Marvel Heroes Cyclops Quick Guide

Marvel Heroes Cyclops Quick Guide by delkerramak

Movement Abilities:

Cunning Blast – Do not put any points in this. You almost never want to go away from your target and it causes a noticeable animation locking you out of other actions while it happens.

Side roll – Also garbage because you can only roll to the right and if youre close to your target you need to flick your mouse across the screen on the other side of your target to roll as far as possible. ALSO … there is once again an animation lockout preventing you from immediately attacking afterwards.

Combat Roll – Put one point in this. No animation lockout. While attacking you just flick your mouse in the opposite direction of where you want to go and use the ability. This will allow you to solo every boss besides Magneto. If you get really good with the ability at later levels … you can roll through half an instance in like 10 seconds.

Single Target Abilities:

If you hate boring/repetitive play … don’t use cyclops. Here is why:

Optic Blast – Fully synergized this ability does the most single target damage (other than your ultimate) and it’s a basic power.

Optic Barrage – But Delkerramak!!! … on paper this skill does 3 times the single target dps of Optic Blast. Oh… if that were only the case. A maxed out Optic barrage ACTUALLY does slightly less than the fully synergized Optic Blast.

WHY?! Because Gazillion decided they would do flat damage reduction. Attacking 5 times more causes Optic Barrage to get sc***** away by 5 times the boss’s defense.

So I shouldn’t use optic barrage? Not quite… if you have some nice On Hit stuff like the artifact that causes Optic Barrage to heal you for 800 HEALTH PER SECOND, then definitely use optic barrage. If not … shelf it until then.

I wont even acknowledge the existence of the other abilities that could be used as single target … they’re all garbage.

Area Effect Abilities:

You can temporarily use the wide optic blast at the beginning. However, cyclops is perhaps the squishiest hero in the game… so forget about it later on.

A fully synergized (full points in all other basic powers) Ricochet shot will be what you use 100% of the time until level 30. There is nothing that compares, really.

I would like to tell you that Optical Devastation (level 30 aoe) does more dps than Ricochet Shot, but it actually doesn’t. Not only that but at later levels you may die during the powerup of Optic Devastation or be constantly interrupted by CC.

But if you’re not soloing … you actually have to use Optical Devastation, however. Your Ricochet Shot won’t even bounce twice before Rocket Raccoon, Hulk, Deadpool, and many more instantly rip through mobs.

To be honest you will be lucky to even get off the 1 second charge of Devastation before several other heroes kill the pack. (Oh and devastation will still only do 25% of the damage that rocket raccoon puts out)

Tactics Abilities:

Veteran Command: This is what will make characters like Rocket Raccoon pee their pants… if you’re grouping with people around level 30 … you will be reducing their Spirit costs by 30% if you keep this up.

Xp aura: You can dump your extra points in here but you should realize that it’s actually garbage in terms of actual value. At level 30 a maxed xp aura gives HALF of an affix worth of xp per kill. Other character’s auras are way more giving.

Tactical Edge: Put one point in this until very very high levels. It’s like -30 defense when maxed by level like 30. Which is the same debuff Wolverine gets with 1 point in a level 2 ability. Gives the group like 6 extra damage if maxed…

Defensive Tactician: Put one point in this. Although its predecessor is pretty much garbage… 20% dodge for keeping up something with a short animation time is very nice. Max it late in the game if you have the points.

Strategic Renewal: As cyclops you really arent spirit starved and this cant be used on bosses (which is our weakest enendeavour… so I would ignore this completely.

Melee Abilities:

If you’re close enough to use a melee ability while fighting level 34+ monsters … you’re about to die. Cyclops has no defensive aptitude whatsoever. If you’re in melee range, you did it wrong.

This is most of what I have to offer on Cyclops … if anyone has any questions I will try to explain further.

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1 Response

  1. Cyc user says:

    Was this review done at beginning of Beta? ie before all the patches…because I have to disagree with you on some points. I have made Cyc my main character and have had lots of fun playing him.
    To me he is very diverse and not boring at all.
    Yes he get’s damaged easy but that is why he is a ranged attacker.
    I enjoy taking out mobs with Ricochet and then if someone get’s too close then the wide blast.
    The Channel blast does well against bosses and I can dodge projectile attacks with ease.

    I am not an expert player …just an X-men fan that had a lot of fun (but a lot of time) playing through the game (mostly on my own) with Cyc and leveling him up to 30.

    I have Colossus (lvl11), Thing (lvl8), Cable (lvl3), Thor (lvl3) and Scarlet Witch…and so far had the most fun with Cyc. That’s my opinion.

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