Dragon’s Prophet Crafting Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Crafting Guide by VbHD

What you Need:

  • Mats
  • A Workstation
  • Lots of Lair Dragon slots for effective mat gathering.

How to get them:


Mats are the ingredients required to make stuff and are obtained in 5 ways. Gathering them yourself from nodes in the world. Killing Mobs and looting the mats they drop. Skinning the mobs that you kill. Extraction from gear you find or buy from a vendor. And finally by using the activity part of your Dragons in their Lair to collect mats for you.


Nodes are not extremely common, and as far as I can tell, do not exist for every type of mat in the game, for example leathers are primary gotten from skinning instead or other methods. They give somewhere between 2-10 mats per node, and the mats will be level based from the mobs around them, ie lv10 mats in a level 10 mob zone.

I would not recommend trying to make this your primary way of obtaining mats. Here is a picture I took of a Grass Node.


On the left is the node itself, on the right is what it looked like in the minimap.

Killing Mobs

Mobs drop mats infrequently, and again the mats will reflect the level of the mob roughly. They do appear to drop meat more commonly than any other mat type, Most useful if you need a very specific mat assuming you find a specific mob that drops what you are after.

Again I would not recommend this as a primary gathering technique.


Very good for people who use leather, otherwise a bit of a waste of time, mobs are not able to be skinned all the time, although it is possible some mobs are more frequently able to be skinned than others.

Not recommended as a primary technique.


Finally, a consistent mat gathering approach. This is quite simple to do, and I will now explain how to do it here.

Open your bag and Click on the Extraction button Here:


Please take note OB users that this picture shows the single item extraction button, there is now a mass extraction button to its immediate left that will open a box for you to place many stacks of mats you want extracted.

If you use single extraction mode shown above and hover your mouse over a piece of gear, it will show you what you can get from the extraction. Here is a picture:


As you can see, Phosphate Ore and Raw Leather scrap are the mats you can get from my shield, but you can also get other things, like a better rarity recipe for the item itself (my grey item shown can yield a green recipe of it) and you can get Catalysts, which I will explain later. It is also worth noting that your actual chances of getting a recipe are LOW, I would say 1% or less at the moment.

Extraction only takes 2 seconds or so and is free, apart from destroying the gear. It is currently the best way to get mats FAST. However the cost of doing so is HIGH, especially with mid to high level mats.

Extraction for Recipes Information

The following is now known about recipe extraction:

Grey gives Green recipes.

Green crafted items will only yield Green recipes.
Green items gotten from drops from mobs will yield Blue recipes. (Take note that currently unless I am told otherwise, blue recipes are not permanent, and have a limited number of uses. IE 5 copies of the item)

Blues crafted items will only yield Green recipes.
Blue items gotten from drops from mobs will yield Purple recipes. (It is not known how many copies this recipe will allow you to make.)

Dragon Gathering

Using your dragon to gather for you is cheap, easy, and requires virtually no input from you whatsoever. It does NOT gather mats nearly as fast as extraction can, but it is FAR cheaper.

Here is a quick explanation:

First go to your local Lair Manager, after putting one of your dragons in a lair slot, click the dragon activity list button shown below, followed by the add activity button also shown below.


After that, you can choose between adding an Ore, Herb, Wood, Leather, Cloth or Hunting activity. Drop down menus will let you choose a specific mat to gather, how long to gather for, and the boxes below this will show you what rewards you will get for doing it.

Your character’s level determines how high a level of mat your dragon can gather. You can use diamonds instead of gold to gather for longer than 5 hours, and use diamonds again to enhance how many mats are produced per hour spent, however I do not recommend this till mid to higher leveled crafting.

It is also worth noting that Dragons can come with gathering mastery skills which provide a passive bonus percentage of mats per gather cycle you do.

Skill Bonuses:

Lv1 Mastery: 10% bonus.
Lv2 Mastery: 15% bonus.
Lv3 Mastery: 25% bonus.

Stacking skill Bonuses:

As in CB, the gathering mastery skills can be stacked (IE lv1 and lv2 of herb mastery on the same dragon) however unlike CB, the bonuses granted are now additive, this makes the maths very simple, such that lv1+2 = 10+15 = 25%

It is worth noting that these skills are specific to ONE type of gathering, ie Ore Gathering Mastery Lv1.

It is also worth noting that these skills cannot be trained using the skill training mechanism, and receive no experience from the actual gathering process. So the only way to get a better Mastery is to catch a new dragon with a higher or more mastery levels/skills.


Workstations are found in main towns usually, they currently have no minimap icons so you have to look for them, although most are usually near their respective vendors.

Here are some pictures:


Yes I know, its Horribly chopped together. But from Left to Right we have, Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Tinkerer, Cooking, and Alchemy at the bottom right. (oh and who IS that noob getting in all my pictures? )

Walking up to a station and pressing ‘F’ will allow you to actually craft, and will only list the recipes related to that profession.

There are no profession number limits, so feel free to try them all out if you wish.

Actual Crafting

10 pages later and you can craft something now! Take your mats to your station of choice and look around at what you can make, the left hand side column will show you what is available to you, and has many different ways of displaying what you can do, sorting by type, rarity or even only listing things you can currently make with the mats you have.

Making practically anything will level you like crazy, as the experience gained per item crafted has been buffed to total oblivion, allowing complete idiots to max their crafting level.

Keep trying to make things that are newer recipes where possible, as they will give more experience than grinding away at the lv1 recipe. Personally I would steer well clear of anything that requires strange mats, and stick to grey simple mats that your dragons can produce on-mass.

What’s this Catalyst stuff??

Catalysts are reasonably rare drop items or extraction items, you can put them into an item you craft before you start its crafting to give yourself a better chance of getting a higher rarity of that item.

There are several types of catalysts, this can become an issue for bank space. It seems there are catalysts with higher quality than others, but it is unclear which ones are which.

To get a crafting catalyst you must refine rough catalysts in any crafting station. I used the alchemy one because it seemed the most appropriate, but I have not tried with the others. You’ll find the refinement mini-game in the first tab. You need two rough catalysts and one refinement essence in order to get a useful crafting catalyst. Refinement essences are rare in comparison with the nice number of rough catalysts you get. I used mine and got 4 different types of crafting catalysts with different purities. They look as bottles with a dragon fang:

  • Defense Catalyst (yellow): A defensive catalyst can be used during the creation of armor. It can enhance the defense value and defense enhancement limit of the item. The purer the catalyst is, better the result will be.
  • Preservation Catalyst (green): The preservative catalyst can be added during crafting. It can enhance the durability and durability enhancement limit of the item. The purer the catalyst is, better the result will be.
  • Cumulative Energy Catalyst (blue): The cumulative energy catalyst can be added during crafting. It can enhance the energy value and energy enhancement limit of the item. The purer the catalyst is, better the result will be.
  • Invasive Catalyst (red): A defensive catalyst can be used during weapon creation. It can enhance the attack value and attack enhancement limit of the item. The purer the catalyst is, better the result will be.

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