Ragnarok Online 2 Sorcerer Hybrid Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Sorcerer Hybrid Guide by Panplan

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Since Sorcerer’s healing power can never be on par with Priest, not even against a Hybrid Priest, I think it’s sub-optimal to go Full Support (i.e. abandoning the Lightning Tree). After checking out other threads, there are 2 hybrid builds that I think most efficient to note down here.

DPS/Emergency Heal Sorcerer:

This is credited to JeffGarnet

The aim of this build is to focus on DPS and only change to Earth Arms > Deluge when the party is in danger. Note, aside from Summon Aqua level 1, this is practically a full blown DPS build against boss or any single target. With this build, you will be on par with Assassin/Rogue, only below DPS Priest and Ranger in terms of DPS.

Solo miniboss combo: WA > Cold Bolt-JT-VS till HP is lower (30-40%)> Cold Bolt till WA triggers > Earth Arms > Deluge > WA (immediately after Deluge) > Cold Bolt-JT-VS

DPS assist/Support Sorcerer

Credited to Altariel

Most notably, you can see level 5 Meditation and the Lightning Tree stopping at Jupitel Thunder level 3. I have tried fighting miniboss and normal mobs with only Cold Bolt & JT level 3 and it’s very viable to survive with just that. If you’re at low HP, just switch to Earth Arms and use either Deluge or LOR > Healing Wave spam. The healing amount is fairly good, good enough to be a 2nd healer in a party.

The reason for level 5 Meditation is that it’s the only skill I find having the potential to improve Sorcerer’s healing power. I put my trust on the fact that the skill is not useless/broken. Therefore no matter if it is the healing amount at crit that is boosted or the critical chance of healing skills that is boosted, Meditation is good enough to take.

Solo miniboss combo: WA > Cold Bolt-JT till HP is lower (60% for example) > Cold Bolt till WA triggers > Earth Arms > JT > LOR > JT > HW spam + LOR till safe HP > WA > Cold Bolt-JT

or you can also you use Deluge like first build instead of HW-LOR.

Some downsides of this build is lvl 1 Soul Bind and lvl 1 Frost Diver which might lower your value at hard mode raid, especially Baphomet raid (you need Frost Diver to freeze some suicidal mobs). So a tweak for this build could be, leaving Meditation at level 1 and max out Soul Bind and Frost Diver. This adjustment, to be honest, will lead to a weaker hybrid class than an average Priest with the ability to freeze. The plus side is that you’re a healer of a different class than Priest so there will be less competition for equipment. The freeze from FD though, can save the whole party in Baphomet raid but that’s it for your worth, a bit of this and a bit of that, and a freeze bot.

Other info:

You can find skills and stats discussion from my old guide: Ragnarok Online 2 Magician/Sorcerer Skills Guide, which has been updated a bit about Earth Arms

Personally I go for the 2nd build. With this change, after getting rid of JTM and the subsequent skills to invest in healing wave I find myself being able to support party members better than before (thanks to level 5 HW and Earth Arms’s 2nd effect). This of course is due to a change in skill choice, in overall, Sorcerer does heal less than before. However it is because of the nerf that I had to go down this route and it seems, after all, acceptable.

The suggested combo is more like the description of the transition phase from DPS to Healing with less dropping in DPS. Remember to use Summon Aqua somewhere in between there. If you look at those combos, the 1st build seems more efficient but only because of the extra damage and reduced cast time from VS. The 2nd build shines in dire situation where the Priest in your party needs assist to heal people here and there, where Deluge & level 1 Healing Wave are not enough.

IMPORTANT FINDING: If you use Earth Arms (lvl 5 of course) > Deluge > Wind Arms, the amount of Deluge’s healing will not be reduced as with LOR.
^Ah *oops*, Jeff has already posted this in his guide. Credited to him I guess :3

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