Defiance Mine 99 Speedrun Guide

Defiance Mine 99 Speedrun Guide by Kwatos

First off you want to make sure you have Decoy on. I’m leveling pump shotties and sawed off shotties so I went with talents that reduce my reload time in various ways, and I have on escape artist and displacement field, basically all of the mobility talents as well, the talents aren’t very important but can help.

1) Okay so to start you go to Mine 99, which is located in the Northwest part of Marin. Port to Muir Processing and head west down the road, stay on the main road, you’ll run into it eventually (fix this later Kwatos when you’re definitive) . So you get to the mine and there are 3 objectives to hit, we’ll call them left right and middle. The one on the left is your first target, and it’s important that when you’re doing this solo you make a B-line right at the first objective with your bike. Jump over to the opposite side of the truck, quickly survey where the mobs spawned, and position yourself behind the tire and crouch while you activate it. This allows you to get the objective done before the mobs spawn/react to your presence but since the mobs spawn randomly in the area or if you got delayed by hitting an object with your vehicle, they may interrupt your progress bar, no big deal, mop those up quickly, do not use your ‘nade.

2) From there, ignore the mobs, jump over the truck and spawn your runner in the clearing heading toward the ramp to the Right objective and save the one further below you in the complex for the last one. The tricky part here is to navigate the corner up the ramp quickly as well as positioning yourself to take out the 2 Mad Mattocks that are stacked on top of each other there with boosting your runner and running them over. Worst case you don’t get the angle right or don’t have the momentum to kill them, chuck the `nade if they are at full HP and 1 shot them both, or if you did partial damage, I used a sawed off and they both died instantly. When they die, a Goldrusher is going to spawn out of the building there, either out of the door near the objective point or the one towards where you came up that little ramp. Im not sure what causes it, but if you go to the box immediately after dispatching those 2 Mattocks and you put the objective between you and the building and crouch activate the objective, sometimes if you’re fast enough you can activate it without getting hit by the Goldrushers first barrage of attacks. If he does hit you, deal with him quickly as he wont miss again and will just come melee you, if you have your ‘nade still, use it, if not, sawed off/other shotties deal with it quick enough.

3) So you tagged the objective 2, nice, make a B line towards the third objective below you on the truck. When you get down there once the mobs react to you, send out your decoy towards them, but be careful, if the mobs don’t have line of sight on the decoy, they will attack you while you try to hit the objective, so just figure out where to send it, it really doesn’t matter, just decoy and tag the objective.

4) Lastly is the generator on the hill. Spawn your vehicle, boost right at it, you should be able to get to the objective before the mobs react to you if you get there fast enough. If they hit you, deal with em, this can be the annoying part if you have shotties out, you might want to keep a semi decent ranged weapon, but the majority of the time you can tag the objective without a hitch and complete your quest for 5950 XP about 200 scrip and sometimes 1 or 2 key-codes.

5) Now to reset this, tag that objective, put the objective to your backside, head left around the box and spawn your car. Speed boost up the hill in front of you, you will crest a hill, go down into a small ravine, and then up a small hill again, jump off to the right and you’ll see a bridge there just down the road from mine 99. The trick to reset Mine 99 for you, is to cross that bridge, once you cross it, you can hold your handbrake (space-bar) and either Left or Right and pull off a 180 for the looks and the efficiency. Once you see in your chat box “You are now bound to Mine 98” you know you reset it and you’re ready to do it again.

Hope this helps get the issue of Mine 99 being way more lucrative than any other method of farming (that I know of) addressed.

if you have any questions or if I was a bit vague with where to go to reset, feel free to add me in game or ask in chat, we will be more than willing to help. My personal best is 1 minute 10 seconds from the bridge at mine 98, to completion. If you guys get a better time, feel free to share!

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