scout. Because units with vigilance always hit whatever is behind them, you can keep summoning pegasus to occupy the spawning spots suicidally.

Pegasus Legionnaire (2CD 3/8, Pegasus/Resistance 3)
Resistance helps.

Centaur Rider (2CD 4/9, Calvary)
He has high attack and high health.

Centaur Marksman (2CD 5/2, Calvary/Short Bow/Hit & Run)
Hit and Run archers are awesome. He’s good on turn 2 and turn 11.

-3 CD-

Mifzuna the Wind (3CD 4/5, Wind Walk/Ambush)
With epic encourage she can deal 14/28 damage in one hit.

-Other Units-

(unreleased) Libra Guardian (2CD 3/11, Pegasus/Resistance 4/Libra)

– Pegasus
– Resistance 4
– Libra (Attack 1, or Chieftain Lionroar’s third skill, in September and October)

Good stats and amazing abilities, she increases your DPR (damage per round) by a lot. You MUST play her in September and October if you have her. She’s just that good.
She’s better than Chieftain Lionroar in a rushing deck.

Ophelia West-Wind (4CD 2/10, Pegasus/Attack 1: Calvary)
She buffs all your horses, but she’s very slow (4CD).

Chieftain Lionroar (3CD 1/9, Calvary/Hit & Run/Attack 1)
He’s better than Ophelia West-Wind since he buffs Mifzuna and Maia as well.

-Skill Cards-

Use it on units that have reached the other side, and watch your DPR (damage per round) grow.

Swift Raid
You can use it to help your units reach the other side and start attacking, or use it when your units are already on the other side.

Basic Strategy
Play cards every turn, occupy enemy spawning slots and bash face.

Vigilance is the most common counter to rushing, but most of the units with vigilance won’t have enough attack to kill your units in one hit. Because your units have low CD, you can try to swarm the field with pegasus (who will flyover the units with vigilance and keep the spawning spots occupied) or calvary (who usually have no problem taking vigilance defenders out).

Stalling with a mix of nukes, squires, zombie swordsmans, templars and solid ground units is probably the best counter to rushing, because rush decks only have 15 cards.

Sample Deck Lists

2x Horseman
1x Lancer
3x Pegasus Scout
2x Lucius Swift

1x Pegasus Rider
1x Libra Guardian (unreleased)
1x Centaur Rider
2x Encourage

2x Mifzuna the Wind

Over 50% of the cards have 1CD, and there’s a nice balance between pegasus and calvary.

3x Pegasus Scout
2x Lucius Swift

3x Pegasus Rider
3x Pegasus Legionnaire
1x Libra Guardian (unreleased)
1x Encourage

1x Mifzuna the Wind

1x Ophelia West-Wind

High penetration, but weak to anti air.

-Ground Rush-
3x Horseman
3x Lancer
2x Lucius Swift
1x Knight
2x Lance Knight
1x Libra Guardian (unreleased)
2x Centaur Rider
1x Mifzuna the Wind

Compare to aerial units, ground units usually have better stats. Anything with armor will slow down or even stop the rush, but some of your units should be at the enemy spawning spots by the time your opponent plays something with armor.

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