Neverwinter CW Thaumaturge Spec Guide

Neverwinter CW Thaumaturge Spec Guide by copticone

Hello fellow CWs,

This spec is now updated to reflect the changes in the Module 1 Balancing update of 8-22-2013. The original spec, is still perfectly fine with respect to the changes in the Module 1 Balancing update. But I just feel these changes make it a little more efficient. If nothing else, it adds a new flavor to the mix.

What this thread is NOT about:
– A Guide, certainly not a leveling guide. In fact, I dont advise new CWs to follow this spec while leveling up since you need practically all the points feated in order for everything to come together nicely. Also the playstyle is more suited for T2 dungeon runs.
– An explanation of every Power/Feat. I believe every new CW should experiment with as many Powers/feats as possible before committing to one spec/playstyle.
– A criticism of other Guides/builds/specs/rants/or other condescending/ego boosting threads. I understand that there are different playstyles, and what may seem like a perfect fit for me may not be for someone else.

The Spec:…z0u1:b0000&h=0

The above allocation of feat points reflects my most recent respec as of 8-24-2013
– Elemental Empowerment no longer seems worth it now that Shield is very situational and is replaced with Sudden Storm.
– Sudden Storm with just over 6sec CD, is proving to be quite good. Your focus, using your chills/stuns/dailies is to place as many mobs as possible right in front of you to maximize Sudden Storm damage.
– The net result of this tweak is higher AoE damage with good AP regen. Full AP bar in 22-25sec with 3.2k Recovery

Powers Slotted:
<Main At-Will> Chilling Could
<2nd At-Will> Storm Pillar (updated: 8-22-2013)
<2nd At-Will> Ray of Frost (for PVP)

<Class Feature1> Storm Spell
<Class Feature2> Chilling Presence

For 90% of the content
Conduit of Ice (On Mastery)
Icy Terrain
Steal Time
Sudden Storm
 (updated 8-24-13)

The above setup is for Trash encounters, plus the majority of the mini bosses. Other powers I will mention for specific Boss Fights below.

For Single Target
Conduit of Ice (On Mastery)
Chill Strike
Ray of Enfeeblemt
Steal Time
 (in case you get jumped by adds)

The above is for situations where you won’t be dealing with adds and your main focus is the boss. (e.i. CN Draco after bugging all the red wizards)

Ability Scores
I personally prefer stacking INT+CHA

Build Rational: 
I do not buy the argument that CWs are just for “Controlling” adds. To me that’s a lazy mentality. While throwing adds off ledges speeds up a run, it also comes with a lot of headache. Mobs can drag other adds when accidentally knocked away. Mobs can and do respawn. If someone in the party disconnects, or when a camp fire is bugged and you are taken back to the beginning of the dungeon, you need to not only deal with the respawns, but also require the rest of the party to run all the way back to help. TRs can and do often get knocked off. 

I am not saying that we shouldn’t use ledges to our advantage, but in many situations, it is far smoother and less risky to just burn the adds down. You also make GFs/GWFs feel like they are contributing in the run :P (j/k)

With that mentality, this spec does the following in an extremely efficient way:
– maximize AoE damage, while still doing excellent single target dps
– maintain maximum CC, and not just in the form of Singularities.
– Constantly debuffing mobs for the entire group.


With this spec Chilling Cloud contribute to a significant boost to dps indirectly and to a lesser degree indirectly, by adding chill stacks, proccing feats/dots, while maintain AoE dps. Just look at the feats and see how Chilling Cloud synergizes with just about everything. [B]

(Updade: 8-16-2013) Now that I also added Storm Pillar to the mix, it makes things a little more exciting. The best timing for Storm Pillar is right after you throw a Singularity up. Also when surrounded by adds and the encounters are on Cooldown, it is good to do a full charged Storm Pillar ontop of yourself, followed by Steal Time. It goes without saying that any moment of downtime should be spent charging Storm Pillar to generate out of combat AP.
(Updated 8-24-13) Storm Pillar got somewhat of a nerf, for god knows why. Only the main hit is critting and procing Spell Storm. Regardless, it is still a nice filler to get an extra 10% damage for 6 seconds. If and when they return Storm Pillar to its original state, or even better buff it, you could use it more often.

