Lunaria Story Pets Basic Guide

Lunaria Story Pets Basic Guide by Stormaggedon

Pets increase a character’s Might, and provide stat boosts in battle. Players can have multiple pets, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Pets will need to be well fed. If a Pet is not fed, its happiness will slowly drain, and players will be unable to summon it during battle.

Pet Attributes

Each pet’s attributes provide a corresponding rise in character attributes. For example, if a pet has an Attack rating of 240, it will provide a boost of 240 for a character’s Physical and Magic Attack. The pet needs to be summoned, for the stat boost to be provided.


Growth attributes provide boosts to your characters Strength, Stamina, Agility, and Wisdom. Higher levels of Growth provide larger boosts. Growth levels can be increased for free once per day. Additionally, items that are dropped, or Gold, can be used to further increase a pet’s Growth.


Potential provides boosts to Dodge, Critical Strike, Shield, Critical Damage, and Shield. Higher levels of Potential provide larger boosts. Potential levels can be increased for free 3 times daily. Additionally, items that are dropped, or Gold, can be used to further increase a pet’s Potential.


Pets can also learn skills, which come in two types: Talent Skills, and Normal Skills. Skills provide additional boosts in battle. Pets can only have one Talent Skill at a time. Talent Skills are learned by entering the Character panel, and trading Prestige, Talent Stones, and Talent Manuals. Normal Skills also provide Character stat boosts. Each pet begins with two open slots for Normal Skills. Increasing a pet’s potential unlocks additional slots. Normal skills can be learned via manuals, available in the Shop.


Pets can be merged, with the resulting combination carrying over the best attributes from each. Players can choose what the new pet will look like after merging.

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