Neverwinter DC Impact Cleric Build

Neverwinter DC Impact Cleric Build by sirgleno

I’ve continued to work with my recently “finished” build, and wanted to share it as updated based on continued pining away at balancing things (powers mostly) for discussion and reference. I will describe the initial build, then powers/feats, followed by a section (in progress) for gear. This original post itself will remain current, to the extent that I stay engaged in its discussion.

Note that some conversation following this post may be more relevant to previous iterations of the build (notably the conversation about Hammer vs. Guardian), and while this post doesn’t rehash the conversations had here that led to any changes, the posts below (author permitting) and my responses will remain unchanged. This iteration was finalized after post #21 – thanks to everyone who responded so far!

Devoted Cleric, that’s the point.

More elaborately, classes (as they are defined and used in Neverwinter) are all distinct and have their own class-exclusive powers, feats, stat bonuses, and (for the most part) gear. Devoted Clerics (henceforth Clerics) can be built to provide good burst dps and control, while still filling the healing role as needed during major encounters. Clerics are also almost universally welcomed into groups, and are often the defacto group leader. It is for these reasons, and others which I can’t be assed to also explain, that I play a Cleric.

“As the Cleric, you will do what I say.” – Dystopia, Impact Cleric of Beholder

Half-Orc. As this build is intended to maximize burst damage (both for PvP, and to allow meaningful damage potential in PvE when jumping back and forth between dps and heals), the +2 STR and +5% crit severity really put this race over all the others. The racial runspeed bonus is just gravy, and the +2 DEX is helpful as well. I was seriously considering Halfling, having really fell for the concept of a supertanking Cleric as described on the forums by GCTRL, but ultimately went for the Half-Orc to stay true to the damage focus concept of the build.

Ability Scores at 60:
24 Strength
22 Wisdom
14 Charisma
14 Dexterity
12 Intelligence
12 Constitution

Protip: Up to +2 to each stat is available w/ fire buff and/or Elixir of Fate. This means +4% Hitpoints, +2% Damage/Heal, +2% critical chance, and a host of other sweet stat based benefits that in combination often outclass even sizable gearing improvements – basically I’m saying this makes you a lot more powerful! Of course you all know about the fire buff, and I’m sure you all (at least intend to) take it when you can. Potions of Fate are super cheap on the AH at 5k AD (or so). A group taking these into Castle Never (or similar hard content with potential for good rewards) is really at a meaningful advantage over groups that don’t take em, and is only out 25k for a 5-pack, which can be whipped out at the fireplace before the main boss fight. Another sweet buff to be aware of is the Squash Soup or Feast from the seasonal event (not the hero’s feast, that thing is worthless), although since I’ve not yet eaten one, I can’t confirm how (or if) they stack with other food/elixir based buffs. More information is still needed (at least by me) on how this works. #winning

3 Greater Fortune
3 Toughness
3 Weapon Mastery
3 Holy Resolve
3 Repurpose Soul
2 Cleanse
3 Bountiful Fortune

I’d like to take at least some Templar’s Domain, although with the reported 5 minute internal cooldown, this feat isn’t even worth considering, when those same points could be spent into Bountiful Fortune for +3% divine power gain. Plus, Armor Penetration is currently reported to be basically worthless for Clerics – thanks whistlingdixie. I also appreciate the Cleanse to proc more quickly (average half the time, compared to a single rank) – which is a good thing, and still far from instantaneous.

3 Rising Hope
2 Desperate Renewal
5 Power of the Sun
5 Nimbus of Light
5 Disciple of Divine Lore
1 Cycle of Change
5 Divine Advantage
5 Focused Poise

Rising Hope is reported to maintain near constant uptime with just 2 points, although in thinking about how often I shoot off divine encounters in some circumstances (such as PvP), having a more generous 90 seconds is worth the trade off against a third point in Desperate Renewal in my opinion (2 points here does give a useful, although situational, +10% effectiveness Soothing Light). Nimbus of light boosts our go-to damaging encounter power, decreasing enemy defense by 10% for 5 seconds – a definite must considering Daunting Light should nearly always be socketed when not in full healbot mode, and I am hopeful that this actually debuffs beyond armor penetration so it would be universally useful – I’m thinking it does, but don’t have confirmation on this yet. Disciple of Divine Lore is also reported to have a good uptime, and 10% increased damage is a no brainer – since Healer’s Lore will be slotted most the time. I didn’t go for Strength of the Gods, because while it does have a fairly powerful effect, it only procs for a few (6 I think) seconds on Divine Armor or Guardian of Faith, so isn’t worth spending Paragon feat points for such infrequent activation – especially since my hope is to be tossing damaging dailys like Flame Strike or buffing dps w/ Hallowed Ground.

