Avatar Star Assassin Guide

Avatar Star Assassin Guide by desofire

Here is the skill build:

Invi/Ghost: Max
Fatal Shot: Optional
Poison Dagger: Max
Dash: 1/5
Trap: 4/5

Equipment build:

Phantom XL or grenade
Devil Hamate XL (Preferably Ghost Dagger, Ghost Dagger XL, or a chainsaw)
Devil Hamate

and tips on what to do in TDM, KOTH, and DMN


Make sure that you always go to the sides of the map right until you are able to secure the highest tower in the map so you can easily kill the enemy sniper that tries to kill your friends, right in the comfort of da best camping spot in both TDM maps.

However…If you are like me, you will immediately wait for your Invi/Ghost to cool down, as well as your wings… if you have one and you will IMMEDIATELY FLY TO THE BASE CAMPING SPOT OF YOUR ENEMY’S BASE AND KILL THEM.


Be sure to find a nice cozy spot in the middle of the map to pick-off those annoying enemies that attack your friends, or go to da backdoor and kill them up close with your blade like a baws.

Be sure to help hold the fort or help conquer it.


As arguably the most mobile class in the game, be sure to run like a maniac and go to the second nearest flag and erect your banner so you can show dem who’s boss! Be sure to raise only 3 flags because having all 4 raised will make the enemy spawn at random places. Their spawns are so random that one could be right behind you right now and you didn’t even see it coming


Be careful when you meet lablue girlz because if they have the skill that sends you flying 100 feet into the air, you will automatically be exposed. So, should you come across dem lablue girlz, be sure that you have not wasted your Dash so you can do a quick close up right in lablue girlz’s face and show her who’s da boss

When fighting a blondie, be sure to reserve your dash so you can comeback at her face and show her that you have what it takes

But… if it comes to situations on fighting your twin sister, make sure that you go harder, faster, and be sure you last longer. Or else, it will end prematurely … or an epic fail

Bling Bling

If you want to be as tough, be sure to have 5 yellow (defense) jewels and two rings with defense stats.

If you want to be stronger for longer, be sure to have 2 red (stamina) jewels, 3 yellow (defense) jewels, and two rings with regeneration

You absolutely do not need vitality! There is absolutely no possible way to restore health by yourself. No! Bandages do not count!

Either way, be sure that the rings have pierce stats so you can penetrate much better. Great success!

Equipment tips

Since there are many players who aim much better than me, it is best you follow their tips

But if you want to kill those who run away from you because they think you look like a monster, then you use your blade to kill them.

Now… what kind of blade should you have?

If you think that you need to go fast, then take the Leopard Kukuri.
If you think that you can go a little slower for more action, then take a Devil Hamate. XL version for extra tats
If you think that you can’t go fast but you still don’t care, then take a Ghost Dagger. XL for the tats

But… if you think you can’t last long, (although you attack really early… and fast), then it is best you go kinky and get a chainsaw, aka Electric Power Saw. XL version to compensate for your lack of stats.

Remember, it is not the size that matters. It is how you cut.

And yeah, grenades are handy. Just saying, but they are handy.

Skills and utility

Ghost/invi– DO NOT JUST SIMPLY DISAPPEAR INTO THE ABYSS IMMEDIATELY LIKE AN EXCITED LITTLE KIDDO THAT WANTS HIS CANDY IMMEDIATELY! Instead, show yourself first and provoke them to make them show you what they got.

BUT, if you are an impatient kiddo like me, you will easily want to disappear into the abyss and go rush to the nearest enemy you can find, and attack them.

Fatal Shot- If you aim much better than me, then you will immediately take this. Nuff said.

Dash/Sprint- If you like to go in, very hard, even if you (may) die first, then you should take this. Plus, it is very handy to get out of sticky, unwanted, situations.

Poison- If you like to use drugs to assault dem lablue girls, blondies, and your twin sister, then this is an immediate MUST HAVE. Plus, because you also have this in your body system, so your are used to getting splashed at by your own medicine
Trap- This is a nice surprise for luring or for your grand finale as it deals a reasonably high amount of damage and is your only ability-based explosive that you have. That means, if lablue girl and blondie have all the fun without a grenade, they should think again.

If all else fails

Just calm down and camp… let your teammates carry you

Hope you guys enjoyed this guide and learned atleast one thing. But the most important thing in the game is to have fun

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  1. DxMaster says:

    i love the terminologies here… :3

    i have a question..

    my build is

    lvl4 ghost
    lvl5 fatal Shot
    lvl3 poison
    lvl1 dash and trap

    in your opinion is it good??

    my equips are

    2 amazonite rings
    1 phantom XL
    1 eagle of freedom
    1 leopard kukri
    and have wings.. :)

    i wish you can reply.. ;D

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