Crystal Saga Getting Badges Guide

Crystal Saga Getting Badges Guide by Keisuke55

Alright so Ive decided to Make a guide for newbies on how to get Badges 1st of all I’d like to Explain to you whats the use of getting Badges.

Badges Can Be turned in to General Khan (Starglade) To Get Savage Equipment, Insignia and the Daily Exchange.. There are 3 types of Badges .. Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze is needed to get ur 1st Savage Equipment while Silver and Gold are needed to Upgrade them to a higher Type ..

There are many Ways on getting Bronze Badges Like

1.) Guild Resources Battlegrounds (Lvl 20 – 80) You must be in a guild to Enter. The Guild Resources Battleground will open on 9:00, 16:00, 20:00 Server time.. In that time Visit The Guild Management Officer then Find Enter Guild Resources Battleground .. Accept the Quest and Enter the Battleground.. In that quest all u need to Do is gather 6x Black Rice, 2x Purple Crystaloid, 16x Tripoco Fruit and 20x Winter Grass .. Remember that this is a battleground other players can kill you and u can kill them .. If u die theres a chance your resources collected will be dropped so be careful .. Prize for this is Honor + 250, Bronze Badges +12, Guild Progress + 10, Guild Contribution + 10..

2.) The Delivery Quest ( Lvl 20-80)
Visit General khan at 13:00, 14:30, 18:30 Server Time .. In this quest U need to Deliver A crystaloid To 4 different Checkpoints each checkpoint u get 2x Bronze Badge, a chunk of Gold, Honor and +2 Guild Contribution .. But Be careful other players might kill u and get ur crystaloid leading to quest failure.. Bandits are players marked with a Bandit face on the top of their characters while Escorts are the ones with the Shield on the Top. Escorts will Keep you safe so be sure to get one.

3.) The Sengolia Battleground (30-80) Visit The Battle Master In Starglade at 15:00 and 19:00 Server time be sure to be there before it stars cause it can only allow 60 people to take part in the battleground. In the Sengolia battleground there are 2 factions the Spirit ( Blue ) and the Demon (Red) the Main goal for each faction is to destroy the opposing teams Life Crystal. The Crystal is Protected by Crystal Towers and The Players from the opposing team. see the rewards below.

For Winners:
240 Honor Points
20 Bronze badges
1 Silver badge
And Battle March Buff

For Losers:
80 Honor Points
10 Bronze Badge

4.) DragonSpine Battlegrounds 14:00, 17:30 server time in this event a dragon sword will spawn in the middle of the battleground u need to get it and hold it for 3 minutes, if u get it then u die, the DS will be dropped and others may pick it up the rewards for it is 1 Gold Badge and 1 day Ownership rights to The Dragonsword

5.) Wishing well Visit The Wishing well and Toss Lucky Coins To Have a chance to get Bronze and Silver Badges .

Ive also included the total number of badges u need to get savage armor set

Savage Armor Set
Green = 221 Bronze Badges ( Title Baron, and Lvl 40 Required )
Blue = Green Savage Set + 300 Bronze Badges + 28 Silver Badges ( Viscount Needed )
Gold = Blue Savage Set + 382 Bronze Badges + 45 Silver Badges ( Marquis Required )
Purple = Gold Savage Set + 500 Bronze Badges + 69 Silver Badges + 6 Gold Badges ( Granduke Required)

Savage Weapon
Green = 57 Bronze Badges ( Title of Count req.)
Blue = Green Savage weapon + 75 bronze badges + 7 Silver Badges ( Title of Earl Req.)
Gold = Blue Savage Weapon + 96 bronze badges + 12 Silver Badges ( Title of Duke Req)
Purple = Gold Savage Weapon + 120 Bronze badges + 18 Silver Badges + 1 Gold Badge ( Title of Arch duke )
Orange = Purple Savage Weapon + 147 Bronze Badges + 25 Silver Badges + 3 Gold Badges ( Title of Viceroy)

Thats it Happy Collecting xD

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