This is just a beautiful AoE harmony, which really needs to be seen in action to appreciate. Everything you are doing is either Buffing your dps or debuffing the target(s), or BOTH!

<<T2 Content>>
While dealing with Trash mobs, the above mention Power Slotting will do the trick. You role is to apply enough CC to mitigate damage to the party, debuffing mobs, gathering mobs, maintain a $#@$load of AoE dps, while occasionally using ledge knockbacks as needed. This also applies to many of the mini bosses. You can maintain control on the adds, and be in close proximity to the boss to be affected by all your AoEs. If more single target is needed, Chill Strike, Icy Rays, and Ray of Enfeeblement can be switched in, while still using Chilling Cloud.

Spider Queen, everyone is on top of the boss. This is a dps race. Your main target is the queen, while using steal time, CoI, RoE/CS, and Oppressive Force if there are adds around the queen, otherwise Ice Knife the B!$@&!

Spellplague, I slot Repel, Icy Terrain, Steal Time, Shield, and my only role with the DC, is to knock adds into the acid. During the final Phase, you leave all the adds alone to the kiter (DC/GF/GWF) and go all out on the boss.

Frozen Heart, I use Icy Rays, Chill Strike, RoE, and Steal Time. The entire party should be on the boss, while the DC/GF is kiting the adds. If it gets rough for the DC/GF, the archers should be taken out to ease his kiting. Otherwise, no other adds should be touched.

Dread Vault, again mostly single Target. The entire party is at the far corner gathering any adds and knocking them off, while CW is mostly on the boss from max range when the Thunes are despawned.

Pirate/Karrundax, mostly all out AoE dps throughout. Pirate final Boss, only the CW and DC on adds, and the rest of the party on boss. Slotting Entangling Force on tab and CoI, Icy Terrain along with Steal Time, helps apply max CC and max AP regen for constant Singularities/Oppressive force. On karrundax dragon, I go all out AoE dps, including Oppressive Force in close proximity to the dragon. My focus is the dragon, but using AoE abilities to also melt down adds close by.

Castle Never, up until the final boss, pretty much the same as other dungeons. Final Boss, 1xCW with Entangling Force on Mastery designated as the shield punter, and another CW with Repel on tab to push the adds across the gap. The second CW also pushes the red wizards towards the other CW for the singularity. When all the red wizards are dealt with. Both CWs can reslot single target.

MISC Tips:
-Armor Penetration: If you can hit the 24% without sacrificing other stats go for it. But definitely shoot for at least 1500.
– With Plague fire not stacking with itself, this is no longer the best option if there is someone else using it. Vorpal is an excellent option and scales with your stats. Lightning is a good flat dps increase, but can also attract unwanted attention.
– Buy a set of High Vizier.
– Cat/Ion stone companion. Honestly, nothing else compares.
– Use your shield knockback with tact. Be considerate to the rest of the party. If there is a wall, position yourself so that all the mobs are knocked into the wall, rather than dispersed everywhere. Ideally, you want to use Shield knockback right after casting Singularity, and then Steal Time as the mobs are coming down from the Singularity. Perfecting this cycle, not only makes everyone happy, but is a significant boost to AoE dps.
– Blue Belts. Smiting Berseker (yea I know Cryptic spells it like that), Piercing Berseker, Lethal Berseker, or Berseker belt of Respite.
– If a party member falls, don’t just rush to get them up. There is plenty of time. Wait for the cooldown of Steal Time, use it, then revive. If singularity is available, throw it off to the side away from the fallen member, then revive.
– It is better to interrupt your casting, teleport away and live, than to stand in a RED spot for an extra split second to complete your casting and risk dying or causing a wipe.
– Maintain your chills. CoI + Icy Terrain.
– Prioritizing Defense to at least 2000 (or 1000 + High Vizier set) is HIGHLY advisable.
– As an alternative and more exciting defensive option, stack 10% Life Steal.

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