Marvel Heroes Captain America Tank Power Build Guide

Marvel Heroes Captain America Tank Power Build Guide by Drowsie

Hello all!

Considering we are still early in launch, the information provided should be considered only a resource to help develop your own build. I am currently at level 32 with my Captain and I can solo all green terminals in the tower and the school. I can also solo all the red in the tower and the group in the tower. I can solo most of the red in the school.

Captain America is an extremely durable character. To build him as a tank you should be able to survive almost any encounter within reason. The only draw back is it will be days before you kill anything. I recommend finding some great dps to go with you in your adventures. But knowing this information has its advantages.

As you level Captain America you will often find yourself with extra stat points because the skills I suggest to allocate points in will be locked until you reach I higher level. Don’t let this bother you. You should relatively have no trouble with the starting content to need the other abilities. This guide will be primarily how to allocate power skill points and, in time and if there is demand, I may write a guide on gear and rotation.

The first ability you should focus on is Quick Block. It will be your bread and butter. Quick Block should always be maxed and filled over anything else. You should also learn to play it now for later endgame content. It has a three second cool down that should be refreshed every time it comes up. Learning to time this now will save you time and trouble for future, more difficult endeavors.

Now that Combat Veteran is fixed, you should put points in it as well as keeping it maxed whenever available. I will refer back to this talent later. The only other talent I recommend using in the Shield Slinger tree is Defensive Prowess. It deflects projectiles while using Quick Block. It will save you in quite a few situations such as freezing abilities from range NPCs to deflecting Dooms beams. Invest in it when you have left over points and/or nearing endgame.

Your most likely thinking, “What about damage?!” I see a lot of people using Shield toss and I can say I invested in it initially as well. This is really a inferior attack that should later be replaced with Shield Strike. Not only does Shield Strike have synergy with Opening Strike but helps provide shield points. Shield Toss is a spirit sink and really gives you no advantage since you will be relying on Quick Block and it cannot be activated without a shield in your hand.

Both Opening Strike and Shield Strike should always remain maxed. Once you unlock Shield Strike, immediately replace Shield Toss with it. Committing to these as your basic attack, you should also place points in Warriors Heart to increase shield point production. Under the Living Legend tree, these should be the only talents you invest in. A case can be made to invest in Vibranium Bash, but I am nervous about dumping all my shield points on a dodge able attack. But I invested a lot into Combat Veteran to take advantage of the buff and would hate to waste it on a miss or mediocre one shot damage spike. I usually try to roll with a DPS and prefer to keep my rotation simple and consistent. But this is a viable talent and should be taken into consideration with your play style.

The last tree, Super Soldier, is basically a decision on auras. But I do put one point in Dynamic Charge so I can put a point in and unlock Heroic Charge. I did this to have an escape or to collect exp orbs during huge mob fights. FYI – Dynamic Charge spends a shield point. I also put a point into Athletic Leap because my usual partner plays Cable and I am always jealous when he can teleport across obstacles. Remember gear can grant these abilities. I just didn’t want to be tied down to that.

When it comes to shouts it will really depend on your play style. I choose Encouraging Shout. I absolutely love the group speed boost but the practical reason is because it greatly improves shield point production with the Warriors Heart buff and your overall dps. This also brings you to max buff from Combat Veteran quicker. I am a big believer in Attack Speed. Especially with gear that gives you life/spirit on hit or other on hit buffs like bleeds, freezes, etc. This ability also will help increase the rate of deflected projectiles with Defensive Prowess.

The other choice is Invigorating Shout. This health buff to me is not practical because currently Quick Block ensures Captain takes absolutely no damage. I face tanked Doom on school terminal and only used one medkit. That was due to my fingers getting tired. If you are tanking well enough, the dps should have no need to have more health if they are actively using defensive, evasion, etc abilities. I feel the Quick Block is good enough on its own and the attack speed boost offers more advantages then worrying about a larger health pool or defense.

Well, that is my recommendation on building a Cap Tank. I would love to hear your feed back and hear how other builds are working out. This is a great community and I hope any of my information makes it easier to start a foundation on building your own toon. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer. Like I hinted to previously, if there is enough demand I may make another guide on gear and rotations and such.

Happy leveling peeps!

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  1. Disappointed says:

    you are obviously new to the game of marvel heroes as there are multiple other items that can be sued to gain attention of enemies…

  2. TMan says:

    you obviously are new to Games that consist of a Tank… Cap is not a Tank because he can block stuff does not mean he is a Tank he is More of a Support Melee Charcter Cap has no Shout that refers all enemies to him to make him get attacked he is just a support role Learn what a Tank is..

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