Neverwinter Wizard Renegade Burst Build Guide

Neverwinter Wizard Renegade Burst Build Guide by ararararararagi

This guide is the result of analyzing all of the popular CW builds, watching hours of gameplay of high-level play on streams, and getting advice from other players. This is probably similar to other Renegade builds, but I haven’t found one that is exactly the same. The small improvements make a world of difference.

The power calculator I used for this build is missing one point. Put the extra into making Eye of the Storm 3/3.

Little-Known Tip: Hold down your left click while doing encounters since when it’s done casting your Magic Missile will glitch and behave as if it had been casting the entire time, doing bonus damage.

Race: Either Tiefling or Human. As Human put your extra feats in Prestidigitation.

Abilities: For Humans get +2 in int and go full int/cha. As Tiefling get +2 int +2 cha and add ability points to int & cha.

PvP Powers: Ray of Enfeeblement in your Tab, Chill StrikeShield, and Entangling Force.

Dailies: Ice Knife and Arcane Singularity

Class Features: Storm Spell and Eye of the Storm

Powers, pt. 1:

renegade powers 1

Part 2:

renegade powers 2


renegade feats

This build will function fine in PvE but is mostly for PvP. I haven’t actually played a CW ever before but instead was advised by a couple of knowledgeable CW friends. Based on that I theorycrafted a build which they all generally agreed was the best possible.

If you’d like to change your FOV use the following command: /gfxSetDefaultFOV XX where XX is your FOV. I suggest 70, the default seems to be around 55.

Hope this helps people out. Thanks for viewing. (PS: I accept any friend requests and I own a guild which is theorycrafting oriented on Beholder – Praelatus@ararararararagi)

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3 Responses

  1. Anon says:

    Why? Crit is your dump stat, with Eye of the Storm you get 100% crit all dey err dey if you simply keep spamming spells. Also, make sure you keep left-clicking if you use arcane missile since you can’t trigger Eye of the Storm if you use one long attack, it’s almost better to keep attacking random targets since that 8 seconds of 100% crit is amazing for dps.
    I’ve managed to get 0 crit rating and more than 50% recovery speed and it works amazing, usually I start by using arcane singularity followed by 1 arcane missile followed by 1 frost-ray (to shoot as fast as possible) and I keep repeating that until I trigger EotS, after that I simply go to town, icy terrain, freeze time, maybe a tab-chill strike and if there are survivors I use the push ability on my shield to get a ton of AP.

  2. Howitzer says:

    Stat priorities are as follows:

    1) Crit
    2) Recovery
    3) Armor Pen
    4) Power

  3. Alskaer says:

    Nice guide.
    But would you like to add a part about item stat priorities and runestones/enchantments?

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