Avatar Star Beginner’s Guide

Avatar Star Beginner’s Guide by Mikecenary


When you start playing Avatar Star, you may already have a class in mind. May it be guardian, gunner, or assassin. But for those who wish to know more about each class, here are their brief explanations that you may not have known about each of them:

GUNNER – Gunners are the tanks of the game. They have the most health amongst all classes, but due to their heavily armored bodies, they also have the slowest movement speed. They are armed with weaponry that are meant for those who waste no time in battle. Most of the gunners skills are buffs for both their team and themselves. Amongst all 3 classes, gunners have the longest survivability rate in combat in regards to taking several hits.

GUARDIAN – Guardians are the defenders of the game. They have the most balanced health and movement speed among the three classes. They are equipped with weapons that are good for any range, but most preferably in mid-range, specifically, behind the enemy’s sight. They have two healing skills, and the rest are for survivability purposes. Amongst all 3 classes, guardians are the most reliable class, built to defend teammates at any situation.

ASSASSIN – Assassins are the infiltrators of the game. They have the least health but at the same time thequickest movement speed. They are armed with weapons that are built specifically recommended for very long distances, and at the same time, very close range. Most of their skills are complementary to their weaponsand others are meant for sneaky procedures. Amongst all 3 classes, assassins are the hardest to counter, making it difficult for foes to fight back at their comfort distances.


Quests are basically tasks given to you as you progress throughout the game. Like any game, each quest has their own corresponding rewards.

MAIN QUESTS – Main quests are basically given to you each time you either level up, or finish a certain chain quest. Currently, they end at level 11, and the higher you progress throughout the levels, the better the rewards.

Take note that further quests will reward you with better upgrade items like stabilizers, socket drills, enhancement materials and gems. DO NOT take these items for granted, because they are very valuable in-game at higher levels. It’s best to save them for later.

DAILY QUESTS – Daily quests are 5 quests that reset every 00:00 [GMT+8]. They reward you with coins and medals. Each quest has two difficulties, namely Normal and Elite. Elite is obviously more challenging than Normal, and they give a little more coins, but if you’re good enough, Elite quests may seem less time consuming. Finishing all daily quests will gain 20 medals.

Weekly Quest – The weekly quest requires you to rack up 500,000 points from battle. They give 5 bronze keys and 1 silver key. They also rack up 8 medals. And obvious enough, they reset weekly.


Chests are received from either random cards at the end-game of each round or from quests. They have a chance to give you rare weapons, rings, wings, enchantment items, and cardiacs (Healing Items), but they require corresponding keys for each chest. And each chest will give you two random items depending on drop rate.

Bronze Chest – Bronze chests have a chance to give either green/blue weapons, enhancement materials, or potions. They contain the least rare weapons of all 3 chests, and most are base weapons of the higher graded versions from the other chests.

Their corresponding keys can be found in quests, events or bought in the cash shop.

Silver Chest – Silver chests have a chance to give either blue weapons, low-grade rings, enhancement materials or potions. They contain a higher grade of weapons than the bronze chest.

Their corresponding keys can be found in quests, events or bought in the cash shop.

Gold Chest – Gold chests have a chance to give the highest graded weapons, 15-day wings, high-grade rings, enhancement materials or potions.

Their corresponding keys can be found in events or bought in the cash shop.


Medals are used as currency for the medal shop, and are also used as payment for avatar cards.

Medal Shop – The medal shop contains good grade weapons for each class, enhancement materials, and ores that can be bought with medals found in daily quests.

Take note that the weapons in the medal shop are much better than any weapons you get from quests or random cards.

Avatar Card – Medals can substitute as payment for creating avatar cards. They cost 50 medals to make.

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