Kings and Legends Level 40 Dungeon Decks Guide

Kings and Legends Level 40 Dungeon Decks Guide by Dreagsharr

Hello there, i’ve decided to share the decks i am using to do my dungeon runs for Desert Fortress and Castle of Bones. This might not only help others get a better understanding of what decks they could use in the dungeons, but also helps me if players are better prepared to do the runs (saves some energy and time).

I’m a ranger so i’ll post ranger decks. But it will help even those that aren’t rangers get a better idea of what to play in these dungeons.

Desert Fortress

Stage 1 deck:

You start against a column of walls that deal damage to close range attackers. These are backed up by 3 rows of archers. The boss then plays tons of pegasus cards + buffs and damage.
I had to figure on my own a deck, since nobody really knew what to use. This worked best for me and is mainly a support deck for the team. Yes i rely on the team to do their part and bring something useful.
– Some aoe damage, some instant kill skills to take out the nasty units. Usually i kill the stuff with most attack.
– Then there are the units that reduce damage such as Desperate Soul, because seriously those archers and pegasus deal an awful lot of damage.
– I like to use vigilance units for the pegas that get too close for comfort. I don’t use backstab tengus because they are flying and some of the archers do double damage to flying.

Stage 2 deck:

You start vs the old set up and it’s not much different from the old version. Probably a bit harder. Not sure.
This is basically almost entirely the same deck i used to run before for the stage 3 boss on desert fortress. I made few changes since i got few more good cards since then.
– I use disinfo when nobody can kill enemy tanwen or other nasty stuff
– damage reduction units for obvious reasons (anything tanky works too!)
– damage skills, you really need those
– then lots of archers to focus kill anything the boss plays
– This is probably the only dungeon stage where i don’t use premeditation since the round usually lasts very long and i get to play most of my cards anyway. Don’t use premeds here. Really.

Castle of Bones

Stage 1:

You start with a column of walls that belong to you. Behind those walls are heroic cavalry units pumping their damage. The boss will play more cavalry units and also healers with vigi (templars for example). He has resistance and 4 armor buffs.
– I use sunder armor to counter the armor buffs and resist. My reputation level sometimes gets me the skills back so i can recast them on friendly units.
– This is overall a support deck and mostly meant to help allies. But it made my runs so much easier!
– Vigi vs cavalery.
– You need rupture! Or something that causes bleeding so the units stop healing. They also have an awful lot of health and can gain health buffs, which is why i have deadly blows.
– Reveal weakness will help friendly creatures do a lot more damage, which you do need indeed!
– Damage reduction units because those cavalry units do stack an awful lot of attack power. T_T

Stage 2:

The stage appears to be unchanged.
When i play i try to not stay in first slot, because i really need my premeditations! The boss will hurt row 1 player. Keep that in mind when you play.
Strategy that my teams were using:
– row 1 feles with distriction … all clogged up in one line
– row 3 centaur archers and guerilla centaurs … those with hit and run only
– row 2 any strong attackers. You should try to kill row 2 after row 3, since all the units on row 3 will attack the row 2 boss.
– row 4 only heals, it’s not that bad as the others, but anything that doesn’t fit in the rows above would fit nicely on this row
– Sometimes the row 1 boss likes to play super strong units on row 4 and give them protect. That’s why i use reveal weakness. It’s not mandatory tho. You really can do without reveal weakness too.
– I use for row 2 something that quickly gets to the row 2 hero to deal some damage. You might have better options, such as mifzuna or maia shadowblade!
– LAST BUT NOT LEAST: it really helps if you have one Harfn too! It doesn’t have to be legendary. I bought mine from AH. You can buy an epic one in the reputation shop for halfbloods. I do recommend getting 1 and i think that’s really enough.

Well that’s basically the guide. I hope it helps and if you got questions, ask right away! And if i can’t answer them, someone else can!

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