Wartune Archer Simple Arena/BG Build Guide

Wartune Archer Simple Arena/BG Build Guide by ImaOhw

Archers, with their speed and stealth, are known for their use of ranged attacks and sniper abilities. Coupled with specialized attack methods. The archer is a force to be reckoned with.

Strength : High
Endurance : Medium
Armor: Low
Intelligence: Medium

Im still Level 38 in S3 Worg Lair, but this Build is for Level 40.

Now the SKILLS for this guide are:

Arrow Strike Lvl. 3/5 (Cooldown 1 sec)
Deals 90% + 55 physical damage to a random single enemy, crit rate increase by 20% and increases rage by 5 points. (Basic Skill which is needed for the next skill Multi Shot)

Multi Shot Lvl. 3/5 (Cooldown 5 seconds) Rage Consumption:10
Randomly completes two attacks, with each attack dealing 49% + physical damage; crit rate +100 QTE: Damage boost of 25% (One of the best skill Archer has, 100% crit)

Acumen Lvl 2(Passive)
Receive an extra 5 rage after each crit (Max the level of Acumen so that you’re Multi Shot wont take 10 rage when you use it.)

Focused Attack Lvl 3 (Passive)
Physical attack boost of 15% (Needed badly to increase Physical Attack)

Eye of the Eagle Lvl. 2 (Passive)
Increase Crit Rate and Max HP by 20% (Needed for additional Crit Rate and HP Boost, 20%…woot woot)

Battle Prowess Lvl 2/2 (Passive)
After a crit, boost damage by 2%. Stackable upto 5 times; last 5 turns (Good for Arena and Parties because it increases the parties damage and stacks upto 5X)

Delphic Sniper Lvl 2/3 (Cooldown 60 seconds) Rage Consumption: 80
Deals 300% + 432 physical damage to a random single enemy; crit rate increase by 20% (Pretty Badass skill which deals 300% damage,woot woot)

Lunatic Fire Lvl 3/4 (Cooldown 20 seconds) Rage Consumption: 45
Deals 104% physical damage to all enemies; crit rate increase by 10.
QTE: Damage boost of 25% (The main Build of this guide, 104% damage to all enemies…wooot…then additional 25% more, good for clearing enemy Troops in BG and also Group Arena).


My Recommended Level 40 Skills

archer 40 skills

Lunatic Skills at Level 2 with 2 QTE Arrows


Lunatic Fire in Group Arena:

There are two ways on how I use this;

1. 4 Turns

What I do is, I use Arrow Strike 3 times and after that you got your Rage to 45 then use Lunatic Fire. After that you still have 10 rage for Multi Shot


I still have 15 rage for my Multi Shot all thanks to Acumen (The two people above Helped me in this guide)

2. 6 Turns
This uses Multi Shot and Arrow Strike vice versa until in the 6th turn you get your 45 rage then use Lunatic Fire, after that you still have 10 rage for Multi Shot


Group Arena Images

ga1 ga2 ga3


Battleground Images


As youve seen above, i have only half of my HP left while the enemy has full. But, i have my Lunatic Fire which will help me level the ground.


This second image shows that even though I have Lunatic Fire Lvl. 2 its not enough to wipe all his troops(which is Level 38), I suggest at 40, Lunatic Fire should be at Level 3 to completely wipe enemy troops. But in this case his troops is almost dead, so to finish them off, use Multi Shot or Arrow Strike. His HP btw is almost half, its easy for me to finish him off.


You know what happens next.


PATK – priority for Archer (simple explanation, Archers are damage dealers)
CRIT – needed to boost your damage
PDEF/MDEF – because Archers have low Armor, so you need PDEF and MDEF
HP – you need HP so you won’t be squishy
Block – for dodging and cutting damage dealt



Hero: Upgrade all Hero Stats except MATK
Troops: I focus on PDEF, MDEF, PATK and Troop HP/Count (Ill get Knight when I go 40, I don’t want to tank, Ill wipe the enemies with Lunatic Fire and Multi Shot)



1.POWER (Increases PATK by 4 and PDEF by 1)

2.DEFENSE (Increases PDEF and MDEF by 4)

3.STAMINA (Increases HP by 20)

4.INTELLECT (Increases MATK by 4 and MDEF by 1)

5.CHARISMA (Increases Troop count by 1)

You need Power to increase your damage (I have Level 5 Guild Skills), this is basic Guild skill needed for Archer. Next is Defense, if youre not lucky on Astrals then get this Guild Skill (I have Level 5 on this one too). Then Stamina, Archer are also low in HP so you need this to boost youre HP (still the same as Power and Def, my Stamina is Level 5). Intellect, just for a needed boost on MDEF. And Charisma, you need Troops, so better you get this.

Guild Skills

This is my Character at S3 Worg Lair

My Char

My HONOR Ranking


I Hope youll like my Guide and may be Helpful and Useful…Thanks
Also, I thank QueenofPain (Superb Mage at Level 41) and Awesome (my Guildmate, a very powerful and awesome Knight at Level 42). Same goes to my Guildmates Julle (Level 46 Archer) and MrKrueger (Level 44 Archer).

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  1. leend says:

    it’s superb….i use lunatic fire too…with patch 1.6 cloting….it can pop out earlier…..i’m lv 48 archer yet i can beat lv 50+ mage or knight with those thos lv 50 trops….but i prefer killing mage…their lack pdf so i can squish whit their trops…

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    why in your video are u using bloodthirsty but u don’t mention it anywhere on this page?

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    how’d you gem though?

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