Lunaria Story Fast Manadance Gear Guide

Lunaria Story Fast Manadance Gear Guide by arvie19

1st Step
is to reach level 44 as quickly as possible to get the weapon and other stuff real quick , Join guild As Soon As possible

2nd Step
-it will be your choice to go for VIP to get the real helm real quick or go to some hard way by earning it thru Warrior Points
-the best way to get the armor is to save silver by means of World Boss , Parlay of Might , Maze Labyrinth ,Multi Instances, Money Sprite , this is the best grinding silver so far from me
(money Sprite respawn every 30 mins so make sure you keep the record of time when you killed it)

3rd Step
-make sure you save all of your gold till level 44 if your vip I it will be great to use all your gold by using Diamond Training 
but before that use silver on training until u reach 220+ on each stats to make it easier and cheaper by diamond training
-on non-vip the best way is to save your gold and just go for silver training until 300 then try a chance on advance..

4th Step
-by finishing star palace within 3days is enough to get the boots either non-vip or vip player can do this the 1st way is to make sure you make your weapon to +40 and have 250-300 stats, with a good accuracy (might be 3000-4000 will suffice)

Way To get The Mandace Accessory
this will take long for non vip or vip player
the Fastest way is to finish Star Palace till 120 and decomposing the Frost Scroll you will get at 120 and 130 which will award you 5600 points which will be sufficient enough to get the set + the reward you will get on the leap sky high (bracelet)
*remember that defense is not really important on Star Palace focus more on your critical damage , Accuracy and Max Atk this will be your key to finish it, heres my some screenshot of almost to get mandace set without being a VIP player i hope i encourage and help someone with this..

Follow this guide for more easier to finish Star Palace


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