Ragnarok Online 2 Magician Basic Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Magician Basic Guide by LordLDF

This is a basic guide to Magicians to try and give people a better idea of what they will be getting into.

The first thing you should decide on when making any character is which second job you will be making. For magicians the options are Sorcerer or Wizard. Also, the generic question of what your focus is going to be: PVP, PVE, or Raiding. Each has its own specific tweak to optimize the build.

Sorcerer can go:

DPS: Deal large bursts of damage, possibly the most in the game. Usually go for the Lightning Tree.
Sample (Maxing frost driver is optional – has many uses but points are valuable, use your own discretion)

Support: A great healer to rival even Priests. Usually go for the Water Tree.
Sample: (Truely pure support)

Hybrid: The best of both worlds! Combination of Lightning and Water Tree.
Sample: (Same as DPS, this is a very customized sort of build so think for yourselves)

Wizard can go:

DPS: Deals consistent damage over time (DoT). Usually goes for the Fire Tree.
Sample: (You should consider if you’re going to want Teleport (Lightning Tree) and/or Ice Wall (Water Tree), but this is just a generic build to go into being a wizard.)

Magician Skills:

Cold Bolt:
 Sorcerer Skill usually maxed since it will be your main DPS skill throughout the entire game, that’s right 1-50.
Frost Driver: It’s really handy to have at 3 early in the game but becomes fairly obsolete at end game. So you may want to skip it to save points. Note: You can’t freeze bosses.
Water Arms: Besides pre-requisites there is really no reason for either class to get it beyond 1. Even if you’re Support Sorcerer you won’t be using this.

Fire Bolt: Your main DPS skill for Wizards, usually maxed since you’ll be using it 1-50. Even at end game.
Fire Ball: Part of your main DPS skill rotation for Wizards. Usually maxed.
Fire Bolt Mastery: Handy for maximizing damage but can be skimped on if necessary.
Fire Arms: Important self buff for Wizards, usually maxed.

Lightning Bolt: Useful at beginning stages of game for a Sorcerer but becomes nearly useless at end game. Note: It can be cast while running so it’s great for kiting. Keep it at 1, becomes useless unless you’re specialized in some way (PVP?).
Thunderstorm: AoE fairly useless, get it only as a pre-requisite.
Wind Arms: Very important to Sorcerers. Max it if you’re going to DPS.

As for stats here are a few options and opinions:

41 Int, 41 Agi: A nice build trying to balance crits and raw magic attack.

40 Int, 40Agi, 8Vit: Another nice build, 1 int + 1 agi for 8 vit? Not a bad deal for a little extra HP.

50 Int, 29 Agi, 2 Vit: A nice build aiming for maximized magic power.

29 Int, 50 Agi, 2 Vit: A nice build and personally a favorite if you’re going Sorcerer since end game equipments will have plenty of Int but not as much of Agi.

36 Int, 36 Agi, 25 Vit: Very balanced I suppose, though it would not be my preferred choice but putting it out there.

These are just a few stat builds to give you some ideas, although I personally don’t think Vit is worth putting points into but some may disagree and it’s fine. I think most people will agree that Wis is completely useless to put points into though. Also, you should know that in this game, crits are GOD, and will see many people trying to hit about 40% crit rate at level 50.

Main Skill rotations for Magicians:

Sorcerer DPS/Hybrid:
Cold Bolt > Wind Arms procs hopefully > Lightning Bolt x 2 > Cold Bolt

Sorcerer DPS/Hybrid with Frost Driver:
Frost Driver > Lightning Bolt ~4/5 > Cold Bolt > Wind Arms Procs? > Lightning Bolt x 2

Wizard DPS:
Fireball > Fire Bolt > Fire Bolt Master Procs? > Fireball > Fire bolt

Basically repeated over and over until the thing is dead.


When starting out, put points into Int as you’ll see a bigger affect in the early game, save Agi stats for later in the game.

Max out your main combo if you’re going DPS.

Lightning Bolt can be cast while running, so Cold Bolt for slower walking speed and sideways run (W+A or w+D). Don’t run too far, just try and do circles otherwise it will reset.

When deciding whether or not to get a certain skill, take its COOLDOWN and CAST TIME into consideration.

The skill simulator is not completely accurate. So double check cooldowns, cast times, and skill upgrade percentages before you invest in them.

You can save skill points from first job to second job.

Anyone have anymore? I would love some! Also, if there is any other things that should go in here, do tell me please!

Full Sorcerer Builds:

My take on a Hybrid

Feel free to post and submit your own unique or cookie cutter builds to put in there! Variety is the spice of life after all.

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