Crystal Saga Survival of the Fittest Guide

Crystal Saga Survival of the Fittest Guide by Zatemo

Many people whine and rage on how annoying it is to do Survival of the Fittest. Well, with this, you should find doing Survival of the Fittest easier. It is easier for rangers and rogues as they have high move speed, and easier for priests with max angel’s blessing to heal any HP lost, not to mention mages fire scion skill is still active during the event, other than that, there’s no other class advantages. Though regardless, every player are given 2 usable skills, 1 to push, 1 to drag, and every player can get fruits from chests (to get honor, heal or if you’re unlucky, lose HP).

Btw, the lightning does not do any damage to you, it only sends you the the checkpoint you last activated (to the start if you haven’t activated any). Also if your HP goes to 0 and “Revive in Town”, you’ll go back to the start (don’t know if equips get affected, but best to not risk it anyways :P) If that is the case (HP to 0 and reviving to the starting point), assuming you have activated check points, you can simply purposefully get hit by lightning to send you to your last activated checkpoint saving you time and stress.

There are 3 key things you need to be able to do this event:
1) PATIENCE: it is definitely a virtue for this event, especially if you’re new to it
2) SKILL: know your lag and movement speed and use that to help you manoeuvre through the thunder-filled maze. More skill, the less stress.
3) THE PATH: the path to going through this maze can be seen in the map below (will be explained in detail; this is not the only path, but this is the one I use).

Survival of the fittest path

Yellow spots are where lightning spawns (they aren’t random, they spawn at same place; I haven’t marked them all in, but I’m marked in the major ones).
Red dots (not labelled as some kind of NPC are wolves in the maze that are mobs that can kill you the most; other enemies not that important nor threatening, just annoying).
The green line, is the holy path you to your medals to get FL eggs, GMUT, etc.

To Check Point 1:
From the start to the 1st check point (the NPC’s), stick to the wall to the right of you character. And I mean really stick to the wall. If you don’t, you’ll get hit by lightning that spawns near the wall (not marked on map; if you stick to wall you con’t get hit). This is until you turn at the corner at the top of the map, where there is a spot where lighting can hit you after the turn (wait for lighting to have struck then proceed if needed). Continue to stick to the wall, watch out for the other spot where can be hit. Then activate the check point at NPC.

To Check Point 2:
There are 2 ways to get to check point 2. I prefer the lower way because I find that easier, you can try the upper way if you wish, but I’m more familiar with the lower way. In this path, you’ll encounter mobs. They don’t do particularly high damage, but they do push you, so because around them. Again, stick to the right wall of your character, stop and wait for lighting to have struck and then continue (if needed). Then proceed to the next check point.

To Check Point 3:
This is the hardest part of the entire event. Stick to the left wall of your character and watch out for lighting near the torches. The 1st and 2nd lighting spots at the wall are really close to the torches on the wall, so try and use those as like a reminder that lightning will spawn there. After you pass the 2nd spawn at the wall, there are 2 lightning spots across the entire path before the turn. Also, there might be a spirit looking mob here, which is the most annoying mob in the event (if follows you for period of time and pushing you everywhere). Once you turn and passed the 2 lightning spots across the new path, stick to the left wall and proceed. Watch out for the lightning spot near the next turn. Once you turn around, stick to the left wall of your character. The torches on the wall again are your warning signs, as lighting spawns at the wall there. Turn, then the tricky bit comes. Stick to the right wall, wait until the 2 lightning spots in front of you have struck, then go wait under the torch, wait for the next lightning spot to have struck then go to the other wall and stick to it. Proceed and watch out for the lightning spot at the turn, then activate the check point.

To Finish:
From here it’s easy, stick to the outer wall to the finish. Lightning won’t reach you at the wall. All you need to watch out for here are the wolves, if they’re near the outer wall, you can either A: kite and wish you can tank your way to the finish (priests with max Angel’s blessing can kite 1 for about 3-5 hits depending on your lvl etc.), or B: wait from a reasonable distance until they’re in the middle between the 2 walls or further, to then proceed. Once you reach the end collect your prize. If you wish to farm fruits for honor, you’ll have to go backwards using this path. Good Luck

To Farm:
Use the path to go backwards, there are only a few spawn pots where the chests aren’t traps (i.e. placed deliberately to lure you into lightning).
Here are some of the safe ones:
1) near the 1st check point
2) 1st turn after 2nd check point
3) between 1st and 2nd turn after 2nd check point

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