Lunaria Story Equipment Introduction

Lunaria Story Equipment Introduction by Stormaggedon

There are ten types of equipment in Lunaria Story: Weapons, Helmets, Top, Gloves, Pants, Shoes, Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, and Badges. Equipment provides stat boosts and enhances Might.

Weapon: PATK & MATK
Weapon give Attack boosts. Swordsmen and Hunters have higher PATK, while Elementalists have higher MATK. All Weapons have Min. and Max. attack. Actual damage inflicted falls somewhere between this number. PATK and MATK, and thus Damage inflicted, can be raised by Enhancing the Weapon or Socketing Gems.

Necklaces: Rage
Rage helps determine actual Damage per hit, by raising Min. attack. It makes it easier to realize a more powerful hit.

Gloves: Critical Strike
Gloves enhance a character’s Critical Strike. Critical Strikes can cause massive damage, increasing the Max. Attack of a weapon. This can be useful for maximizing damage Per second (DPS). Each successful Critical Strike raises the Critical Strike stat by 0.01%.

Rings: Critical Damage
Rings can provide a boost to Critical Damage, which is a smart choice for characters who have a high Critical Strike

Bracelets: Accuracy
Bracelets give characters an increase in Accuracy, ensuring that a larger number of their attacks hit their opponent. This is important when going up against enemies with high Dodge.

Helmets: HP
Each boost point provides a corresponding 1 point boost to the character’s total HP. Higher HP helps a player take more damage in combat. Elementalists can attack with magic for longer, and Swordman turn into proverbial castles, with enough boosts to HP!

Tops: PDEF
Tops give characters a PDEF boost, important for defending against characters with high PATK.

Pants: MDEF
Pants provide players with a boost in MDEF, for protecting themselves against those Elementalists.

Shoes: Dodge
Dodge boosts from Shoes counter against characters with high Accuracy.

Badges: Shield
Boosts in Shield can reduces Critical Damage received. It can save players from potential one-hit kills, which helps a lot in the Arena and PvP.

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