Dragon’s Prophet Ancient Dragons 100% Pathways Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Ancient Dragons 100% Pathways Guide by DragonMaster001

Umbral Glare lvl35: 100% Pathway

Onyx Smoke lvl35: 100% Pathway

Speckled Thorn lvl45: 100% Pathway

Cobalt Lightning: 100% Pathway

Fungal Tide lvl55: 100% Pathway

Flawless Jade lvl65: 100% Pathway

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pale Radiance guide????????????

  2. Firestorm says:

    Great video but would have made so much more sense if u had brought the map up at the start of video, had to watch half the video and then back track to find the spawn

  3. Zseverus says:

    Really useful, thanks

  4. wyttas says:

    coul have just drawn the lines on map

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