For the remaining 10 points, I really want to push this build to be as powerful as possible, and Divine Advantage flatly outclasses other options in the first or 2nd tier, so it easily earns a spot in the build, and for similar reasons to the ones I noted above for the 2nd point in Cleanse, I’ve settled on going for the full 5 points in this build. Additionally, assuming I can weave in regular use of Lance of Faith (which I expect to based on my playstyle), I directly gain in the raw damage department with Focused Poise. I have used Etheral Boon with great success on other Cleric builds (notably my capped Human – 24 Wis / 22 Cha), although I am hopeful that with my other feat selections (including Focused Poise, which I see as an either/or with Etheral Boon) I can keep the divine power flowing fast enough without this feat, which only (although meaningfully) increases divine power. I look forward to sharing my results at some point after I have some PvP and high level PvE under my belt with the character.

Powers by Type:
-At Will-
3 Lance of Faith
3 Astral Seal
3 Brand of the Sun
0 Sacred Flame

Sacred Flame is considered by many to be a better at-will than Lance of Faith, although I believe the raw dps comparison doesn’t tell the whole story of using the power in combat. I am regularly able to toss a Lance, when I was never able to do same with Sacred Flame. This could be me being quirky, but I do believe Lance of Faith to be a strong at-will (even better when feated, which it is in this build), and will be using it at almost all times while I play.

3 Sun Burst
3 Searing Light
3 Chains of Blazing Light
3 Daunting Light
3 Break the Spirit
3 Divine Glow
3 Astral Shield
3 Prophecy of Doom
3 Healing Word
2 Bastion of Health
0 Forgemaster’s Flame

I do go non-traditional, and completely dump Forgemaster’s Flame, since while it does have a good healing ability when cast from divinity (and hits you for full, which is important about it), it is quite underpowered when cast in normal mode due to the long cooldown, and I need every encounter firing at a higher power level than this. I never see myself slotting this power, even if I had a free 3 points to drop in it), either in damage configuration (where it is a really poor choice), or in healing mode (where it is an ok choice, but wouldn’t be a good one since other encounters would be superior based on the build and to some extent my playstyle). I don’t expect to miss it at all, although I do keep it on my other capped Cleric, so I will let you all know if for some reason this needs to be fit back in.

3 Flame Strike
3 Hallowed Ground
3 Divine Armor
3 Hammer of Grandma
2 Guardian of Faith

Full ranks in both Flame Strike and Hammer of Grandma (which remains our highest potential damage daily*), while also maxing out Hallowed Ground and Divine Armor. Everything you’d want, slot to taste.

* Hammer really does deserve a rebuff somewhere, perhaps in casting speed of the first hit. Pretty please, with ice cream on top?

-Class Features-
3 Healer’s Lore
3 Foresight
3 Terrifying Insight
0 Divine Fortune
0 Prophetic Action
0 Holy Fervor
0 Sooth

Keep Healer’s Lore on pretty much all the time, since the feat adds 10% damage procs which should have good uptime, and use Terrifying Insight unless you need more defense or are in healing mode. Simple.


Main Hand: TBD (soon new named set) (w/ Vorpal when I can afford it)
Off Hand: TBD (soon new named set)
Head: Grand Templar w/ L7 Dark (soon Legendary Iliyanbruen Helm as swap in for healing)
Body: Grand Templar w/ L7 Radiant (soon Legendary Iliyanbruen Chainmail Armor as swap in for healing)
Arms: Grand Templar w/ L7 Dark (soon Legendary Iliyanbruen as swap in for healing)
Feet: Grand Templar w/ L7 Dark (soon Legendary Iliyanbruen Greaves as swap in for healing)
Belt: TBD (probably Epic, socketed for even more HP)
Neck: Icy Amulet w/ Greater Tenebrous
Ring: Frozen Ring w/ L6 Azure (soon Tenebrous)
Ring: Glacial Ring w/ L6 Azure (soon Tenebrous)

Active Companions:
Might (Ioun Stone of Might – Rare) – note this costs an extra 500k AD to upgrade (and can be upgraded even more, but level 25 is enough)
Ring: Glacial Ring w/ L7 Azure
Belt: TBD (probably Rare w/ Offense Slot)
Ring: Frozen Ring w/ L7 Azure
Offense Rune: Currently Training L7, soon L8 Empowered
Offense Rune: Currently Training L6, soon L8 Empowered
Offense Rune: Currently Training L5, soon L8 Empowered

Darka (Dire Wolf – Epic)
Neck: Icy Amulet
Neck: TBD
Belt: TBD
Offense Rune: TBD (currently Training)
Offense Rune: TBD (currently Training)
Offense Rune: TBD (currently Training)

Spinnerella (Sylph – Epic)
Ring: TBD
Ring: TBD
Gear: TBD
Rune: TBD (currently Training)
Rune: TBD (currently Training)
Rune: TBD (currently Training)

Cloverfield (Pig – Uncommon)
Gear: TBD
Gear: TBD
Gear: TBD
Rune: TBD (currently Training)
Rune: TBD (currently Training)
Rune: TBD (currently Training)

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