Crystal Saga AFK Mode Detailed Guide

Crystal Saga AFK Mode Detailed Guide by YukiSensei

As title stated, this thread is about AFK mode. I know there are a few similar guide about AFK mode but, my goal here is to provide more understanding by posting more visual like examples so you will understand better. Alright, enough about the introduction, I will begin right away. Enjoy~

First, I would Like to show you the AFK window. To find your Afk window, the icon for afk is located at the bottom of your screen.

The Afk window should look like this.

Alright I will now explain each box one by one.

This box below is the monster box. It is a list of monster located in your current map. Here, you can tick for the specific monsters you want to kill and un-tick those you do not wish to kill. For example: (When your character Afk in a world boss map, you should un-tick World boss before Afk mode).

If you still do not understand what I am talking about, look at the picture. As you can see, I ticked Lycanthi Sharpshooter and Lycanthi Strongbow, which means when my character is on afk mode, my character can only attack Lycanthi Sharpshooter and Lycanthi Strongbow ONLY. As for the one without a tick, (Lycanthi Warrior and Lycanthi Slicer), my character will NEVER attack them when I am in afk mode.

(As for the radius, it sets how far your character will go from the point you afk. As you can see in picture, my radius is 1, being the shortest range among all radius. Another tip, if you are afk and wanted torch, use Radius-1, mob drops torch and if u kill them within 1 radius, the possibility of getting torched are higher than radius 2 and 3.)

Next will be the Healing Box, the picture is located below. The healing box allow you to automatically use healing items and even skills if your HP(Health point) or MP (Mana point) dropped to a certain point.

Look at the picture, you can see that there are two boxes for every row you see, that means you can only slot in 2 items or skills for one of them. As you can see from the picture, I placed a Greater Healing Potion and my skill, Light Heal on the 1st row. It means that, when my hp reached 50% or went beyond 50% of my HP, my character will either use the potion or use the skill Light heal on myself.

As for my MP, when it reached 70% or beyond, my character will automatically use Greater Mana Potion. Same goes to the pet section, the final two rows. I do not need to talk this much because you don’t have to put pet potion on the box because there are only 1 type of potion for pets. They will still automatically use the pet potions even the box is empty, don’t worry.

(Another tip: You don’t have to put potion into the 1st box as well, the reason why we put the potion in the box is because we need to specify which potion to use for convenient. If you don’t put certain type of potion in the box, the bag randomly pick one type of potion and use it.)

The next box would be the Skill box. The skill box is a place where you put your skills into and then your character will use the skills in skill box whenever it is available.

As you can see from picture, you can put a total of six skills into the Skill box. As stated just now, this box will indicate what skill the character will use when afk. Also note that, if you didn’t put any skills into the skill box, the system will use default attack. The default attack can be adjusted by pressing V (Skill page).

If you still don’t get it fully, look at the picture again. You see I have four skill placed in the skill box, that means my character will use these four skills on the mobs whenever I afk.

Next will be the Usage Interval, I call it the Timer Box. This is because, it’s like a timer that calls you when to eat your pills,when to wake up and some sort. The Usage interval allow you use a certain item after some time. I will use the picture below to explain it better.

As you can see the picture below, there are 2 skills (Guardian Protection and Circle of Power) and 1 item (2x EXP Token) placed in the Timer box. From the picture, it means that my character will activate Guardian Protection and Circle of Power every 29 minutes and 2x EXP token in every 59 minutes (Until item runs out).

Alright, next will be the auto buy box. Here, your character will auto buy certain stuff after you items ran out or broken. Not much to talk about and people seldom use this.

(Note that: This auto-buy box auto uses crystal when you have any, to buy hammer and afk cards. Except for the first option, you don’t have to pay with crystals.)

Next will be the Auto loot box. Here, it commands your character what to pick up and which not to pick up. As some items can stack, you might not wanting your inventory to be full when it happens. Here is the picture to explain how it works.

As you can see form the picture, the box shows 3 options, Loot all, Loot equipment and Loot items. First of all, the loot all must be ticked then you decided which equip and item you want to pick up. As shown in picture, I ticked Green+ for the equipment loot, which mean, I only pick up items that are in green quality or higher. As for items, I will pick up everything (Magic dust, quest items,gem) Because I ticked all.

Here is the color grades White>Green>Blue>Gold>Purple>Orange.

Finally, the Afk time box. This box tells you how many time you have left for afk mode. The top one is the one in your afk account and the bottom is the extra afk time that was given to your account. The system will use up the extra first before to your account.

Alright, that’s about it. Phew, It was a long one. Hope you guys can understand the guide! See ya~~ If I missed anything, Do tell. Thanks~~

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