TMQFEL General Tips Guide

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot General Tips Guide by LordWildFang

Thought I’d make an article to share all the tips we have discorvered with on another. They don’t have to be you best monster / trap combos. Just general stuff to make game time easier / enjoable. As we get more, I’ll we try and add them.

I’ll start this off with my list:

Starting Out: Level 1-10:

  • Pick your favorite toon
    -Play them all at the start and see witch one you like best
  • Focus on leveling that 1 toon
  • Upgrade things that help your toon level, before you upgrade your castle
    -You will save alot money and more importantly time, by doing this,
    TMQFEL Fast Progress Beginner’s Guide
  • Upgrade gear, ingore item quatly
    -That lvl 15 green is prob stronger then that lvl 4 legendary
  • Resource mines, Resource mines. Resource mines
    -Stops losses when your looted, and go afks – upgrade mines to your time of offline, rank 6-8


  • Burn Time with a Purpose
    -Don’t just use mobs that run away, with glue traps, have a goal in mind
    -Example, Use glue to slow them , so archers can hit a power shot easier
  • Don’t be wasteful
    -If they can avoid some creatures then that’s wasted defence points


  • Don’t be afriad to attack people
    -It’s how you learn new mob / trap combos.
  • Don’t be mad at losing
    -You learn more from it then winning, watch replays
  • Don’t get mad at people using exploits
    -Tell them there using them and move on, this is beta
  • When attacking, take it slow
    -You don’t lose anything if you don’t die, go slow and watch everything and get 3 star next time


  • Were beta testers, not just normal players
    -You should be improving AND breaking the game, breaking the game finds exploits and bugs to fix
    -That doesn’t mean you need to use them over and over and over again
  • Spend gold to get spirit and spirit to get gold
  • Use finish now wisely
    -If it takes 12 hours and your gona be away for 12 hours, just wait
  • High Rolls and Legit fans are not P2W(pay to win)
    -There PFT(pay for time), you will get the same “power” as them just not as fast
  • If you don’t like the castles in an area, leave it or log out back in, to refresh for some more
    -Not sure if works but worth a shot
  • Save boosts for as long as you can, use them on farm castles at level 30, min level 20
    -Higher level castle = more loot = more to boost
  • Use boots on castles you can farm, no more then 2:30 to start, finish and start again
  • No distractions when boosting!
    -Only music, no videos or reddit or youtube, your wasting the boost
  • Don’t buy more bling points (Sorry Ubisoft)
    -We don’t know if there is gona be a roll back/ restart when the game is live
    -If this happens, give the people that paid back there starting items, that way they keep what they already paid for but start at level 1 like the rest
  • If you like there castle
    -Add them, ask to run yours
    -For the love of god we need an in game chat
  • Leave good comments
    -Clearly say what you like and don’t like about player / castle
  • Apply what you see
    -If you find a mob pack giving you trouble add it to your castle
    -You can freely practice in your castle, and watch other deal with it

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