Avatar Star Game Modes Guide and Gunner Tips

Avatar Star Game Modes Guide and Gunner Tips by IAmOneOfThoseDeafMutes

Are you boosting your kill counts while playing DMN? Do you camp and snipe as a Gunner in KOTH? Do you charge and feed your enemy in a TDM? Then this is for you!

Learn what type of game mode that you are currently playing. It’s clearly written on the description on what you should do in order to win, PLEASE READ IT. But if in case some paranormal phenomena has affected you brain, then let me help you.

During the countdown before the game starts, press ‘Tab’ (default key) in order to see the scoreboard. In the scoreboard, you can clearly see the objective that you must accomplish in order to win the match AKA ‘Victory Rule’ (See image below). You can also see the objective of the game via ‘Team Goal’ located on the lower right of the scoreboard.

victory rule

So excuses such as “I didn’t know that this was *insert game mode*” is not accepted/

TDM (Team Death Match) – The first team to reach a total amount of 100 kills wins the game. It’s that simple, no need for any complicated explanation, calculation or rocket science in order to understand that.

DMN (Domination) – The first team to accumulate a total of 1000 points wins the game. In order to gain points, one must capture a flag and defend it from the opposing team. You doesn’t necessarily need to fully raised the flag in order to attain it’s territorial rights, but raising the flag to it’s maximum height will prolong the enemy’s capture time. Kill count is obsolete in this game, it’s all about the flags.

KOTH (King of the Hill)  The first team to occupy the fort for a total time of 5 minutes wins the game. The concept of this game is almost identical to DMN, the only difference is, there is only one spot to capture and you must defend it until your time runs out. This mode is not influenced by the amount of kills your team has, but of course killing your enemies helps you capture the fort for a long period of time.

I have pretty much explained the things that you must do to attain victory in a certain mode, but each class have their own specific role in order to rule out the battlefield. The things that I’m about to discuss here are based from my experience, knowledge and perspective of the game. You are very much welcome  to add any tips, tricks and swags on how to a play specific class for a specific game mode.

I’ll only provide a guide for the Gunner class since I’m too lazy to explore and have an in-depth analysis towards the other class. Some players here have made their own guide specifically for their class, so check them out, you might find them useful.

TDM (Team Death Match)
Gunner – No need for extensive strategies, all you have to do is to attain kills and play safely as you can especially when you’re on a solo queue. Free kill AFK players are the worst thing that you could have as a teammate.

DMN (Domination)
– At the start of the match, use your Haste skill in order for you and your teammates to immediately reach the flag point in a short amount of time.
– Things that you could do at the start of the match.

  • Help the team attain the nearest flag
  • Rush to the next flag with the help of your Haste skill and defend it for any incoming attacks
  • Annoy the heck out of the enemy while they’re getting their second flag. Either use your bazooka to blast them off the capture point or just simply run around and smash them with your melee weapon or do both.

– Help defend flags by providing Shield buff and Haste buff to your teammates or just simply be their meat shield that blocks incoming bullets.
– Capture more flags
– Prevent enemy from capturing flags
– Always destroy Guardian’s Healing Beacon, it defeats their capacity to survive long enough.
– As much as possible, ignore fellow Gunners and focus on shutting down Assassins and Guardians
– Be wary for Assassin traps, destroy them if you see one lying around.
– Locate the position of their Snipers and shut them down as soon as possible to lower the their defensive and offensive capabilities. Use your rocket jump to easily access their camping spots (See image below).

rocket jump

KOTH (King of the Hill)
– At the start of the match, use your Haste skill in order for you and your teammates to immediately reach the fort in a short amount of time
– After reaching the fort, immediately activate your Shield (make sure your teammates also gets the buff) to ready yourselves for any potential clash
– Blast enemies out of the fort with your bazooka
– When engaging tons of enemies inside the fort, as much as possible do not use your machine gun, instead, use your bat+shield and bazooka to deal some heavy damage since machine gun will just make you vulnerable. Use your machine only when they are far away from you and needs to finish them off. Bat+shield and bazooka combined with haste makes a good area of effect damage during a clash at the fort.
– When your team successfully captured the fort, stay there as long as you can. When taking tons of damage, stay away from the fort and shoot them with your bazooka and machine gun. Use those bandages and position yourself near a Healing Beacon or a Guardian ally to restore your health.
– If your team can manage to defend the fort, take out their Assassins like what I have thought you in my previous post on DMN.
– When your team failed to capture the point, just push your luck on taking the fort. Offense is all you have.
– When the enemy team is taking your fort (See image below), immediately go to the fort and run around in circles or just simply hide behind the walls for a few seconds in order to restart your enemies’ occupy meter. Once the occupy meter has been reset, retreat to avoid taking substantial amount of damage from the enemy. When the occupy meter goes up again, make your way to the fort again. Rinse and repeat.
– Always use your buff skills with your allies


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